No. 6 4 – My Dog-Fu Is Better than Your Dog-Fu

Shion and Nezumi sitting in a tree . . . K-I-S-S-I-N-G (and not more because this isn’t a Y-A-O-I).

People really take slights personally on the outside. If someone insulted my mom, I’d probably just brush off, because, you know, fuck people and their opinions, but then again, I don’t live in a place where you need to constantly defend your honor and look like a badass, or else people will murder the shit out of you. (Although my hometown is arguably as big a dump as this place.) I guess Shion is a reason for fighting, too, but mostly, it’s because Nezumi called the Dogkeeper’s mom a bitch. (Which, to be fair, is accurate. I mean, damn, that lady was a huge bitch.)

The Dogkeeper kind of sucked at fighting, though. She talked up her dogs so much, and then Nezumi goes and beats the shit out of two of them, makes a beeline for the Dogkeeper, puts a knife to her throat, and then the dogs are basically like, “. . . Fuck, Master never taught us how to deal with this. Uh, belly rub?” I guess the Dogkeeper has to pretend to be all cocky and whatnot because she has access to dramatic irony and knows Nezumi has the hots for Shion now, so she can mock him and pretend she has some sort of advantage over him, but she’s really not going to be any sort of threat anymore. Oh well. Having a dog army is still pretty awesome.

Anyway, this was more of a “Yo, let’s slow this shit down for a moment” episode than anything. I especially enjoyed Nezumi’s repeated rebukes to Shion, who was clearly trying to get Nezumi to commandeer the S.S. Exposition this entire episode. That whole time Shion was pretty much digging for personal information and outside world information, while Shion was like, “fuuuuuuuuuuuck that shit” and tried his best to keep the Last Tango in Paris act going. Or maybe he just sensed that there was enough exposition and the like in the previous episode, so he was trying to balance things out. That Nezumi, breaking the fourth wall.

So, yeah, the big ol’ irony and the point of the episode is that Nezumi is growing closer to Shion and even protective of him, even though his motto to this point has been, “Look out for No. 1 (and not the city No. 1, but No. 1 as in yourself)”. You’d have to be blinder than Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder combined to not see that coming, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping that getting all lovey dovey won’t soften Nezumi’s edge; if he carries himself the way he did around the prostitute, then that’s cool. Every action star needs the ability to toss out a one-liner every now and again. If he loses his edge growing closer to Shion, then fuck that noise. I want to see Nezumi blow up No. 6.

Also, Shion’s mom must have been one hot tomato back in the day if being turned down by her caused that journalist dude to go from being an investigative reporter to an underhanded pimp. Serious scars. (Also, what the fuck kind of a name for a paper is Latch Bill? That’s a mid-boss in an RPG, not a reputable journal of opinion! I’d rather read the Daily Growl than that shit.) Or maybe it’s just another case of someone doing what needs to be done to survive, even if it’s super scummy and involves taking advantage of people to live like a king. Yet another sign that journalism does not pay. Journalists always have it rough in the world of anime, I swear . . .

5 Responses to “No. 6 4 – My Dog-Fu Is Better than Your Dog-Fu”

  1. Mouse is being so wonderfully tsundere toward Shion. And he’s not the annoying kind of tsundere who only acts that way because the script says so, either. Delicious.

    I’m still pretty curious about Shion’s little outburst, though. Wondering if it’s connected to the wasp incident.

    • I should have mentioned it somewhere in this post, but that struck my mind, too — that the disease may have altered his temperament in someway. Even in a moment of passion, it’s weird for someone so staunchly pacifistic (or, at least, I assume him to be a pacifist) to turn violent.

  2. More on the inside than on the outside – when Nezumi and What’s-his-face were talking about prostitution, Shion was all ‘fuck you, I don’t like hearing about the truth being told to a stranger which doesn’t even concern me, now apologize’. At least Inukashi had a somewhat honourable reason (defend her honour) – Shion’s just bloody stupid. Imagine if somebody in No. 6 said that someone’s mom was a bitch. They’d probably lock him in for life.

    As for Inukashi, she did manage to escape from Nezumi’s lock while he was distracted. Also, the dogs stopped because, what else would they do when Inukashi’s going to die? If they didn’t stop, Nezumi would simply kill her. If they did, at least she can negotiate.

    Finally, Latch Bill -> Bullet Bill -> bit the bullet

  3. This ep was so boring. I was interested in the progress of the mother though. The dog chick is just annoying at this point and she could have been cool. Maybe her coolness will come back but somehow I don’t think so.

    DAT KISS Nezumi gave that hooker was pretty amazing though~

  4. I’m just not convinced by No. 6. Everything I see about it seems like a show I wouldn’t want to watch. I dunno maybe I’m just a hater.

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