God’s Dolls 9 – Let’s Just Keep Piling On the New Characters


So, hey, here’s another character for the series to introduce and ultimately do fuck all with as the story goes on. It already has no idea what to do with the characters who are already here. Kuuko showed up for the first time in, what, two or three episodes? She does her normal Kuuko routine and then, sayonara. The detective shows up and fucks around without making any tangible progress, even though we’re supposed to believe he’s oh so dangerous and wily and getting closer to The Truth by interrogating a little girl. Koushiro forces Kirio to make up with Utao, and it’s supposed to be of interest because, ummmmmmm, actually I don’t know why. I guess it’s a big deal for these rival factions to play nice with each other, but the anime is asking the viewer to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to this rivalry. The one bone thrown the audience’s way is the cartoony nonsense in the flashback episode.

So now we have the new girl, Mahiru, who is here to do . . . something, I guess. She chastises Koushiro for extending the olive branch, but she acts all lovey-dovey with Kyohei, so I suppose she’s a big ball of complexity. I probably shouldn’t judge her too harshly based on a few seconds of screen time, but the show’s track record does not have me confident about Mahiru being an interesting character or affecting the series in any significant way.

There’s four episodes left, and the only hint of any conclusion is Aki deciding, “Welp, better nuke the village if I want to be happy.” And even that is shockingly underplayed. I get why he’s making his decision — the flashback makes his motivations clear, as dumb and poorly conceived as the drama may be — but the process to get there confounds me. He makes some sort of half-hearted effort to be on his own by sticking around a city where everyone knows he is. Then he gets caught multiple times, and the point is supposed to be that he can’t make a life for himself as long as the village exists to haunt him. (I guess the tragedy afterward is that he’ll be too broken to make a life for himself regardless of whether the village is destroyed.)

But Aki doesn’t make any sort of effort to separate himself from the village. He basically lounges around all day, makes violent threats to Kyohei, hits up libraries for no particular reason, etc. If he really wants to split from the village that badly, he could go anywhere he desires. Maybe that’s the point — he just can’t get away from the village because he needs something to hate for his life to have any meaning. Aki is just a boatload of tragedies.

The rest of the episode isn’t worth talking about at all, so here is crazy Kuuko in a maid outfit. Enjoy.


2 Responses to “God’s Dolls 9 – Let’s Just Keep Piling On the New Characters”

  1. Myssa Says:

    Well, there IS also the fact that Mahiru apparently orders her outfits from the internet, but that’s more of a manga factoid than anything else.

    Still, everything is still surprisingly faithful to the source (Mahiru pops up around Volume 7), but the question now is WHY, especially with 3 episodes left to build up a conclusion. Other studios would already be setting up original endings at this point.

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