12 (Nice) Moments in Anime 2011 No. 2 – The Trickster Is Tricked

I’m not sure I would say Level E is the “best” show of 2011, but when it comes to pure enjoyment, it’s probably the one I liked most. Prince Baka made me laugh more than every other character from every other anime combined this year, and the writing is consistently strong and interesting, even when the stories don’t quite work.

And the ending . . . I’m stepping up to the plate and saying Level E‘s finale is the best and most satisfying final episode I watched this year. Just by virtue of being satisfying, it beats like 90 percent of anime endings already, but it’s truly the culmination of everything that makes Level E a wonderful, entertaining series. The writing keeps you guessing, but once the twist comes, it’s so well-executed that you swear you should have seen it coming the whole time. Prince Baka is at his douchebaggiest, fucking with people for the sheer hilarity of it. Kraft is alternately trying to figure out Baka and freaking the fuck out.

And the princess. Oh, that princess.

Princess Luna proves herself Baka’s equal — perhaps even superior — by doing to him what he has done to everyone else throughout the series. For me, it’s the most romantic gesture of the year: Luna sweeps Baka off his feet by beating him at his own game. She sees what she wants, and she gets it, and she has such fun executing her grandiose plot! And the sparks when Baka realizes Luna has pulled the wool over his head~ ❤ Only Baka can appreciate the sheer work Luna has done to become as amazing as she is.

That’s a pairing I can get behind. Luna x Baka: Ship of the Year.

6 Responses to “12 (Nice) Moments in Anime 2011 No. 2 – The Trickster Is Tricked”

  1. Landon Says:

    “when it comes to pure enjoyment, it’s probably the one I liked most.” sounds like “best of the year” to me.

    Glad you made this one of your pics, so Level E gets more love. I couldn’t decide on just one moment and threw my hands up and didn’t choose anything. Glad someone else could make that tough decision.

    • When I was thinking of moments to use, this was the first that came to mind, so that probably says something about how much I enjoyed Level E.

  2. I personally find Level E to be the best anime of the year, and well, this finale is probably the best one I’ve seen so far. Also, its a shame they didn’t include the manga’s finale chapter with the husband and wife trolling their kidnappers to death.

  3. […] that has become Pretty Cure! ❤ Siren! The King of baka's!Best Show of winter is Level E. It did wonderful things in a hilarious way. I laughed a lot. I only wish that it could have been […]

  4. That’s a pairing I can get behind. Luna x Baka: Ship of the Year.

    I like it!

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