God’s Dolls 12 – I Liked It Better When it Was Kuukosama Dolls

Hey, look, once again the only good parts of this series are the bits where Kuuko acts like a nutter. So, of course, she gets roughly a minute or two of screen time, and then she’s gone again. Kuuko’s like the wind, baby.

Kuuko’s not really a great character in the traditional sense of the term — like just about every character in this series, she has little depth at all. But she’s enjoyable because she actually injects a sense of chaotic fun into the series. Who else can you count on to smack rapists with golf clubs, shoot major politicians and run away hand-in-hand with almost-rapists? Everything in this series is so god damn dour, which is fine when it’s actually pulled off well — but week after week, the show tries to cash in chips it hasn’t earned, and it does so with cheap, stupid drama.

Case in point: The attempted rape. It’s extremely rare when an anime doesn’t use rape as a vehicle for cheap melodrama. What is even the point of it happening? “Oh, we have to make this guy more evil because he’s jealous of Kyohei and wants to get back at him! It’s raping time!” Come on. The guy might as well be twirling his mustache and rubbing his hands together while Hibino is tied to train tracks. It baffles me that this series has a perfectly reasonable plot point to use for drama — all the happenings in the village that, uh, are just hold for now, I guess? — but instead we’re bullshitting around with this garbage.

This was my reaction to the fight in the middle of the episode . . .

Yeah, that fight. Pretty freakin’ terrible. I guess it’s supposed to be goofy because Utao is fighting for her cookies, and Mahiru is fighting because she’s a terrible character introduced solely for the purpose of stalling the story KYOHEI-SAMA. But then things get Serious (with a capital S!) when Mahiru loses control of her kakashi and it wraps its tentacles around Hibino for the 9,001st time and and and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Bleh. I can’t bring myself to care about ANY of this crap. And, to top it off, the fighting isn’t even entertaining; it’s just the two kakashi smacking each other repetitively until Utao suddenly has this ninja-level insight and defeats the SUPER-POWERFUL, UNBEATABLE MAHIRU who by the way cannot adjust for any deficiency in her kakashi whatsoever. At least the other fights in the show could be entertaining at times. We’ve crossed the threshold of no return here. There is literally nothing else of interest to be had.

Then the episode ends with a desperate grab for attention via cliffhanger that utterly fails because 1) The audience knows there is no way in fuck Kyohei will be dying, and 2) Even if Kyohei is hurt, we know he will be all better by the end of the next episode and save the day somehow. The problem with cliffhangers is that people have to care about the story and characters for them to be effective. Cliffhangers do not provide tension and interest in and of themselves.

11 Responses to “God’s Dolls 12 – I Liked It Better When it Was Kuukosama Dolls”

  1. But she’s enjoyable because she actually injects a sense of chaotic fun into the series.

    I can’t argue with this, her parts are the only parts where I didn’t fastforward through the episode.

  2. Marcomax Says:

    Am I the only one who did not know who the rapist was? It took me a while to remember the episode he appeared in but did they ever say his name or what his goals were. For one of Kyohei’s friends, he didn’t get much time in the flash back episode.

    At first Kuuko annoyed me at the start of the episode. Then I saw the rest of the episode and look back fondly on those first few minutes.

  3. Damn you and your Dirty Dancing references, if I have that crap stuck in my head all day…. I need to get caught up on this show just so I can mark it complete, but the lack of Kuuko is really holding me back. Maybe they’ll throw out the plot entirely and do a “Stalker Training with Kuuko” episode next time. I can hope, right?

    • Shit, I didn’t that on purpose LOL. I was more thinking of Tom Servo, who I guess referenced Dirty Dancing at a few points in Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  4. Still hesitating to watch the episode.

  5. The whole point of taking this series seriously is impossible after these 12 episodes…:P

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