Bitchin’ Space Pirates 2 – Sunglasses at Night

Best mom, or BEST mom?

I like how practical Ririka is regarding Marika’s inevitable leap to piracy. She knows there’s really nothing she can do to prevent Marika from being a captain (short of the crew performing a mutiny, I suppose), so instead of dissuading Marika from the pirate lifestyle, Ririka instead imparts the lessons of piracy. Image matters. Consider your situation before you pull the trigger. Handle giant fucking laser guns. That’s everything you need to be a successful pirate!

Again, I really like the relationship Ririka and Marika have, too. They have sort of a sisterly thing going on, what with how Marika addresses Ririka and how they relate to each other, but Ririka isn’t afraid of being a mother to Marika in her own way. She has all that pirate experience going on for her: Might as well put it to some use, right? I also like that Marika has such a decisive personality. Bit of a refreshing change from the usual in anime, yes? I imagine that decisiveness developed because Ririka wasn’t always around — she seems to be a bigwig in some such government department (important enough to carry around a trunk of guns without being arrested, anyway!), and you don’t become that important by slacking off. Marika probably had to learn at a rather young age to be decently capable on her own.

It’s the gumption (I just aged 50 years by using that word) Marika displays during the electronic warfare scene that shows she has what it takes to be a pirate captain. People in charge don’t always know what they’re doing; I’m pretty sure we all see that day in and day out. If you’re going to be a leader, though, you’ve got to make the best decision you can with what you have available, and then see that decision through as thoroughly as possible. Marika knows fuck all about electronic warfare, and it seems Chiaki knows little more than that, but in this setting, I doubt that will matter much — the will to kick some electronic ass is all that matters here.

I doubt they’re in any significant danger, anyway. My suspicion is that this is a test set up by Kane to gauge Marika’s worth as a captain. She’s already shown that she knows her way around a ship, but does she have what it takes to take charge and confidently lead a crew when the pressure is at its highest? So far she’s passing the test with flying colors. Chiaki is staying cool under pressure, too, so I’m sure there’s room for her on the ship, as well, unless of course she has some ulterior motives floating around. She wasn’t connected to the folks who went after Marika in the first episode, but doubtless there’s something going on with her. Nobody is that tsuntsun all the time for no reason!

I will say, though, that she won me over by bringing her parfait with her while she ran Marika to safety. That’s a hilarious touch to the scene, and the note she leaves in the parfait glass shows that she has some good ol’ fashioned pirate style to her, as well.

And, people, I’m not gonna lie: The OP for this show is so dumb, but I totally dig it in a “FUCK YEAH HAIR METAL LET’S SHRED AND WHIP OUR HAIR AROUND” kind of way. Cheesy anime hair metal is the greatest.


16 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 2 – Sunglasses at Night”

  1. Your probably right about the whole set up being a test. It all seems so contrived as to be about right. I’m still loving the way this series is setting up though.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely contrived (if it goes down the way I think it will), but I can roll with it if it’s at least executed well enough to make me forget that it’s contrived. (Like most action movies!)

  2. Haters gonna’ hate. Faded shredders go to Japan.

    I am infinitely happy how my wife and I have a show we can watch together (that she likes) that won’t kill me every week (Beelzebub… I’VE WATCHED 50 EPISODES OF THIS, and The Prince of Tennis II I’VE SEEN A MOVIE AND CLOSE TO 200 EPISODES OF THIS SHIT).

    Seriously the slow but deliberate pace that indulges rich detail in how the setting works… I love it. It’s got more space-faring/shipfaggotry than the past 2 decades of Macross and Gundam combined, maybe not what the shows are up to — but since capital ships are commonly involved, I think the comparison is apt.

  3. Since we’re all sharing youtube videos…

    Marika and Chiaki have a Kirk-and-Spock Star Trek 2009 thing going on. One decisive and bold, a natural leader, the other highly knowledgeable and a bit standoffish, but reliable nonetheless. Two diametrically opposite personalities whose strengths complement one another’s when the chips are down. We also know Marika will become captain of the Benten Maru just like Kirk will become captain of the Enterprise – it’s just a matter of when and how. It’s a dynamic I rarely see balanced so well, and is a treat in a show full of them.

    • @ the video: Ouch!

      @ Your comment: I can definitely see that. Let’s just hope Marika doesn’t start doing bad karaoke and writing the next Tek Wars.

  4. Yes! Best mother ever! I want to shoot high powered lasers with my parents! Well I do sort of do this…with MMOs! Yes I play games with my parents kill orcs or trolls.

    I was thinking the same thing about the electronic warfare as Kane’s way to see how Marika and Chiaki work together. As for Chiaki’s role I have no idea who she is with or why she is so angry all the time. The ending does show her wearing a jumpsuit which could be a mechanic suit or something like that.

    LOL ya Chiaki ran off with that ice cream and then paid for it after? That was great! I do love little details like that.

  5. […] Pirates?  No!  Bodacious Space Pirates?  No!  It’s Bitchin’ Space Pirates dumbass!  Get it […]

  6. People in charge don’t always know what they’re doing; I’m pretty sure we all see that day in and day out.

    Haha, that’s how the real world works I guess. I’m glad Marika was headstrong enough to give it a shot.

  7. Youtube thread!

    The scene reminded me of my dad taking me to a gun range over break this year. While I was off at college he got bored and picked up shooting as a hobby. By the time I came back, he had two rifles and a Czech handgun. I know enough about how to handle and load firearms (video games and movies do that to you) but I’ve never shot one. When I pulled the trigger on the SKS (basically a semiautomatic version of the AK-47), *BOOM* it was nuts, and kind of scary. So I totally got how Marika felt when she shot that beam cannon thing for the first time, except DAMN THAT THING WENT THROUGH A FUCKING TANK.

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