No. 6 11 – So that was a Thing (END)

My face while watching this episode probably could have been plastered in this screenshot just fine . . .

I’ll say that while I don’t think this ending is particularly great, it does at least fit in the grand tradition of anime having absolutely bonkers endings. It seems like the two most generic ends are “life goes on” or “wtf”. Personally, I usually prefer the latter to the former, because it can be great fun to go wtf every so often.

This episode most definitely delivers on the wtf. The wasps come out in full force — and apparently have some sort of connection to Elyurias. If I’m understanding correctly, they’re basically the result of No. 6 trying to tap into Elyurias’ powers and bring back the land the leaders destroyed? lol dumbasses. “Well, we fucked up indiscriminately setting the land on fire when we could have just killed everyone and enjoyed the fruits of the land for ourselves. Wasps are the answer!”

Then come the magical wasp tornadoes.

I . . . guess that’s Elyurias’ method of cleansing the land? Seems like a rather bizarre method — not to mention pretty assholeish, since getting all those wasps in the first place means murdering a ton of innocent people. Yeah, yeah, those wasps come about because No. 6 is being a bunch of meddling kids, but then Elyurias and the magical plot wasp tornadoes of doom go ahead and destroy the city. Because, uh, nature is better when those gosh darn cities aren’t in the way? I’m sure everyone outside No. 6 wouldn’t have appreciated the extra shelter, or anything. I’m certain this is exactly what Shion was talking about when he claimed that tearing down the walls separating No. 6 and the outside world was the best solution.

Pictured: Giant asshole.

There’s also, of course, the slight manner of Elyurias bogarting Safu’s body for her own purposes and then discarding it when all is done. Again, probably a better scenario than whatever No. 6 was planning to do to Safu, but still quite douchetastic. Just because a bunch of Code Geass-evil villains ruined the girl’s life doesn’t mean that ruining her life to a slightly lesser degree is suddenly all sunshine and rainbows. Safu gets a raw deal, period. What the hell did she ever do? Her only crime is being really awkward as a young’un. Whoop de shit — she has that in common with most nerds and geeks. After that, the plot is basically, “Well, we’re going to do terrible things to you, uh, just because. By the way, you have a connection with Elyurias for no adequately explored reason. Bye!”

I’ll say this: Is it any surprise that Elyurias is a huge asshole? First of all, she’s a goddess. Gods and goddesses do not have the greatest track record of decency. Secondly, she takes the form of a fucking WASP! Wasps are renowned for being the biggest assholes in the insect world. They just do not give a fuck. So when Elyurias shows up commanding a wasp army to tear a city to shreds, uses a guiltless girl and tosses her aside like nothing and then flies off with fucking wasp rainbow wings glittering in the sky, well, should we be surprised by any of this?? No! Because she’s a fucking wasp! They’re assholes!

The one decent thing Elyurias does is resurrect Shion. I’d be pissed off for unearthing such an eye-rolling deus ex machina, but frankly, Elyurias owed them something for being such a colossal dickbag.

Anyway, my final thoughts on No. 6? I liked the first seven episodes and was with the series up to that point. But once the magical bullshit reared its ugly head in ep8, I was done like Peter Griffin. Oh, I still enjoyed myself, because the establishment of Shion and Nezumi’s relationship up to that point was still interesting — and, again, I get a kick out of when anime goes full wtf, even though it damages my opinion of a series — but I couldn’t quite take everything seriously after that. Ah well.


32 Responses to “No. 6 11 – So that was a Thing (END)”

  1. Did you get flashbacks to a certain Gundam 00 movie when you saw the giant asshole like I did? XD

    I actually think the series was good still as well but it could have used at least another episode to try and make better sense in the end. That’s what I’m going with anyway!

    • Haha, yeah, I thought about mentioning the Gundam 00 movie, but meh. I’d rather not think about that piece of shit.

      I don’t think more episodes would have helped No. 6 if it was going to go with “Magic!” all along.

  2. BWAHAHA so glad to see the DONE catching on. I sadly haven’t had the opportunity to do it in a theater yet!

  3. Why do you hate on “magic ending” so much like that? Is it because it totally not in your expectation and you just couldn’t come to accept it?

    Personally I think No.6 could be a lot better if it’s longer. Stuffs are rushed and doesn’t make sense sometimes.

    • My main beef with the magical ending is that it comes so late in the game that it seems like an ass pull (which I explained in my post for episode 8, when the majority of the magical elements are introduced). It stretches my suspension of disbelief too far — before ep8, there is no indication whatsoever that this is a magical world. Now, stories can bend their established rules to solid effect, but the way it is implemented in No. 6 is ridiculous.

  4. You know, I’ve been wondering if the ‘bees’ were a part of a wonky translation. Wasps are fucking assholes. And seriously, mother nature in No.6 doesn’t give a fuck. Poor Safu, turned into a rainbow wasp desu.

    • Yeah, I had a commenter a few posts back who remarked that bees and wasps are referred to by the same word, and that “wasp” would be a more accurate translation since the insects look more like wasps. And, as we can see in this episode, they act more like wasps, too. What dicks!

  5. Oh man, called it from episode one. Producers need to learn that they can’t try to do everything they want in such a short run. No. 6 pulled in too many directions to be able to handle any one thing well, and in the end we got wasp tornadoes. That’ll learn ’em.

  6. TheVoid Says:

    I’m sure Saifu wouldn’t want Shion dead so at least that’s one nice thing Elyurias has done for her. That and letting them reunite even if it is briefly.

  7. I always wondered why people called them bees when they were so clearly wasps. After all, wasps are EVIL.

    I did spent a good proportion of the finale shouting “SNOG!” at the screen.

  8. Marow Says:

    Them wasps.

    I wonder why No.6 didn’t have voice recorders in the bracelets.



    complete with ‘life goes on, that person who I wanted to fuck went away like nothing happened ok that’s fine’

    • Hahaha, a rainbow wasp goddess is almost like a magical flying panther, I guess!

      • Marow Says:

        Wait wait wait wait. Occult Academy has magical flying panthers? I’m in.

        • Yeah, there’s all sorts of crazy shit at the end. It turned some people off because it’s literally “wait wtf where did all this come from” but I thought it was awesome.

          • Marow Says:

            It feels like I would love and hate it at the same time.

            … but there are so many other shows I’d rather watch, so I’ll try to remember it ;_;

      • Ah, the magical flying Battle Cat. I pray one day Scamp will see the light and realise its genius…


    Let’s be honest, since nothing at this point was going to save No. 6 from stinking worse than that big-ass mountain of corpses that Safu’s granny is currently spending her twilight years, let the WTF-ery go wild. Giant wasp goddess of love/hate? Sure, I can run with that!

    I did like that Nezumi managed to give Shion one last punch in the face for old times’ sake. Would have totally ruined the episode for me if that wasn’t included.

    So in conclusion, the great message No. 6 has impressed on me to teach my own children is to never entrust a newborn baby to an androgynous hotelier that reeks of dog. Gotcha! Thanks, it’s been fun!

  11. Mad Chemist Says:

    Haha oh wow, that was a glorious trainwreck. I’m kind of upset that the show’s driving questions had such lame answers and that most of the supporting cast was pretty useless in the long run, but part of me just wants to enjoy the magical wasp tornadoes. I think there’s something wrong with me.

  12. I’m sorry, when you started talking about Elyurias being an asshole, I just imagined how Samuel L Jackson would say what you just said…

    Anyways, yeah the ending was a mess. I still think overall, it was a solid series though. The ending just leaves a bad taste in my mouth though…

  13. It just occurred to me how ridiculous the episodes towards the end are, that’s how clouded and obsessed I am with the relationship between Shion and Nezumi.

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