No. 6 5 – Dancin’ in the Apocalypse

This is a nice dancing scene, unlike a certain inexplicable dancing scene from a certain seventh movie in a certain series about certain wizards.

The ending is nice, too — a decent way of showing that Nezumi is letting his guard down around Shion because he’s caring for him more, and also that he doesn’t know how to deal with it because he’s spent his whole life in survivalist mode. I actually got a decent chuckle out of Nezumi overanalyzing Shion’s movements (and that strikes me as the intention). The whole, “Where did he get these awesome skills?! He sneaked up on me out of nowhere! Who is he?!” bit of panic is amusing when the truly rational explanation is that Nezumi is viewing Shion more as a person and a friend (and, of course, as a potential romantic partner), which has never really happened to him before, from what we have seen so far. He has a distinctly antagonistic relationship with even people who might be termed his friends (like the Dogkeeper).

But Shion is the first person who has managed to burst through his personal bubble, and it’s freaking Nezumi out. It’s a small move, but the idea of someone else setting the physical boundaries and Nezumi losing even a bit of control in a relationship is a foreign concept to him. That’s something I’m finding interesting in this relationship: How the sense of control works not just in a physical way (because obviously Nezumi could beat the shit out of and/or kill Shion whenever he wants), but in an emotional way. And not “control” like ownership, but more like being in command of where the relationship is going, how fast it progresses and what the boundaries are. All of that is eroding around Nezumi, and he really isn’t aware of it until now, although things like keeping Shion away from the playhouse might be an unconscious way of regaining some degree of control.

Sure, there’s the excuse of Bad People being present at the play to use as a convenient excuse, but Shion’s fears of Nezumi shielding away a part of himself may be accurate for now, as well. I’d feel confident in saying that Nezumi will get over it eventually, but you never know if the tragic end shall be aimed for (or if the story will even get that far, since there are nine novels, correct?).

I’m sure this won’t end up being important to the plot eventually . . .

As far as the plot goes, there’s an apparent connection between Nezumi and Safu — they both faint and hear the same song, Safu while she’s looking at this pretty stained glass window of Evil Bees, and Nezumi while he’s performing as Ophelia. (Foreshadowing? The audience is being teased with tragedy and insanity, perhaps. Or maybe my Shakespeare power level is yet again too low to catch onto something else.) Can’t really say anything much more than that except to idly speculate about whether it has to do with their exposure to Shion.

But I’d the obvious point against that is why hasn’t the fainting + dream bit happened to anyone else? (That we have seen, anyway. For the purposes of this conversation, though, I am going to assume that Safu and Nezumi are the only two suffering from this ailment at the moment.) Whenever something like this pops up in a story, I get worried that the reveal will end up being dumb. No. 6 has had enough interesting elements that the fear isn’t too bad; however, it could end up like plucking a rose filled with ready-to-sting bees. We’ll see.

Did anyone else laugh when this lady ate it? Maybe offscreen she was suffering through cane whacks from the old folks, but all the anime showed us was her picking up a knitting needle, and then she’s like, “I HATE THIS JOB, THESE PEOPLE CAN’T DO ANYTHING BUT THEY SMILE ALL DAY.” Good God, lady, get some perspective!


13 Responses to “No. 6 5 – Dancin’ in the Apocalypse”

  1. mango Says:

    I indeed did laugh when that lady got what was coming to her xD she deserved it…at least, as you said, from the viewer’s perspective…

  2. Oh I laughed as well! Were all so evil xD

    Agreed! There is a strange connection between Safu and Nezumi, they could be siblings? or something like that. Might be Shion?! He is making everyone he meets go completely insane lolol

  3. Anyone else laugh at the “Get thee to a nunnery” bit? That makes twice Mouse’s been told he should go whore himself. I sense a theme. As for Safu… nope, do not care.

  4. The Safu and Nezumi bit shook things up a bit, didn’t it? I remember that Nezumi escaped from somewhere in No.6 and maybe that has something to do with it?

    Nezumi freaking out when Shion touches him on a pressure point seems to reinforce the fact that he doesn’t quite realize that he allowed Shion to get that close. Yeah Nezumi, either you just brought your AT Field down or you just let Shion’s Spear of Longinus pierce it hurhurhur.

  5. As for the connection, I say that it’s a mere coincidence. Either that, or it /has/ happened to many people, including that old woman who died, but nobody cares about them, so meh.

    (I just hope they have a good explanation/good reason to not have an explanation if it’s the latter)

    • Honestly, it’s difficult for me to call the connection a coincidence since the episode went out of its way to make that connection in the first place.

      • Haha, that’s the point. They blatantly make that ‘connection’, and then, just when everything fits together – it’s all a coincidence. Bonus points if they show that the Nezumi Safu’s thinking of is an entirely different Nezumi, having only shown Nezumi’s side of the ‘connection’.

        Entirely possible. I really do hope they’ll do something similar to this, but not this, because I already predicted it and that just took all the fun out of it.

  6. Didn’t read the novels or manga yet, so I’m not sure (if the anime is even going to follow any of the two good enough), but if anything, I’ve seen some art with Safu and Nezumi on opposite ends O.o

    I am going to freak if they somehow turn out to be two sides of the same person or something, although I’m pretty sure that’s not it.

    As for that lady dying, I work with old people a lot too and it does get frustrating sometimes, but the only scary part was how she died just for saying that. THOSE BEES, MAN, THOSE BEES.

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