12 (Naughty) Days of Anime 2011 No. 8 – Black Holes

You know, I could be flippant and say that all the censorship in Deadman Wonderland is a result of Manglobe being so ashamed at what it produced that they tried to hide it as much as possible.

Or I could be so sarcastic as to suggest that the anime was so cheaply produced that there actually wasn’t anything animated behind the censorship blobs at all, and that the mere hint of ultraviolent content gave Manglobe the impetus to save money by pretending to be edgy.

Or I could mockingly take the tone of one of the head honchos on the show and try to spin some bullshit about how the black censorship holes are created by some super-secret weapon hidden in the depths of Deadman Wonderland, and that our intrepid heroes found it because they are so good at seeking adventure. How grand would that be?

Anyway, Deadman Wonderland is an awful, awful show.


7 Responses to “12 (Naughty) Days of Anime 2011 No. 8 – Black Holes”

  1. Fadeway Says:

    *Fast approving clap*.

  2. Censorship!!! >.<

  3. Those holes man I feel like I am watching Bleach again, plus the white suits totally make them look like hollows…xDD

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