God’s Dolls 13 – A Desperate Plea (END)

Sept. 27, 2011

The Internet

Dear Occupant,

Hello! From our research, you have been watching our latest anime, Kamisama Dolls! Thank you for tuning in! While our best and clearly most talented people went to work on Mawaru Penguindrum and Natsume Yuujinchou San this season, that doesn’t mean we neglected Kamisama Dolls in any way!

Sure, the animation could have been better — at times even we could not help but laugh at how bizarre some of the art ended up being! Boy were our faces red when we shoved that stuff onto the air! And some of those fight scenes! Whew! We kind of blew our load with the urban combat at the beginning of the season, so our imaginations were tapped by the end. Having the kakashi beat each other head on for minutes at a time really helped us speed the episodes out the door, though, so that’s a plus!

And, yeah, maybe the plot spun its wheels a bit too much. Sure, there’s a clear goal in mind and clear villains in the village elders, but when you’re angling for a second season, you can’t waste time with silly stuff like that! We have to give the fans what they really want: 1) Utao eating cake, 2) Boobs, 3) Utao brushing her teeth, 4) Boobs and 5) Squeezed boobs. And don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy a Hanazawa Kana-voiced character coming out of nowhere and hogging all the remaining screen time with a meaningless storyline that goes nowhere and accomplishes nothing! That’s all the rage these days! Sure, we could have told the story much more efficiently and interestingly — like we did in the flashback to Kyohei, Aki and Mahiru being attacked by the wild kakashi — but tell me, Occupant, where then would you see scenes of Utao and Hibino bathing, and Kyohei accidentally walking in on them in a hilarious manner?? Nowhere, we say!

And speaking of the characters, we will admit that we dropped the ball with them just a tad. Kyohei’s anger issues and past trauma could be interesting if he weren’t such a lame doofus. Aki could be a good, dark character if his backstory weren’t so ridiculous and if he didn’t spend half the time wandering around doing nothing except when the plot needs him to pop up in convenient places. Hibino . . . er . . . has boobs! That’s her charm point! Utao, um, we will admit that she is pretty useless and doesn’t need to exist at all, but who would be the loli, Occupant?? Huh?? You tell us!

But while there may be sundry and plentiful flaws in Kamisama Dolls, we ask you, dear Occupant, to look past them and see what really matters — that awesome cliffhanger! Look at that! It’s obviously implied throughout the episode that Utao has lost control of Kukuri, and that control has transferred to Kyohei for reasons that definitely will not be pulled out of our collective asses — and that’s exactly what you see in the cliffhanger! Wow! How about that hook, huh? Kyohei actually doing something of worth?! You’re looking forward to the second season already, I can tell!

And that’s what it’s all about, we say! Even though nothing of worth gets resolved in this first season and we essentially wasted your time, there’s a whole new season on the way to tie up all those loose ends . . . maybe! Ahahaha, I bet you didn’t think there would be a cliffhanger in this letter, did you?! That is the kind of quality we can promise in the second season of Kamisama Dolls! So please, please, please watch!

One last message: For those of you who think we may have rested on our laurels a bit because many of our other adaptations — such as Baccano, Durarara, and Natsume Yuujinchou — have been so good, we have just one thing to say about our adaptation of Kamisama Dolls: Don’t blame us! Blame the manga-ka! It’s the author’s shitty story! We’re blameless!

Brains Base

PS: Watch season two! We like your money!


16 Responses to “God’s Dolls 13 – A Desperate Plea (END)”

  1. Oh my gosh! You got a letter from Brain’s Base! This really explains everything and it’s obvious that the source material wasn’t great to begin with! It’s so awesome to hear that this show is getting a second season, I mean– this and the news about Natsume have really got me excited! Take all my money Brain’s Base!

  2. Marow Says:

    This show is so deep and complex that only a few have grasped its surface. Definitely one of the best shows this year, if not the very best!

  3. While Shinmaru is being Russian Formalist in his watching of the series (an adaptation on its own), one has to accept the fact that the series literally ran out of material — at this point, the show blew through 8 volumes of material. And in those 8 volumes (out of 9 so far), there wasn’t any place where one could properly stop at, which meant that an open end that resolved nothing major.

    I think that’s more preferable though to a bad anime-original ending.

    • Either way is shit, in my opinion. It’s just that we’re getting shit fed to us rather than dumped on our heads.

      • How woyld *you* prefer things to go though? Barring cutting two-odd chapters, the adaptation was very faithful. Would you have prefered it to have it been less faithful, but given a conclusion that fit a 13-episode run instead? That won’t work well either.

        • The main problem is that the show isn’t really built intelligently for 13 or 24-26 episodes. There’s SO much fat that could be trimmed, and a lot that could be done better to make the transition to a second season smoother. I mean, the cliffhanger is a cliffhanger only because the series dawdled with bullshit for so long that it took forever to even get to this point.

          Whether that’s the fault of the anime or the original work is irrelevant to me.

          • Trimming the fat? I already mentioned that they actually took out material already (much of Kyouhei’s college hijinks), and even then they still managed to breeze through eight volumes (which surprised me when I learned about it). I mean, *what* fat could they trim? The series is (from what I’ve read so far) nearly a panel-to-panel adaptation of the manga!

            And how could they transition to a second season, when the source itself doesn’t even have a good cut-off point? What would they have done? Made an anime-only arc so that Kyohei can confront Aki, so that the 1st cour could end conclusively/on a high note?

          • Why should the manga’s failings have to transfer over to the anime? That’s what I’m not understanding. There’s so much stuff piled on and then forgotten, and there’s nothing cohesive about the plot at all. If that’s an inherent failing of the manga, then why shouldn’t Brains Base tinker with it? If it requires anime-original material, then YES, by all means do it!

            Again, I do not care at all how accurate an adaptation the anime is. The story is not good. The way it is translated to animation is not good. The way the first season ends is not good. I don’t know what else to say.

  4. Somehow having Mahiru come out of nowhere to hog all the screentime for a pointless story that went absolutely nowhere actually WAS an improvement.

    To the previous comment, if you know the story isn’t going to fit in the time you have, why adapt it at all?

    • Meh, I never really cared about Mahiru’s character, myself. But it wasn’t really any worse than the other stuff in the series that went nowhere.

  5. I’m still hoping Kyohei’s rage, combined with Kukuri, ends up destroying the village, the evil elders, and pretty much everyone in the series. That and it’s so bad that he ends up destroying the entire second season of the anime before it starts.

  6. are you sure it wasn’t a prank? seems really suspicious that a jap studio member would read an english blog. of course you could be making this up yourself, lol.

    …or that’s what one of my readers replied when I once posted a sarcastic fictional email. 😉

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