12 (Nice) Moments of Anime 2011 No. 5 – A Blowaway Concert

(Image yoinked from Crusader’s post on Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye over at THAT Anime Blog.)

I had a ton of fun watching this with kadian and Dave when we needed to call an audible one Saturday morning because not enough people showed up to watch School Rumble. It was just kadian and me at first, and once Wings of Goodbye opened with this crazy ass Sheryl concert, I think we both knew we’d be getting something pretty damn fun. (Dave joined in after the concert — I hope the guy went back and watched it later.)

Even as the biased Sheryl fan I am, I wouldn’t say this is the best concert in the movie; the prison concert is clearly the better set piece, both for the way it’s used in the story, and as a spectacular piece of visual entertainment despite all the Macross 7 callbacks that surely made ghostlightning jizz all over his computer screen. But this is the one I think of first because it opens the movie, and because Sheryl is fucking awesome.

Also because the above picture had me dying of HNNNNNNNNGH. So there’s that.

For how much I love good writing and characterization and whatnot, it just feels good to lose myself in some insanely crafted piece of animation that makes my brain want to explode with joy. The love and care put into this sequence is obvious, and it makes me want to be the lapdog for Shoji Kawamori and his army of artists.


One Response to “12 (Nice) Moments of Anime 2011 No. 5 – A Blowaway Concert”

  1. The flowers getting it on remembers love for a Pink Floyd video.

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