Hunter x Hunter 6 – Only One Episode for Cooking? Pinch Me!

So, for you fans of the original Hunter x Hunter, Hisoka and Menchi totally switched hair colors, right? I’m not crazy, am I? I swear this is the exact shade of blue-green Hisoka started with in the original series before switching to red after the Hunter Exam. (LOL SPOILERS HISOKA IS STILL IN THIS AFTER THE HUNTER EXAM LOL) And the red Hisoka’s sporting now is similar to the red Menchi has in the original series. Could Madhouse be saying something?!?!?! DUN DUN DUN

Anyway, as with most of the remake episodes so far, I am of two minds on this episode. On the one hand, this is even lamer than the cooking bullshit in the first series. I thought the cooking crap was dull, but at least there is kind of an interesting twist to that where the hunter trainees have to experiment to come up with the exact dish Menchi requests. Here they’re just roasting pigs and hoping for the best. What the fuck kind of test is that? Come on. I like Menchi and all, but the test here makes it look like she’s blowing smoke out her ass with the whole “HEY GOURMET HUNTERS ARE LIKE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW” spiel. If they’re so awesome, then they should think of a test that doesn’t suck.

The Spider Eagle egg fetch quest is kind of interesting (it’s in the first series, too). That at least requires some smarts and skill to get the eggs without dying horribly. Definitely needed more Spider Eagles rampaging in the sky and attacking people, though. There was a bit of blood last week — surely we can take the next step and have Spider Eagles ripping at people’s eyes with their talons!

On the other hand, this awful cooking nonsense is done with in one episode rather than two, which is nice. I know I’m a broken record here, but we’re still a bit away from the parts of Hunter x Hunter that actually grabbed me, so the quicker we get there, the better. I just hope Madhouse knows when to slow down and savor the pace once we actually get to the good stuff. FMA: Brotherhood blazed through a lot of the early stuff but then slowed down once it got to the stuff the original series didn’t cover. I don’t want this adaptation to take quite the same route (or will be in for insanely paced episodes for a good while), but yeah, speed through the lame stuff, please.

I’ll give the episode this, though: Aya Hirano is a pleasant surprise as Menchi. I’m glad she’s taking on more roles again. Never understood the hate for her at all. She has her bad roles here and there, of course (she’s almost unbearable to listen to in Book Girl, for instance), but no different from any other voice actor, and when she’s good, she’s really good and expressive. She’s a perfect voice for Menchi, I think — she has just the right tone of “OH NO YOU JUST DID NOT INSULT GOURMET HUNTERS” haha. That’s my only disappointment with this part of the story being so short: Not much more Aya Hirano after this. Sadface.jpg.


8 Responses to “Hunter x Hunter 6 – Only One Episode for Cooking? Pinch Me!”

  1. Really glad to have one episode of this instead of two. While it was part of the worldbuilding and exploring the different aspects of the exam, I don’t know if I’d like to sit through it the third time.

    Loving Aya’s voice for Menchi, I’m sad her role isn’t a large one since she’s definitely better than the previous actress for Menchi.

  2. Aya Hirano made this episode a winner. Please, more Haruhi.

  3. mango Says:

    Umm…Hisoka’s hair is more white with a slight green tinge in the first series before it turns and Menchi’s is pink…so the colors don’t really match at all…

    • Menchi’s new hair may be more intensely colored, but it’s still about the same. You’re right about Menchi’s old hair, though. That’s entirely my fault.

  4. […] I want to watch Hunter X Hunter. I want to read Hunter X Hunter. I seem to take my time on these things… […]

  5. […] I want to watch Hunter X Hunter. I want to read Hunter X Hunter. I seem to take my time on these things… […]

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