Just kidding lolololololol. I don’t want to pay the homophobes too much lip service (lol), but only a really silly, insecure person could possibly be disgusted by this scene. Not that any of those people visit this site. (Or, if they do, then they’ve been unusually quiet for being such loudmouth idiots.)

Anyway, with both Shion and Nezumi being up front with each other, that adds another dimension to everything. Or does it? If Nezumi has indeed kept Shion’s lesson with him his whole life, then was his plan ever truly to destroy No. 6 from the inside out? It seems contradictory that Nezumi would claim never to have forgotten the lesson that Shion taught him — that there do indeed exist people kind enough to help each other — but also to plan the destruction of the city he so despises. However, is it really so? Perhaps it isn’t, from Nezumi’s point of view.

E-Minor’s post on the “good guy ideology” is pertinent here. Nezumi sees good in Shion, because Shion has shown him good; he has shown Nezumi that not all people are bad. Even though Shion is a born and bred resident of No. 6 (or was, anyway), he’s given Nezumi reason to believe he’s a good person and thus, fall outside his “No. 6 SHALL DIIIIIIIIIIIE” shit list. (Personally, I’m of the belief that Nezumi wouldn’t have killed Shion even if Shion had gone against him.) Nezumi doesn’t know Safu, but she’s an individual who is Shion Approved, so it’s not that much of a stretch that he would risk himself to rescue her, especially if his newfound feelings are making him all confused and such.

But the whole of No. 6? You know the old saying: “The death of one is a tragedy; the death of a million is just a statistic.” Safu has a name and face and clear meaning for Shion; thus, she has the same for Nezumi (or something similar, anyway). No. 6 is still an empty mass of faces, as far as Nezumi is concerned — notice that he never said he was changing his plans regarding No. 6, even after Shion brought the city up during the final scene of the episode. (Which was quite fantastic and emotional, btw — that’s how you hit high notes with emotion, and not that bullshit Kamisama Dolls pulled this week.) Being with Shion for an extended period of time has softened Nezumi to the point where he can see individual good through Shion’s eyes, but I’d bet that Nezumi still views No. 6 through his narrow, “man, FUCK this city” glasses.

There’s really no reason for him to feel any differently, right? That anger was ingrained fairly strongly in Nezumi from the start of the series. When people have that kind of hatred bubbling away inside them, it doesn’t change that quickly. While it may seem that Nezumi has shifted his tune, I’m skeptical that this is the case at the moment.

Then again, there’s always the possibility that this development is BONES looking at how many episodes they have remaining, going, “OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK” and having Nezumi undergo a change of heart to have more room for development at the end. I guess we’ll see what happens in the stretch run! The execution of this episode at least has me somewhat confident that whatever changes we’re seeing in Nezumi are carefully crafted.

Yeah, scroll past that shit one more time!


19 Responses to “No. 6 7 – OMG SO GAAAAAAAAAAY”

  1. processr Says:

    oh nooooo I can’t stand two guys kissing because I’m uncomfortable with my own sexuality oh nooooo

  2. I squealed~

    I like guessing who will get to have babies with who. Or who will get to have those Shion babies!

  3. Safu has a name and face and clear meaning for Shion; thus, she has the same for Nezumi (or something similar, anyway).

    And note how Nezumi supports Shion getting together with Safu. He believes that Shion will be crushed if Safu dies. He has the chance to prevent that.

    but I’d bet that Nezumi still views No. 6 through his narrow, “man, FUCK this city” glasses.

    Oh I bet he does!

    I can’t believe you posted the same screencap thrice. Oh my god, I’m so uncomfortable and disgusted. This is worse than that Blood-C episode where so many people die. I mean, this is omg so gaaaaaayyyyy.

  4. You spelled geeeeeeeey wrong.

  5. and yet it makes me uneasy when characters like Nezumi & Shion finally understand and acknowledge each other, just before heading out on an insanely dangerous mission. It feels like the writers are clearing the floor for some really painful watch-it-thru-your-fingers developments next episode –

    re: screencap – needs tongue. But was relieved it wasn’t on the cheek –

  6. I’m glad that Nezumi is till bat shit crazy even when he finds hope in human through Shion. As for those who ‘died’ watching this episode simply because of that kiss, they ought to stop being so prejudiced. Love and affections are just that. It don’t have to be bound by gender.

  7. I don’t understand what everyone’s talking about? There’s nothing even remotely gay in this series; you heard the man, it was a good night kiss! Nothing more! Move along now, nothing to see here…

    I would actually be pretty pissed if Nezumi and Shion get it on. Safu’s too good a character to be friendzoned!

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  9. I wonder if it can still be a Shion x Safu ending – that kiss was all part of Shion’s EVIL PLAN to ESCAPE to SAVE SAFU, right? Besides, kisses don’t represent romance – they can just represent BROMANCE, which is like romance but less sexually.

    Your points about Nezumi looking at Safu positively because she’s a person and looking at No. 6 indifferently because it’s a thing are definitely interesting, though. Though you probably just copied them from E Minor, whose post I still didn’t read because I need to catch up on his other posts after I catch up with those other blogs which have other posts.

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