Let’s Play a Game!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! The Crown Jewel of noitaminA — aka Guilty Crown — has been taking the anime world by storm since it began airing in the Fall 2011 season. And because it is so wonderful and popular, we should of course make spin-offs cashing in on how super duper totally awesome the show is! So, without further ado, it’s time to play . . .




That’s right, folks, it’s an all-new game show built around Guilty Crown, where you, the viewer, vote on the dumbest moment in this week’s Guilty Crown! So, really, this show is more like “Vote the Dumb” rather than “Guess the Dumb,” but the latter is a much better title, don’t you think? Whichever moment is voted the dumbest will be named Grandmaster Dumb and go on to defend its championship against a new slew of idiotic moments next week! Boy, I wish I thought of this idea earlier!

Here are the nominees for this week’s Dumbest Moment . . .

1. This fucking guy invoking the high school student council charter to bounce Not Sheryl from leadership and install a new student council president. He does know the student council is not a legitimate form of government, right? Then again, if I want capable leadership after a near-apocalyptic event, I know I’ll turn to the person who helped plan the school dance.

2. Shu is an awful, creepy spy. Way to fail at eavesdropping on people’s personal conversations, dipshit.

3. POWER LEVELS. IT’S OVER 2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Tsugumi definitely not getting molested while her friends grope her for her void. Nope. Definitely not.

5. Tsugumi’s super convenient Void. Truth be told, this isn’t that dumb for Guilty Crown, because it does it every week. But it’s worth a mention nonetheless. Also, I’m convinced this Void is straight doujinshi bait.

6. More super convenient Voids! Actually, I think this is kind of cool, but at the same time it is dumb, so in the spirit of fairness, I put it on this list.

7. Yahiro putting Shu into a position of leadership so that he can turn into a Social Darwinist. Who does he think he is, Charles zi Britannia? WAIT IT’S ILLEGAL TO MENTION CODE GEASS WITH GUILTY CROWN LOL

Also, because the distinct possibility exists that a moment is so dumb that I cannot comprehend its idiocy, I will allow for write-in votes! I’m pretty sure, though, that I covered the dumbest of the dumb in this episode.

Have at it!

54 Responses to “Let’s Play a Game!”

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this whole episode was completely stupid. I can’t believe the amount of praise this episode is getting.

    This is a tough call. Putting my vote down for (1) and (6) because they were so serious in their execution. But the kicker for me was when Hare told Shu he could be a king. -_-

  2. I vote you the dumbest for still watching this show


  3. Couldn’t stop laughing while reading this post hahaha.. I’m one of those who wished you blogged Guilty Crown from the start and this made me wish it even more XP

    So time to vote, it was truly difficult to decide but I have to give it to Yahiro, Void Ranking System was the dumbest yet most brilliant thing to say to get us all hyped for next week lol

    VOTE: 7. Yahiro putting Shu into a position of leadership so that he can turn into a Social Darwinist.

    • I’ve been trying to think of a decent angle for a while but couldn’t come up with something worthwhile for a post until this idea popped in my head.

  4. Power levels, by a landslide. Not to diminish JUST HOW DUMB the other stuff were – the student council one is truly facedesk inducing – but deciding to suddenly codify and quantify this magic ability into numbers is truly awe inspiring in how stupid it is. It’s not even like Dragon Ball, where the numbers have some semblance of sense. But having a device that can not only measure but also attach numbers to things as varied as a refrigerator, a shield, a super lockpick, etc. is dumb in an incredible level.

  5. I noticed that the class rep disappeared in the second half of this episode… for no apparent reason. Like she just ceased to exist. I MAD

    7. Seems like taking a leaf out of the Infinite Ryvius playbook. Yahiro is Heigar, Shu is Ikumi.

  6. Voting for 1. Just fucking because it pretty much opens the door for a domino effect of stupid for the rest of the show.

  7. You’ve given me a whole new reason to watch this show… the ONLY reason I have left to watch this show.

    I vote one. I didn’t give a sh*t about student governments in high school or college, I don’t now. And I don’t think anyone who isn’t in one really cares either.

  8. I think you should update the post with an actual poll. That way lurkers can participate as well if they don’t want to make a comment.

    • Every week shall now come complete WITH POLL. Actually, each week will have two polls after this one: One with the main choices, and another to determine whether the reigning champion is dumber than the newbie dumb moment.

  9. I don’t know whether to go with 1 or 7…. all the people involved in these 2 choices are definitely the dumbest shits in the episode. I think I’ll go with 1, since that dipshit wanted to overthrow another dipshit for not having a stupid plan despite how he and his doggies don’t have any plan (or brain cell) whatsoever.

  10. That’s a good idea — definitely should have considered that, myself. I’ll chuck one in and include a poll every week after.

  11. Power level rankings & Yahiro thinking he’s some sort of brilliant behind the scenes chessmaster maneuvering Shu into a leadership position (LOL OH MA SHOE & “leadership” the same sentence!) ………so stupid, so hilarious.

    Also I probably laughed much harder than I should at the isolation barrier walls moving in and pushing along the dead bodies & buildings like some sort of giant broom XD

  12. 8. Delinquent kid with glasses has a gun. Why does he have a gun? WHY?!

    • I thought about adding this, but really, if they have food, clean clothes and a fucking SPY ROBOT, then guns aren’t a big deal.

      … Man, I should have included the spy robot in this poll. SO STUPID.

  13. #GuiltyCrownDumbnessPowerRankings

  14. I will tune in for this every week. Do not disappoint.

  15. Of the things on the ballot, I’d go with the ultra-convenient-and-not-plot-devicey-at-all void scouter that they just happened across/rare dropped by Team Rocket last week.

    But I’ll be adventurous and say the dumbest part was when the planted internet rumor suddenly turned the episode into Those Who Hunt Elves. And of course everyone tries to strip the girls. There are no males in Funeral Parlor, right?

    Or maybe that for weeks, the whole school never noticed that the girl in the very conspicuous wheelchair was not a regular student, and it took the stupid Funeral Parlor hunt event for them to realize it. And then Shu reveals he’s a part of it like its some big revelation when they should have remembered he was involved with them since episode 2.

    Anyway, Refrigerator-kun for A-class void! Make it happen Guilty Crown!

    • “rare dropped by Team Rocket” LOL

      I thought about the planted Internet rumor, but I thought that one of the more sensible things we’ve seen in the series considering the whole cast has proven themselves utterly idiotic and thus prone to groupthink.

      • I remember my first comment to my friend when I saw the scouter scene was “Dang, Tsugumi has a level 100 with Pickup. Those plot stupidity items are really rare.”

  16. Also, there were way more students in that gymnasium than there were on the void chart. This begs the question: how do they keep their all their uniforms so clean and neatly pressed?

  17. I would love to play this game. Fortunately I dropped the show after the second episode

  18. My vote’s on the social darwinism. Shuu’s worthless friend jumped into the role of Dr. Strangelove surprisingly quickly.

    Although it’s a tough competition.

  19. THAT FIRST GUY! Because he has dumb ass glasses ❤

  20. ev0c00kie Says:

    It was very hard deciding between the glasses dude, power levels, and social Darwinism. They’re all so equally bad and portrayed way too srsly.

    Some other not-as-dumb-but-still-dumb scenes I’d like to add:

    1) Did nobody notice Inori KILLING a bunch of highschool boys? Yes, they probably did deserve a beating, but being killed? @_@

    2) As mentioned by Renn: Hare’s comment “you could be a king!”. Wow. Uh. I guess they’re trying to draw back to the whole “King’s Mark” thing after not talking about it since the first episode.

    3) Not really related to this episode, but Daryl’s existence is a joke. He gets pwned hard every time he shows up and then magically appears in perfect condition the next time (without a single care in the world). Also, calling an awkward Daryl/Tsugumi romance in the future.

    GC is the crappy, watered down, failing, illegitimate child of CG (the acronym is ass backwards too, hah) and Eva. Shu = trying to be Lelouch but is more like Shinji, Inori = CC mixed with Rei, Ayase = Kallen and a little bit of Asuka, Hare = Shirley, Yahiro = Suzaku, maybe?, current Student Council people = Lelouch’s friends.

    Still trying to hold onto hope. There’s 8 more chances of it redeeming itself.

    • I think it’s ambiguous as to whether Inori killed those dudes or simply beat them up badly. I think she just beat them up, though.

  21. Dammit man, stop doing this to me! I’m already watching Phi Brain, Symphogear, Aquarion, Lagrange and Bakuman for unintentional comedy value. The bad/good show scale is already pretty even.

    Great idea though. I really wish someone would do a ‘most sexist moment’ from Bakuman (on the odd chance I’m not the only idiot still watching it). The last five eps have been pure gold!

  22. Guilty Crown – Mass murder, group rape, and a coup all in one episode. Why can’t I just vote the whole episode ‘dumb’?

    I voted for the group molestation, in public no less. Pretty damn dumb.

  23. I voted for the Ninja Void.

    It’s bizarre: what if Shu had ended up with another fridge…?

  24. Gunslinger Says:

    I vote for guilty crown in its entirety… i become dumber after every episode 😦

  25. […] you still watching that horrible piece of flaming corpses and plot contrivance, then you should vote on his website.  Thinking of it kinda like betting on a sports event to make it more interesting. Share […]

  26. Finally got around to watching this episode…still not sure if the entire thing was supposed to be a parody…or not…

    I’m going to go with a moment you didn’t mention…at the very end, when Yahiro suggests ranking people by their voids. You know, because sorting people into a caste system is always the answer.

  27. […] it. Guilty Crown has been criticized for its weak characters, inappropriately timed fanservice, questionable plot and its delusions of grandeur. My biggest criticism of the show is that anything goes: each new […]

  28. Nazarielle Says:

    Really tough call between Tsugumi getting gang Void-raped and power levels. The power levels thing is just a silly way for them to bring about the Shugenics, but how do you quantify utility Voids? I can sorta buy that offensive (Inori’s sword) and defensive (Arisa’s shield) could have ‘power levels’ but how do you quantify Tsugumi’s void or Shouta’s void? It’s just haphazard and dumb.

    Everyone grinning and holding down Tsugumi while Shu not so sincerely apologizes for violating her is a different kind of stupid.

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