No. 6 9 – Avoiding the Obvious Joke

I was going to say this is a good episode — if a bit quickly paced — after last week’s debacle, but then this had to happen. No matter how many visual allusions to 2001: A Space Odyssey you throw out, I will not be swayed, Elyurias! Go away, you magical forest elf god! You are unwanted!

Seriously, though, I did enjoy this episode a fair amount more than last week’s if only because it acted as if the whole, “lol No. 6 is all about dat magical forest lol” exposition dump didn’t happen (for the most part, anyway; clearly, it will come up again, and I will be sad). The focus shifts back to the plan to bust Safu from the joint, which is kind of strange in a way. I get the Action Movie Logic of allowing yourself to be captured to complete an objective — it worked for Golgo 13, after all. (And that episode is fucking awesome.) Wouldn’t the mooks recognize Nezumi, though? Even if what the good folks of No. 6 are going to do to Nezumi is top secret, his face could be plastered on wanted posters and shit, and the soldiers could just be told to find him without knowing why. If there’s anything we know about Soldier Drones, it’s that they love having missions, even if the objective behind the mission is unclear. But I guess they can’t be bothered.

Also, they need to watch more action movies — if someone’s hiding his or her face under a hood, then that person has something to hide! Suspicious!

Still, the “cleanup” scene is pretty wild. If I were Shion, I probably would have wanted to know about that beforehand. Pretty sure he wouldn’t have been wandering around the bazaar with violence on its way to town. Then again, since the objective is to get captured, I guess that’s why Nezumi takes the, “I’ll tell you when you’re older” stance with Shion. I guess it’s not lying if Nezumi flat out doesn’t say anything, but he did promise Shion no more secrets, yeah? Way to stick to your word, man. But since Shion is rightfully more concerned about, you know, staying alive and not getting blown into little human chunks, Nezumi avoids a harsh chastising yet again.

Like a lot of No. 6 lately, the actual impact of the cleanup is good and visceral, even if the setup is sort of silly. It seems like this business is an annual thing — the soldiers come in, blow shit up, take in hordes of people and do whatever the hell it is they do with them. You’d think that if this were annual, then the people would know this was coming and thus take better steps to prepare to throw down. Their basic defense was three guys with pissant guns, for crying out loud. It’s not like everyone in town is wiped off the map and replaced with fresh dopes each year; if that were the case, then people who have clearly survived in the town for years would not be there. Confusing.

But at the same time, shit blows up real good, and Shion gets freaked the fuck out by dead bodies to the point where he hears tribal music and goes into his own colorful blue screen of death sequence. So that’s kind of cool. Do the storytelling ends justify the means here? Probably not, but I enjoyed the scene nonetheless.

I have to talk about this fucking guy for a moment. It’s kind of hilarious to me that he’s got all this dirt on No. 6, but when he learns that Shion’s mom was one of the No. 6 originals, he’s like, “hubba wha HARUMPH I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU”. Guess his sources weren’t good enough for him to know to whom he was actually talking! He just wanted to get in her pants the whole time, anyway; he probably couldn’t have given less of a fuck who he is.


7 Responses to “No. 6 9 – Avoiding the Obvious Joke”

  1. LOL pretty much my thoughts on the creepy dude after Shion’s mom XD

    • I wonder if this is the only thing Shinichiro Miki has been doing lately. Haven’t heard from him in a while. Maybe I’m just watching the wrong shows, though.

  2. Shion’s mom was one of the No. 6 originals, he’s like, “hubba wha HARUMPH I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU”.

    I laughed.

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  4. […] Unmei Kaihen: No.6 9–Avoiding The Obvious Joke […]

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