Hunter x Hunter 2 – Moving Right Along …

So, wow, the Hunter Exam is actually beginning next episode — pretty wild!

This episode combines two episodes in the original series into one, and once again, I’m not really upset at all. Honestly, I didn’t really like either of these episodes in the first Hunter x Hunter. There’s nothing wrong with the direction or animation or anything, but the core stories are just like . . . whatever. There isn’t much about either episode that truly stands out to me.

For instance, the first part of the episode with the old lady and her stupid ass quiz bullshit. This takes up an entire episode in the original series, and it perplexes me. The only thing I really miss that the new series doesn’t show is the dumbass skipping on through the quiz thinking he aced that question with his infallible logic, and then getting his ass whooped. Otherwise, it left me thinking, “Man, if this is an example of the awesome, well-built logic I can expect from this series, then I am going to cut someone.” It’s not a bad episode, mind; it’s just really underwhelming.

The basic point of these two episodes is to establish the traits that separate Gon, Kurapika and Leorio from the other goofs who wish to become Hunters: Gon has an affinity with nature, and he’s clearheaded and honest. Kurapika has a vast knowledge of the world, and he’s cool and cunning when the pressure is at its highest. Leorio is a hothead and a lovable bastard, but he also cares deeply for people, and he’s going to help them out no matter what. These are traits that are representative of what drives them and makes them want to become Hunters (which hasn’t been totally revealed for Leorio yet — you have to know that his money talk is at least partially bullshit, right?).

Now, I just don’t think this material needs to be two episodes. It’s not a case of impatience — frankly, I don’t think the original series made this stuff into two episodes because it has this supposedly perfect idea of down-to-Earth pacing. There’s a practical element to it: When the original Hunter x Hunter anime began, the manga had been going for a little more than a year-and-a-half. It doesn’t take long to run through that material. Even going at what can be described as a deliberate pace, the anime ran through the material in 62 episodes. And that’s including anime-original material, which, by the way, was not bad at all. One of my favorite episodes in the series is anime-original, as a matter of fact.

Anyway, blah blah blah, many words to say that I don’t have a problem with how this series condenses this early material. (Which I stated before, but fuck it, HAVE MORE WORDS.) People are within their rights to dislike the presentation of the series: It is noticeably more “shonen” and adventure-like in art style, direction and music than the original series. And, hell, I’ll even admit that I prefer the direction of the original through two episodes. But I don’t think the condensation is something to be angry about. This material is not really special at all. Might be an unpopular opinion, but that’s what I think. It’s the basic stuff every author runs through to establish characters and the world before they can let the hammer down and really let loose. When we get into the thick of the plot, nobody but the most stubborn fans are going to give a flying fuck that the old bastard hag didn’t get her 20 minutes of screen time.

Anyway, I have nothing more to say about this, so here’s Hisoka’s glowing penis.


43 Responses to “Hunter x Hunter 2 – Moving Right Along …”

  1. I never really saw the problem with the new adaptation rushing through these episodes, especially the quiz one. Of course it bothers me that they left that tidbit that Kurapika heard the big nosed douchebag scream and is probably dead by now. I think that was an important part to the story and the somewhat unnerving, apathetic reaction of the old lady.

    Yes, this part of the series is very childlike and adventurous but I can also see it working when we start getting into the darker parts of the series. The series started off very solemn and the contrast wasn’t as strong when the YorkShin arc rolled in. If– and this is a big IF the series does intend to adapt everything– I think more people will understand what this adaptation was trying to do.

    Anyway, the next episode has Killua, Hanzo and Hisoka. My anticipation cannot be contained. Especially with that glorious shining Hisoka penis on your post.

    • Yeah, I think I’ll be a little more annoyed if the darker stuff is too sanitized. I’m not one of those ultra-purist “MAN THAT HUNTER X HUNTER IS NOT KIDS STUFF AND I AM INSULTED THAT YOU HAVE SUGGESTED AS SUCH” folks, but at the same time, that darker edge IS at the core of what makes Hunter x Hunter a worthwhile series. Right now, Gon has no idea of the danger he’s getting himself into; hopefully, that won’t be the case for later arcs.

      • I’ve been hearing rumors that the violence isn’t as toned down as some people are making out to be. They say that the leaked out footage only had the heart ripping scene toned down. I hope it’s an obnoxious light censor for the lulz.

      • Funny that you should mention the heart-ripping scene. By moral guardian and censor board standards, HunterXHunter would not be classified as “kid’s stuff” by any means just due to the fact that there’s so much explicit violence in it. Teenage stuff? Definitely. But the tone of the adaptation looks like it’s aiming for the 12-year-old and younger crowd. An ANN commentator said this: “But overall this is still a fun, exciting show for the inner twelve-year-old we all still harbor. So grab the cookies and milk and settle in for a grand old adventure.”

        Which is so completely opposite of what the original series is like it’s almost hilarious if not for the fact that THAT IS THE EXACT FEELING THAT THIS ADAPTATION IS GOING FOR. It explains the cheesy acting/directing and soundtrack. It explains the cookies and milk.

        R.I.P., HunterXHunter: The Remake. Not even Pitou can save you now.

        …just kidding (hopefully). Hopefully the strength of the original material will kick in soon, if not next episode.

    • >Of course it bothers me that they left that tidbit that Kurapika heard the big nosed douchebag scream
      I guess they’re getting rid of as much needless violence/death as possible. But there’s only so much they can censor since a lot of the violence is central to HxH’s plot. Having said that, I quite liked how they changed this scene to Kurapica reasoning the answer from Leorio’s words rather than hearing the guy’s scream and knowing the guy failed.

      • Having said that, I quite liked how they changed this scene to Kurapica reasoning the answer from Leorio’s words rather than hearing the guy’s scream and knowing the guy failed.

        Actually, I didn’t think of it that way. That’s a pretty smart move. :O

  2. Agreed. For me the story of HxH doesn’t really start until the exam, everything beforehand is just an intro, so the quicker we get there the better. I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of the cast – Hisoka and Killua of course, but also Satotsu-san, who was always a personal favourite of mine!

    I think I may need at least another episode to get used to the Pirates of the Caribbean background music though…

    • Yeah, that guy is cool. There are a bunch of characters in this arc whom I hope make it back into the story down the road, most notably Hanzo. That guy is the shit.

      • Matt Wells Says:

        Hanzo doesn’t show up at all after the Hunter Exam. And yes, that sucks. He MIGHT show up in the current manga arc, it seesm Togashi is going for one of those “Oh hey guys look how strong I got!” sequences Shonen series love so much.

        If you’ve read the Chimara Ant arc, then you’ll know a handful of guys introduced in the Hunter Exam come back for all of two chapters before they suffer a fate worse than death. Got me quite tearful, despite how little screentime they actually got.

  3. I actually think they did a good job of condensing those two chapters in this episode actually. I never really had a problem with the pacing per se, it was the atrociously overblown music and acting that got to me. (Hint: It’s still overblown.) HunterXHunter is not Pirates of the Caribbean, stop trying to make it into it! Argh!

    (Pirates of the Caribbean is dark, but HunterXHunter’s darkness is a completely different kind of darkness.)

    The only thing that I didn’t like was how they took out the man’s scream in the distance, implying that he’s dying a horrible death – but I guess they couldn’t show it without taking away the “hey, this is going to be a grand adventure and nothing too bloody is gonna happen!”-feel.

    Well, for a more practical purpose, they probably couldn’t actually have the scream – and show only Kurapica hearing it. For one, Gon’s right there and anything Kurapica picks up on, he’s going to pick up. And it would be weird if there was a scream, and the audiences could all hear it, but Leorio didn’t. AND it would be weird they showed Kurapica reacting to something (something that the audience isn’t shown), and then later saying there was a scream, because we would be like “Huh, scream? When did this happen!?” I guess it’s one of those things that only works in manga form because we can’t hear anything anyway.

    Sigh. The fact that his death throes got only one panel in the manga with everybody being all nonchalant about it was part of what contributed to the more… edgy (for lack of a better word) tone of the series. Human life simply isn’t worth much, in HunterXHunter. If you read the manga, Shinmaru, you’ll find that the “darker” tone is established fairly early on. I do agree it becomes more obvious once the Hunter Exam starts, but that atmosphere? It’s there from the beginning (for me, it starts seeping in starting from the panel where Gon hands Mito that somewhat ominous-looking application card). The animated adaptations just don’t pick up on that. The original made it all sappy and this one makes it all “whoo! adventure!”

    (Good point with the original needing to drag out material in order to avoid catching up with the manga though.)

    Again, I do agree that the tone becomes more pervasive and noticeable during the Hunter Exam and beyond. Can’t wait to see how they’re going to handle Episode 3.

    If they try and gloss over the fact that our favorite ex-assassin is one fucked up little baby, I will be pissed. I will be very, very pissed.

    • I will say that even though I’m not a hardline adherent to the “THIS MUST BE SUPER DUPER DARK” line of thought, there are some things I don’t think they should tone down TOO much. Maybe make things less in-your-face gruesome — that’s fine. But there are elements that are important and fairly dramatic, and that should be there. If it’s good enough for Jump, then it should be good enough for TV, right?

      • Eh, I’m not saying that it should be super explicit Berserk-style or something, or that it should be all horror music and disturbing animation and gore everywhere (…oh my god. SHAFT should have adapted HunterXHunter. It would be the absolute PERFECT work for them.) – it’s just that it detracts from tone, atmosphere, and characterization if they censor too much.

        Like in the hag chapter, the man screaming in the distance. Not in your face at all, just subtly disturbing (practically nothing compared to a certain *coughcough*heartrending*cough* scene, at least). Little things like that give HxH a flavor that this adaptation hasn’t captured yet… probably because it’s trying it’s best NOT to capture that particular flavor. Yay for more PotC, anime-style!

        (Damn it, now I’m wondering what an HxH done by Shaft would look like…)

  4. Marow Says:


    I love these characters and the setting, I wouldn’t mind a spin-off dedicated to only adventure and no plot.

    But next week.

    The good stuff. And Killua ❤

    • What do you mean?! There can be no adventure without plot, damn it!

      Oh yeah. Looking forward to the good stuff and Killua too. And Hisoka. HISOKA MAI WAIFU ❤

      ……okay, another reason why any anime adaptation is inferior to the manga. It can't show Hisoka's epic spade/card/heart/diamond emoticons at the end of every single sentence. And what would Hisoka be without his epic emoticons, am I right? 😀

      • Marow Says:

        … since you wondered how the show would be if Shaft animated it, I think you answered your own question.

        “It can’t show Hisoka’s epic spade/card/heart/diamond emoticons at the end of every single sentence”

        They would totally do it in the anime… at least it wouldn’t surprise me :p

        “What if Shaft animated X” would be a great idea for a post or something. What if Shaft animated Totoro? One Piece? K-ON? Everything?

        • Oh. My god. You’re right. Shaft would TOTALLY do it.

          Damn you, Marow! Now I’m going to stay up crying for a week straight because HunterXHunter wasn’t animated by Shaft… -sobs into keyboard-

      • Just watched episode 3. The worst I imagined has come to pass.

        THEY RUINED MY WAIFU. -drowns in tears-

  5. Athena Says:

    A vastly different bgm would have made this a much better episode. I despair at the thought that HxH will be saddled with this atrocious music throughout its run. I could tolerate the faster direction a bit, but not this abomination of a soundtrack.

    • Eh, I think it’s all right. I do think I prefer the soundtrack to the original, but I don’t think this is awful or anything.

      • The BGM is good. It’s not your typical anime BGM, that’s for sure.

        The way it’s used isn’t though. Like I said, way too melodramatic and overblown for the specific scenes they’re being used for. Again, this goes back to the problem of the show’s tone/atmosphere being entirely wrong for the show’s content.

        I think I’m probably the only one who actually LOVES the hard rock ending (while simultaneously despising the generic, cheery opening song). Anything other than generic J-pop is good for me.

  6. Yeah, so far I’m liking how they’re crunching it all down into fewer episodes. It’s still stay true to the manga and it’s getting all the boring bulk out of the way to get to the exam sooner – which is where things really take off. I really can’t imagine an entire episode focusing on a quiz :/

  7. I thought it was going to end after the quiz, ‘cuz I (mis-) remembered the vocabulary thing as signaling the end of the episode. So far I’m enjoying the pace.

  8. I just watched the quiz episode in the original. Three fourths of it is filler. BORING filler, at that. The original took five episodes what it’s taking the remake two. To be fair, the original pulled the entire second episode out of its ass, and shamelessly padded the rest with filler, but still. Good job remaining faithful to the manga in content, if not in style.

    • The original series gets a LOT better at weaving in anime original material later — either that, or it goes straight-up all manga adaptation, I don’t know, haha. But there’s at least one awesome anime-original episode in there.

  9. Matt Wells Says:

    Something I’ve got from how they’re condensing the series is that they ARE sanitising it somewhat. Not enough to ruin the show or strip it of its core, but just enough to soften the edges. Like the guy who failed the quiz, in this episode he just ended up going in the wrong direction becuae he was SNEAKY and didn’t believe in the POWER of FRIENDSHIP.

    In the original manga, he was murdered by the townspeople. No glossing it over, they outright killed him. It didn’t amount to much in terms of actual plot significance, but it gave the series a vastly different atmosphere. Of all the stuff they’ve cut so far its the bits with Kaito missing from the first chapter that annoys me the most.

    It made clear Gon’s special bond with nature, taking in that wild dog bear thing. It laid the rules and groundwork of Hunters, and built up Ging as this cool and mysterious figure. The kind of guy worth becoming a Hunter to meet. As a result Gon’s resolution in the new series feels a little hollow to me. Minor complaints aside, they’re doing a good job.

    I just hope the absence of Kaito doesn’t means they aren’t adapting the Chimera Ant arc, that would suck if they’re jut remaking the original up to Greed Island. Out of curiousity, what was the anime filler episode you liked so much? I understood that the filler in the original was like the stuff in Yu Yu Hakusho, giving subplot threads to minor characters, like Kuwabara’s sister. What cool thing did they add?

    • Erm, I just jumped in randomly. Sorry!

      No glossing it over, they outright killed him. It didn’t amount to much in terms of actual plot significance, but it gave the series a vastly different atmosphere.

      I can’t unsee this. I have images of normal townspeople suddenly coming out their homes and maiming a poor unsuspecting examinee. D; Scary. I don’t know why but it always registered to me that the guy ended up getting eaten by a wild animal or get into a trap. But you stating that kind of disturbed me a bit.

      I just hope the absence of Kaito doesn’t means they aren’t adapting the Chimera Ant arc, that would suck if they’re jut remaking the original up to Greed Island.

      I really hope not! Or else all those hints would just end up disappointing me.

      • Matt Wells Says:

        Well those townspeople weren’t exactly what I’d call normal to begin with. You get all sorts applying to be Hunters, and what with the creepy masks it would be a mistake to view them as peaceful or kind by any stretch of the imagination.

        My mistake, I went back and checked the manga chapter, Kurapika says he was probably eaten by a monster. Sorry I derped there, I just always read that as the guy going down the wrong alleyway and those masked guys coming after him with knives. Sorry for the creepy image! H x H isn’t quite THAT dark!

        • Phew! I was scared there for a sec. I always thought that Togashi’s townspeople were nice, kind and friendly folk. Hahaha!

    • From what Mira has told me, the boat episode is anime-original. I just like how all the Hunter Exam participants eventually band together to give a big Fuck You to the storm that threatens to kill them all. I was pretty much like, “OH HELL YEAH” by the end, haha.

  10. I don’t know; I never really had an issue with the pace of the original series. To use the obvious parallel between the two FMA series; while I respected the need to rush through already seen material in Brotherhood, I still think the first 13 eps suffered from rushing through early plot points that needed more development. (eg Greed at Dublith). So far the new Hunter X Hunter series hasn’t bothered me like FMA:B did, although I’m probably not as emotionally invested in the former (at least as yet!). I guess both versions were about on par for me.

    I did think the show suffered in little from scaling back the sneaky guy who also took the test. I loved how he tried to befriend the group in the original; it highlighted very early on the idea that not everyone which a friendly smile should be trusted. Here he was just simplified as a creep. Also, not hearing his scream was a real disappointment, as it also highlighted that people can and will die in this world.

    That’s currently my biggest worry; that they’ll gloss over the violence and consequences for actions, to fit in with the kids tv label. Pretty much like everyone else.

    Also, filler eps? I hadn’t noticed any yet! That’s a good sign the original knew its source material. Blue Exorcist, take note! Dancing Kraken ,my ass…

    PS. Look at all these comments; it’s like FMA:B all over again. Ah, the shounen filled memories…

    • We’ll see, I guess. I just wasn’t THAT into these early episodes, so the missing material doesn’t bother me much. Now, if material is culled from the better episodes, then that might bother me.

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