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God’s Dolls 9 – Let’s Just Keep Piling On the New Characters

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So, hey, here’s another character for the series to introduce and ultimately do fuck all with as the story goes on. It already has no idea what to do with the characters who are already here. Kuuko showed up for the first time in, what, two or three episodes? She does her normal Kuuko routine and then, sayonara. The detective shows up and fucks around without making any tangible progress, even though we’re supposed to believe he’s oh so dangerous and wily and getting closer to The Truth by interrogating a little girl. Koushiro forces Kirio to make up with Utao, and it’s supposed to be of interest because, ummmmmmm, actually I don’t know why. I guess it’s a big deal for these rival factions to play nice with each other, but the anime is asking the viewer to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to this rivalry. The one bone thrown the audience’s way is the cartoony nonsense in the flashback episode.

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Sister Princess Saturday Report! No. 4 – Drugs Are Bad, M’mkay?

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Although the sisters were meant to remain pure in service to the Sister Princess, they would occasionally go stray, and not just by committing acts of murder. Just below the cheery surface of Promised Island existed a bustling black market, where one could purchase anything that suited one’s needs.

Hinako had been very tired as of late. Ever since Wataru swooped into the lives of the girls and they spent every waking hour catering to his needs and preparing him for his inevitable sacrifice, Hinako had slowly gone into withdrawal without regular doses of the substance to which she found herself addicted. The innate magical powers she shared with the rest of her sisters helped quell the worst of the pains, but constant use of those powers drained her to the point where she spent every day in bed, listless and bereft of life.

She needed to find her pusher. Badly.

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No. 6 8 – Not Sure If Want …

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Suspension of disbelief is a fickle thing. Everyone has his or her own standards; some folks are just more or less accepting of things than others. For me, a lot depends on timing — the earlier a strange concept is introduced, the easier it is for me to accept it as part of the world a story is building, and the less likely I am to think of it as some bullshit the writers are pulling out of their collective asses.

Obviously there’s a lot of farfetched stuff in No. 6, but let’s pluck two examples: The parasite bees and the magical singing. The former is acceptable to me because it’s introduced relatively early, and while not really explained all that much, it’s not an especially foreign concept in science-fiction, so I can roll with it. (There’s certainly been far crazier things that have grown inside people in fiction, especially if you’re a fan of body horror.) The latter, well . . . the first hints came in episode five, which, to be fair, isn’t that long ago in terms of episode count (though the wait between episodes makes it seem longer), but seeing this in action in the latest episode is getting to the point where I’m thinking, “OK, this is slightly too much for me.”

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God’s Dolls 8 – Wasting Time Is (Not) Fun

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I know this scene is played off for laughs, but is it any surprise that Kyohei’s mom is apparently a heavy drinker? If I had to spend my time in this shitty, boring village with Kyohei’s oh so charismatic father, I’d turn to the sauce every so often, too. There’s also the small matter of Kyohei’s mom being involved in an anime that is crapping on what little promise and intrigue it had in the beginning.

This has been hit on in other places, but the anime is really spinning its wheels right now. A story can live on intrigue for so long before the audience needs an actual reason to care — it doesn’t even need to be 100 percent plot-related. Just give a reason to care about the characters dicking around. (And, no, last week’s episode does not count, although I guess it gets a gold star and a condescending pat on the head for effort.) This week . . . nothing really of the sort. The first half is an utter waste of time; more stupid comedy and an aside in a typhoon reveals nothing of worth except that Utao has improved with Kukuri. Her fight with Aki later in the episode showed that, as well, so really, everything that exciting adventure offered was worthless. But it did waste time! And that’s what really matters.

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Sister Princess Saturday Report! No. 3 – zzzzzzzzz wait did something actually happen

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This was the final time Wataru would attempt to leave Promised Island.

He had ridden on the high of the initial euphoria of having 13 little sisters who worshiped his very existence, but soon — as is wont to happen — the imouto high faded away, leaving Wataru no way to fritter away time as he usually did (contemplating his own worthless life) and saddling him with 13 sisters who were like voracious puppies always in need of a bone thrown their way. Kaho may have even rolled over and begged for her belly to be rubbed at one point; however, seeing as her character was predicated upon extreme idiocy, it is just as likely that she simply fell over and tried to play it off in a “cute” manner.

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Just kidding lolololololol. I don’t want to pay the homophobes too much lip service (lol), but only a really silly, insecure person could possibly be disgusted by this scene. Not that any of those people visit this site. (Or, if they do, then they’ve been unusually quiet for being such loudmouth idiots.)

Anyway, with both Shion and Nezumi being up front with each other, that adds another dimension to everything. Or does it? If Nezumi has indeed kept Shion’s lesson with him his whole life, then was his plan ever truly to destroy No. 6 from the inside out? It seems contradictory that Nezumi would claim never to have forgotten the lesson that Shion taught him — that there do indeed exist people kind enough to help each other — but also to plan the destruction of the city he so despises. However, is it really so? Perhaps it isn’t, from Nezumi’s point of view.

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God’s Dolls 7 – But Where’s the Explodey Stuff?

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So I guess this is a different traumatizing flashback than the one with all the exploding shit we saw in the first couple of episodes? I will laugh if we get another rainy day flashback episode to tell that story.

This flashback concerns the story of how Aki got jailed for life and Kyohei went “Wow, fuck this shit” and quit being a Seki. The episode pushes more of the sinister nature of the village, and also puts Kyohei and Aki through trials they were not yet mature enough to endure. This isn’t a bad theme to work with, and it actually could have been good if the actual content of the episode and its execution weren’t so silly and ham-fisted.

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No. 6 6 – Two-Thirds of the Number of the Beast

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Apologies for getting to this so late. Last week was quite hectic for me, and I fell behind on many things. It was an ordeal just to get that Sister Princess post out Saturday. This week should be better, hopefully.

Safu seems to be the spark that will move No. 6 into the endgame. I doubt Nezumi will tell Shion about her capture — after all, there’s really nothing in it for him if he does — but doubtless Shion will find out about her eventually. It would be a narrative waste for Safu to return to No. 6, only to be killed off, especially since she has become more sympathetic following her stay in No. 5. (And it’s not like she was unsympathetic in the first place; she was just strange and crazy straightforward.)

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Sister Princess Saturday Report! No. 2 – Sisters Out of Fucking Nowhere

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Most posts will leap straight into whatever goofy ass story I concoct from this nonsense, but I had to make an interjection before this post. As I vaguely hinted at in the first post (probably so vaguely that nobody noticed or gave a shit), I am alternating between the Japanese and English dubs throughout my viewing of Sister Princess. Why? Because I think it would be funny. This is my first episode with the English dub, and I must say that words cannot possibly describe how awful it is. Reading all the translation decisions put my expectations for the English dub in the basement, and I was still floored by its awfulness. From an acting standpoint, it’s not Garzey’s Wing bad, but the attempts to make these soulless husks of moe exploitation sound even remotely cute and charming just . . . listen for yourselves! Have fun trying to see how long you can last.

(My favorite, of course, is the “bro bro” girl. Her voice is on the cusp between “annoying as fuck” and “stupidly hilarious”, but “bro bro” will always send me into convulsions of laughter. My second favorite is the German weeaboo. My least favorite is the clumsy one (she’s the one who speaks immediately after “bro bro” in the linked clip). I hope she falls off a fucking cliff. Vegas will not take odds on me eventually violently killing her off in the course of this story.)

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