Bitchin’ Space Pirates 3 – Gangstas in Space

Marika’s reaction during this final scene really strikes at the core of why I like outer space so much. It’s not simply the austere beauty of space that’s so awe-inspiring, but also the sheer vastness of it. Ever since humanity has launched shit into space, we’ve made great strides in mapping out the universe and seeing what’s out there, but all that is still a tiny blip of what’s truly out there. The possibility exists that we could go on exploring the universe bit-by-bit on into infinity (you know, assuming our species survives into perpetuity) and we’d still not see everything it has to offer.

How could that not be attractive to a pirate yearning for adventure?

I can feel that. When I watched Star Wars as a lad, I always admired Han Solo the most. How could you not? It isn’t just that he’s the coolest and most charming, or that he has a furry sidekick; it’s that he has the Millennium Falcon and roams around space doing whatever the fuck he wants. Luke Skywalker has a laser sword and psychic powers, sure. Darth Vader has the all-black gear and James Earl Jones’ voice, yeah. But, man, a life of roaming around space getting into scrapes, getting chased and doing chasing, and, again, that fucking awesome ship? Now there’s the life. There’s a reason why my favorite scene in The Empire Strikes Back is the chase through the asteroid field: That’s the kind of shit a space adventurer should be doing every day!

I think (not having watched the preview for the next episode, so don’t say shit here, please) this episode is probably the last of the slow burn beginning. The main topic of the episode among the characters seemed to be whether Marika would actually become a captain, and now that Marika has been given a taste of outer space, surely she cannot resist its call. Plus, pirates and yakuza and shit will be coming after her regardless of whether she decides to become a captain or not, so she might as well join up with the pirates and get some professional protection. Then again, Ririka seems as if she would be more than capable of protecting her daughter what with that insane arsenal of hers . . .

I don’t have any real problem with the slow pace so far, but I would also like to see some piratey scuffles in the near future. Being chased by space yakuza and having a brief tangle with electronically-inclined space pirates should just be the appetizer. I also wonder how Marika’s classmates will figure into things in the future. Somehow I don’t get the feeling they will be ditched once Marika is all, “Yep brb pirating”, although I would be more than happy if the show ditched Chiaki Omigawa’s character. MY WAR AGAINST HER SHALL NEVER END.

11 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 3 – Gangstas in Space”

  1. assuming our species survives into perpetuity

    This is where the Abh come to play. And the Millennium Falcon is p bad ass.

    I hope the slow burn is over, and it’s not that it’s “slow” just uneventful so far.

  2. I know quite a few people decried this ep as boring but I appreciate the foundations being set. If the decision to not include any romantic sub-plots in the story is anything to go by, I’m wondering how much the moe/cute designs is actually a trick to make people watch something closer to straight up sci-fi. In terms of setting, I’m definitely getting more Bebop/Star Wars/Firefly vibes than, say, Galaxy Angel or Nadesco. Frankly, as long as the story picks up soon, I’m more than fine with that.

    • Yes, I’m fine with the show taking its time and laying down foundation so long as the payoff is worthwhile. Thus far, I don’t have any reason to think it won’t be.

  3. I’m glad to see you don’t have a problem with the slow pacing since that seems to be the popular opinion after this episode. I’ve actually enjoyed this leisurely pace since it’s taking the time to create the setting properly. All the technical detail they’re putting into these ships and pirating is really quite fascinating and I’m sure these details will become important, if not crucial, to battles and skirmishes in the future. Still, I do want to see some swashbuckling, rum-drinking, kick ass pirate adventures soon.

    As for your curisotiy on where the schoolgirls will fit into the story, I have an idea. The ship they have is one of those original 7 pirate ships right? I figure later on in the series they’ll come out to help Marika or something cuz their ship is so awesome. Either that or Marika needs to rescue them from pirates wanting to steal their ship. Or something to that degree involving their ship.

    • Hm, yeah, good point there. I don’t expect this ship to disappear for long since the show actually takes the time to point out that it’s one of the original pirate ships.

  4. This episode is the part of a rocket launch where the engine is ignited and the rocket slowly lifts off the ground. I anticipate this show accelerating into the atmosphere to land among the stars.

  5. I really enjoyed this episode. I think the idea of dealing with a malfunction on the ship is a great idea for a pirate story, but I actually like hard sci-fi anime. I’m not averse to swashbuckling and so forth, but I’m happily surprised by the direction this story has gone in.

  6. Man great episode this week! And ya I agree that whole scene with Kane talking to Marika was the best! And her answer is so fitting, but yet she is really excited to continue her adventure.

    And random fan service? That whole “changing scene” then again this is anime! And with a full cast of girls you can’t really escape those types of things. Hopefully that short scene does not scare fans away….

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