12 (Nice) Moments of Anime 2011 No. 8 – A Shining Return

I hopped on the Heartcatch Precure train slightly late — the show was about halfway finished when I started watching it, as I recall. I don’t remember if I saw this particular moment within the timeframe allowed by the 12 Days project, but I am going to count it, anyway, so neener neener, assholes.

So, yes, Heartcatch Precure. Among the Madokas and Nanohas of the world, it’s nice to watch a magical girl show that hews to the formula but distinguishes itself by executing it very well. The stories are simple and endearing, with some good lessons for kids to learn and for adults to remember. The action is fun and pleasing. The characters are well-rounded, interesting and fun. And on and on.

There are plenty of moments that stand out in Heartcatch, but I’ve always been a sucker for the moment in a series when a character down on his or her luck stands triumphant once again and makes that awesome return to the stage. In Heartcatch, that’s Yuri Tsukikage, Cure Moonlight. Her confidence is shattered during the battle against Dark Pretty Cure that opens the series. To anyone who’s seen enough anime to spot these things, it’s obvious from the moment she appears that Yuri is Cure Moonlight incognito. Tsubomi and Erika catch on eventually, and they try to get Yuri on their side, but hers is a burden she must first overcome herself. She eventually remembers why she fought in the first place, and comes back to help the Cures kick some ass.

And it’s fucking awesome.

By the way, I am 26.

7 Responses to “12 (Nice) Moments of Anime 2011 No. 8 – A Shining Return”

  1. character weakness has always been done best in magical girl shows in my opinion ^__^
    there’s always that “i can relate to this” feeling and then when things turn around everyone feels all euphoric and happy!

  2. Yuri just owns. I also like to think that her very quick transformation sequence is due to her being grown up and stuff.

  3. krizzlybear Says:

    Yuri is too cool for school.

  4. […] points out, she’s a veteran, she’s been through the mill a bit. See Shinmaru’s highlighting of her return to the front […]

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