12 (Naughty) Moments of Anime 2011 No. 6 – The Cult of WTF

Kenya Boy is freakin’ awesome, but I’m not sure enough people watched it after I posted about it the first. (Other than good ol’, dependable Digiboy, that is. A true bro.) So here’s something else to convince all you terribad lovers to drop everything right now and watch Kenya Boy.

At one point our buff, tanned Japanese friend Wataru goes for a refreshing swim with that hot piece of whiteness, Kate. Soon after, though, they learn that the water is not their domain when Kate is nabbed by the pleasant fellows above — a fucking cult of water god-worshiping crazies who dress like lizards. In the middle of Kenya, these guys somehow either get all the material needed to make these costumes, or they buy them wholesale from who the fuck knows where. But wherever they came from, they have them, and they worship the shit out of water gods in them.

Stylin’ and profilin’ — that’s the No. 1 rule of Kenya Boy.

This is the moment where I thought to myself, “OK, I have NO IDEA what in the hell this movie is going to do next.” All logic is gone by this point. You’d think I would have reached that point when Wataru slaps the black off two dudes and the movie makes a fourth-wall-breaking joke out of it, but somehow that didn’t do it for me. But this? You can’t do anything but throw your arms into the air and enjoy the roller coaster.

Watch Kenya Boy. Do it. You know you want to.

8 Responses to “12 (Naughty) Moments of Anime 2011 No. 6 – The Cult of WTF”

  1. So much terribad, so little time…

  2. I was confused at first because I thought this cult of WTF was going to be about No. 6…

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