Hunter x Hunter 17 – Snakes … Why’d it Have to Be Snakes?

God damn snakes.

Yet another devious trap set for our heroes. If there’s one thing above all else I enjoy about this Hunter x Hunter arc, it’s the traps that must be worked through to get to the next stage. You’ve got a cave full of poisonous snakes guarding the exit to a cave, and the only person who can control them is dead. How will our intrepid would-be Hunters get out of this mess?!

Also, damn, those must be some well-trained snakes if they can hide themselves well enough that Leorio, Kurapika and even Gon don’t notice them as they run through the cave. When I think about it, though, it’s not so unbelievable. The snakes are colored in a way that provide solid camouflage in the darkness of the cave, and the three characters were focused on other things such that they didn’t pay full attention to their surroundings. Leorio’s mind was on Ponzu, and Gon and Kurapika were thinking about helping Leorio. No time for snakes until it’s too late.

First half of the episode is all right — poor Killua really has nothing to do right now. Gon gets the big, interesting conflict, and Leorio and Kurapika get the neat secondary conflict, but Killua? He’s stuck with these dorks. And these three dorks have suffered a bit, too, since the new adaptation is hewing closer to the manga and cutting the anime-original material seen in the original series. They’re inconsequential characters, so it’s not a huge loss that they get some time cut, but it was nice to know them just a little bit more in the first anime.

But, yeah, a fairly light episode here — next one should be more interesting, and definitely far less painful for Leorio. Holy shit, that is a lot of snake bites! I wonder if anyone out there could count the number of snake bites he received and then calculate how long it would take for the venom to kill Leorio. Might be a bit tough because Gon says the snakes are viper, but nothing more specific than that . . . and given that this world is fucking psychotic, they’re probably some crazy shapeshifting snakes with super strong venom or something. I would not want to live in this world.

2 Responses to “Hunter x Hunter 17 – Snakes … Why’d it Have to Be Snakes?”

  1. I would not want to live in this world.

    Damn. Shinmaru, I wonder how you’ll feel about HxH when we move past Greed Island Arc.

    I remember watching this part of the exam having no idea how they’ll get out of this mess. I mean, they’re the main characters but somehow there’s this feeling of uncertainty with every twist.

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