Random Mashup Shit #1

So I’ve been waiting to see if another series would scratch that blogging itch this season, but although a couple have come close, I haven’t totally bought into anything (or maybe I’m just lazy and want more time to play Mass Effect 2). That’s not to say what I’ve been watching is bad, of course. There’s been some decent stuff released so far, and I would like to write a bit about them all. So I figured I would do something totally creative and innovative utterly unoriginal and write quick thoughts about whatever the hell interests me each week. Hopefully I won’t be writing about the same series each post, because that wouldn’t be fun at all.

Fate/zero episode 2

I wasn’t really sold on the first episode of Fate/zero because 1) It had many of the worst traits of Nasuverse adaptations that drive me up the wall (yes, I’m aware the story is penned by Gen Urobuchi), and 2) I’m kind of biased against magic and fantasy and shit. Something about it just makes getting into it an uphill battle for me. But the second episode works for me much better. I enjoyed two scenes in particular: The bantering scene between Rider and Waver (don’t they sound like a buddy cop team?) and the initial summoning of Caster.

The former scene is just funny. I do like that the summoned warriors don’t have to be totally obedient to their masters, and can even be belligerent. Rider kind of comes off to me like a rough, rugged dad trying to toughen up his son, haha. Next Rider and Waver will go on a hunting trip, and Rider will teach Waver how to skin a deer. The latter scene is a good example of true horror. Caster’s speech at the end drives at the heart of true horror: That feeling of hope being snatched away at the last second realization that said hope was meaningless to begin with. It’s the same kind of feeling that made That Episode of Shiki so terrifying — cold, heartless and brutal.

Although if Landon watched the second episode, I bet he laughed during that scene.

Chihayafuru episode 2

I’ll admit it: Chihayafuru gives me the warm fuzzies. Sure, some of the drama is a bit over the top. I could accept the whole class being made up of assholes, mainly because in the flashback, the characters are at the age where all kids are dicks. The scene at the end with Chihaya’s family being all “yeah yeah whatevs” when Chihaya is all excited about the karuta tournament is all right, too, but coming soon after Taichi’s mom berates him for being a failure at karuta is probably a bit much. I don’t think any of these elements is necessarily unrealistic, but together the drama is piled on maybe a tad much.

But I didn’t mind at all because all the good parts of Chihayafuru bring a smile to my face. Chihaya is really a great lead: Straightfoward, energetic and genuine. That last quality is most important to me — so often the “main character defends the class outsider” speech feels obligatory and forced, but there’s such earnestness behind everything regarding Chihaya (the vocal performance, the way she’s drawn and animated, the way she’s written, etc.) that I could really get into her standing up for the little guy.

It’s shows like Chihayafuru that keep me from morphing into a randomly angry bore.

Un-Go episode 1

I dug the first episode. Nothing really spectacular, but it can be decent. It’s just nice to have a mystery where the detectives don’t totally pull the solution out of their asses. There’s still some leaps being made, of course, but there are at least clues and whatnot the audience can follow if they’re alert. This is probably a relatively simple case just so that the audience can get to know the major players and whatnot. I’d expect things to get more complicated in later episodes.

But, yeah, definitely looking forward to this, if only because I do enjoy mysteries and detective stories. There’s just something about them that’s fun to watch.

Guilty Crown episode 1

Guilty Crown seems to be getting hammered on all fronts (from what little I have read, anyway), which honestly wasn’t difficult to see coming before the season started. Everyone has basically accepted that many of the elements are derivative (which doesn’t make Guilty Crown different from a lot of anime), and while the show does look great, the actual content is just OK. I don’t dislike it, but at the same time, I didn’t feel particularly swept up in it, either . . . still, though, this is clearly a set-up episode, and much like Future Diary (whose first episode I wasn’t huge on, either), I’d rather wait an episode or two for something to get rolling before making any sweeping judgments.

That said, the “guilty crown” is a dumb name for a power.


8 Responses to “Random Mashup Shit #1”

  1. That said, the “guilty crown” is a dumb name for a power.


    Caster is awesome, funniest scene I’ve seen in a while with him and Uryuu being bros. You don’t see black humor like that in anime too often.

  2. Re: Un-Go

    I hate mysteries where people have supernatural powers. It just seems like such a cop out. I am intrigued by the little boy though. But eh, most likely not going to watch it, because honestly the -snerk- “mystery” this episode was ridiculously bad. I guess it’s okay compared to some other shitty mystery manga I can think of, but still. -goes to re-read some Agatha Christie instead-

  3. I wonder why no one questions why a pandakid evolves into a woman. It’s like Digimon.

    … that’s why Pokemon is better, they stay in the “better” form.

    • To be fair, they didn’t really see the transformation. It’s not exactly the first conclusion I’d leap to if that happened.

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  5. Mad Chemist Says:

    I’m liking Chihayafuru quite a bit, too, and a lot of it is because it’s a very sincere show that doesn’t forget to have a sense of humor. They went a bit overboard with dramatic moments last episode, but the show just kind of works and I’m very amused that Chihaya won her first big kurata match through blatantly tweaking the rules if not outright cheating.

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