God’s Dolls 8 – Wasting Time Is (Not) Fun

I know this scene is played off for laughs, but is it any surprise that Kyohei’s mom is apparently a heavy drinker? If I had to spend my time in this shitty, boring village with Kyohei’s oh so charismatic father, I’d turn to the sauce every so often, too. There’s also the small matter of Kyohei’s mom being involved in an anime that is crapping on what little promise and intrigue it had in the beginning.

This has been hit on in other places, but the anime is really spinning its wheels right now. A story can live on intrigue for so long before the audience needs an actual reason to care — it doesn’t even need to be 100 percent plot-related. Just give a reason to care about the characters dicking around. (And, no, last week’s episode does not count, although I guess it gets a gold star and a condescending pat on the head for effort.) This week . . . nothing really of the sort. The first half is an utter waste of time; more stupid comedy and an aside in a typhoon reveals nothing of worth except that Utao has improved with Kukuri. Her fight with Aki later in the episode showed that, as well, so really, everything that exciting adventure offered was worthless. But it did waste time! And that’s what really matters.

God damn it, Aki, knock off the rape face!

There are a few things worth mentioning briefly brought up in the second half of the episode, which was somewhat less a waste of time but still rather wasteful because it’s kind of goofy, overall.

First, there’s Aki’s declaration that Kyohei is the same as him — there’s a darkness lurking within just waiting to burst out and blow up shit because that’s totally awesome, dudes, you don’t even know. We’ve seen hints of this in the past; particularly when Aki pushed Kyohei’s buttons a little too much, and Kyohei flipped his shit and beat the hell out of Aki. Whenever the show meanders toward some sort of end goal for everyone beyond “Hey, uh, let’s catch Aki because he’s hanging in Tokyo, since that somehow gets him closer to his desire to destroy the village”, Kyohei’s battle with his inner darkness (and probably leftover guilt from the whole sensei deal) will probably be a main conflict. It could be interesting, or it could be shit. You never know with this show.

Then we have Aki’s other declaration that the gods are evil and destined to destroy and blow shit up because they have human hearts. It’s vague phrasing, but I’d guess it’s a metaphor. It would make sense because Aki had a shitty life growing up in a shitty village, so he probably thinks all people — especially those who have even a modicum of power they can lord over others — are shitty as well. If humans are controlling the gods, then the gods are destined to do terrible things, because humans are assholes.

I wondered before if there could be some sort of sacrificial element to the creation of the gods, so perhaps what Aki says could be meant literally, as well, but I’m not entirely sure how that would mean they are inherently destructive. I guess he would mean that something created from destruction could be used only for destruction. Even if you’re protecting something with it, someone’s going to be hurt by it. (Which isn’t entirely true in this case, but hey.)

There might have been something else I wanted to talk about, but I can’t remember what it was at the moment, so I’ll just roll my eyes at this episode pulling a Fractale at the end. (For the unfamiliar, “pulling a Fractale” involves having a tiny female character beat up the main guy, call him a pervert, and then follow that up with a forced attempt at drama.)

I wish I could take credit for spotting Utao turning into an amorphous blob of tofu during this scene, but my eyes were too glazed over during the first portion of the episode to spot this. Instead, it was E Minor at Moe Sucks who brought this to my attention. Anyway, god damn. At least Brains Base had the sense to funnel the good animators to Natsume Yuujinchou San and Mawaru Penguindrum.


2 Responses to “God’s Dolls 8 – Wasting Time Is (Not) Fun”

  1. (For the unfamiliar, “pulling a Fractale” involves having a tiny female character beat up the main guy, call him a pervert, and then follow that up with a forced attempt at drama.)

    I rolled my eyes when that scene came up.

    I’m just glad they have the good animators on Natsume and Mawaru Penguindrum. I’d rage so hard if Natsume had to suffer all this QUALITY.

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