God’s Dolls 5 – This Village Is Full of Dipshits

Credit where it’s due: Caraniel came up with the title of this post.

Anyway, hello villains! Or apparent villains. If a guy’s missing an eye and has a foot-long scar running along his head, then he’s probably not a nice guy. (Beating a child with a cane — no matter how big a jerk that kid is — would also seem to indicate this.) And you have the soft-spoken woman hidden in the background; she’s not even seen until Koushiro and Kirio leave the room, even though, presumably, she’s there watching everything that happens. Then the focus finally shifts to her in the shot above. Maybe some foreshadowing that she’s the one pulling the strings? Or I could be overthinking it and/or giving the show too much credit. We’ll see.

I wrote “apparent villains” earlier, because we really don’t know enough about everyone’s motivations to get a handle on what the hell is going on. It’s more than likely nothing good is going on with these two new characters. Rarely do people have the best interests of the world in mind when a subterranean cave system and a big, dark looking creature named Amaterasu are involved. But there’s so much murk involved with everything that who can really tell what is happening? At least journeying back to the village gives some indication that the story will be kicking into gear. Then again, I think I’ve been saying that about other things for the past couple of weeks . . .

One aspect of the show I do sort of like is the peeling of the layers of mistrust in the village. When Aki bursts onto the scene, it’s easy to assume he’ll be the villain, but his behavior and portrayal since the first episode seem to indicate more that, while he’s a huge asshole, he’s not really True Villain material either. He’s got many of the same beefs about the village as Kyohei; it’s just that he has a much more hardcore way of dealing with the problems he sees. Again, I think once everyone learns The Truth regarding the village that Aki and Kyohei will end up being a reluctant tag team and win the titles and take shit down once and for all. The fact that Kyohei was once a Seki is brought up so much that there’s no way he won’t have to pick up the mantle again, right?

Then the next layer of villainy comes with the arrival of Koushiro and Kirio, but despite the latter being the prototypical Evil Twin, they never really do feel like big villains, especially Koushiro. It’s brought up that the Hyugas and the Kugas have a beef with each other, but Koushiro comes off as the type to not let that shit bother him. At various points, he could have pounded the shit out of Kyohei if he really wanted to; however, he mostly kept his mind on the mission. And he’s not above questioning his elders or orders, as this episode shows with his surprisingly direct question to a clear elder. If you wear sunglasses and a leather jacket all the time, I guess you have to walk the walk. Kirio I would guess simply acts like a dick out of jealousy. I’d be kind of pissed, too, if I were the one all cooped up for 12 years.

It remains to be seen whether these two latest folks are the cream of the crop when it comes to villains in this series, or, hilariously, if there is somehow more beyond them. This show couldn’t possibly think that more characters are required, right? Right?

A while back I wrote that there were certain powers/abilities that didn’t need much (if any) explanation, because they’re simple and easy to buy in the context of the show. This one . . . not so much. I guess it will receive some rudimentary explanation some time, but hopefully it’s not half-assed. Not really confident that will be the case, though. Sudden powers out of nowhere are never a good sign . . .


6 Responses to “God’s Dolls 5 – This Village Is Full of Dipshits”

  1. I think that guy was using a wooden sword, not a cane…

    On topic, that you can write a post like this shows the narrative solidness of the show’s serialization and overall direction. It telegraphs enough so you look forward to what will likely to happen but still keeps you in the dark as to what actually will. What comes next is something of intrigue now, and the show builds on that, regardless if it will actually be interesting when the time comes.

    • Ah, was he? I must not have been paying enough attention. Bad on me.

      It’s tough for me to say whether I agree that the show has been a solid narrative so far, but then again, I guess I prefer this to a show pulling plot twists out of its ass with little indication. I mean, it’s clear that I at least liked everything else more than BOOM LASER OUT OF NOWHERE.

      • Isn’t that the same power that we saw in the first episode when Utao blew up the apartment, and the one we saw slagging the baddie / mountain in the oldest flashback? The absorption was new (to us and Utao), but the beam was already established I thought.

        No Kuuko this episode made me sad, hopefully we get back to her and Aki tying each other up next time.

        • You’re probably right, and I’m just dumb.

          Although, did Aki give Utao anything to absorb and zap that first time around? Or was he just in a stabbity mood? Can’t recall off the top of my head, and there’s of course nothing in my post on the first episode that indicates either way. Sigh.

  2. The show will probably have Kyohei be the “top villain”. I don’t know why yet; it’s just a feeling. I figure it will take a while for that role to develop but it should happen around the time he becomes a Seki again (which you hinted to in this post). His rage when beating up Aki will come up again sometime soon and, when paired with a doll, he’ll probably go ape-shit on the village destroying/killing everything and ending up being the “villain” in this anime.

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