It’s time for the second episode of Guess the Dumb! I said on Twitter that I would have two polls up this week, but the way I was originally going to handle things is stupid, so there will still be a single poll only this week, and next week will be the beginning of double polls. Fun times!

Anyway, this episode of Guilty Crown doesn’t reach the stupendously dumb heights of its predecessor — I’d even go so far as to say it’s a decent episode of anime, which by Guilty Crown standards is pretty amazing! There are some dumb moments here and there, though, so have fun voting for that crap.

1. Shu’s friends encourage him to give this discrimination thing a go. Oh so callous, but it loses dumb points because a) it sort of makes sense in a realpolitik kind of way, even though it’s still a huge asshole move, and b) the show clearly intends some parts of the pro-discrimination argument to be stupid and weak, particularly Yahiro’s lame, “It’s not discrimination, it’s distinction!” argument, which might work if there were any choice in Voids. Just admit you’re a Voidist, dude.

2. The F’s going to raid a hospital. Look, I’m anti-discrimination, but these folks are pretty lame. Didn’t one of them have a spoon?? “If you don’t give up your vaccine, I’m going to feed all your patients! Don’t make me do it!” I think another had a comb, and I’m not sure what another person had, but it looked like a juicer.

3. “HEY HEAL THIS UGLY CAR WITHOUT ANY COVER AT ALL SO THAT WE CAN ESCAPE.” *facepalm* He may as well have put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

4. Shu leaping into the middle of an explosion to save Hare. I thought about excluding this because I love action movies, and this is basically Action Movie Dumb, but the way the scene is laid out made me react like, “Wait, what?” so it goes on here. Hare’s already in the middle of the explosion when Shu sees her, but he can warp into the middle and tumble through the explosion somehow? What the actual fuck?

5. All that weaponry. I should have pointed this out in last week’s dumb moments, but seriously, where in the hell are they getting all this stuff? Man, we’re running low on vaccine and stuff, but if you need weapons or spy gadgets, we will hook you the fuck up!

6. The helicopter shooting Hare’s Void. “Man, these kids and their rocket launchers are really doing a number on us, but fuck it, THERE ARE TWO NEAR-DEAD KIDS DOWN THERE I HAVE TO BLOW AWAY.”

7. The beginning of Shugenics. Credit to otou-san for the term. “THIS GIRL I KIND OF LIKED BUT BLEW OFF BEFORE IS DEAD SO WE HAVE TO MAKE SURE ALL THE CRAPPY PEOPLE SUFFER. YOU’RE UP FIRST, COMB.” Next week: Special arm bands. The finale: Shu and Inori huddled together in an underground bunker as MR. DAN EAGLEMAN comes back from the dead to get them.

So there you have it! If you think there’s a moment from this episode dumber than the ones I’ve outlined above, be sure to vote for the Other option in the poll and explain your choice in the comments!

So there you have it! Before I go, the winner of last week’s poll was . . . impeaching the student council president! I thought that was the dumbest moment, and you fine folks agreed with me. Social Darwinism Yahiro-style was second, and POWER LEVELS was third. Good show, ep14! Good show.


19 Responses to “GUESS THE DUMB Week 2”

  1. If only Shu didn’t miss that History class.

    I have to give it to ““HEY HEAL THIS UGLY CAR WITHOUT ANY COVER AT ALL SO THAT WE CAN ESCAPE.” *facepalm* He may as well have put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger.”

    The writers really pulled a number there. I can imagine someone laughing iced coffee out of his nose upon reading.

  2. I saw a thermos, a spoon, a comb, a vegetable peeler, a rusty hand shovel, and of course whatshisname’s glorified can opener in their little raid party. REFRIGERATOR HIGHER THAN F CLASS CONFIRMED.

    • Well, you can drop a refrigerator on people, and it keeps your food cold. Also, they can still use it because clearly they are not lacking electricity. Sounds like an awesome Void to me!

  3. My favorite was when the military guys in the jet saw Hare on the ground, fired at her, clearly missed, and just nonchalantly flew away from the battlefield.

  4. Marcomax Says:

    I would say the class F hospital raid. If I realized that my heart and very essence could be summed up by a vegetable peeler, I would immediately understand why it was ranked F.

    But all in all it was a pretty good episode. I thought it would be since the preview last week showed that it would be focusing on Hare. There were a lot of scenes that could of ended up completely stupid but were able to hit home. In particular, Shu & Souta’s shout session surrounded by stars or the rank F group banding together.

    • I really want to hear Shu come up with bullshit metaphors to explain these Voids. How does a vegetable peeler represent someone??

  5. Well Souta was the source of the overwhelming majority of the dumb in this episode, and it was well and truly established from previous episodes that he’s a dumb character, so it’s not like they were making stuff up as they went along, which is usually the biggest of Guilty Crown’s flaws.

    Shu’s harem!? Nooo! ;-;

  6. How I would wish for MR. DAN EAGLEMAN to get back.

    Voted for #2, because come on, you guys lack practice!

  7. This episode wasn’t as dumb as last week and was actually enjoyable, but still very dumb.

    I went with Shugenics as my vote, simply because the sudden change in Shu’s personality make me LOL. Oh no, this girl who I didn’t really have feelings for, but she loved me and let me use her boobs as pillow is dead! I must therefore become your evil overlord rather than Mr bland everylead………OH MA SHOE is definitely no Lelouch.

  8. Let’s raid a hospital with our awful Voids! LOLOL YES I SAW A FREAKING SPOON! And a juicer, comb and Shouta’s dumb ass can opener…

    OH MA HITLER! What are you doing? Welp I guess he is going to round people up and what not in episode 16! Saw the preview on RC.

    Rule of any game! KILL THE HEALER FIRST and it was so clear Hare was signing her death, all those character flags…RIP Hare you were dumb but you loveeeddd OH MA SHOE…why…oh why?

    • I feel like someone should write a song about OH MA SHOE.

      • Baby I go: oh my shoe
        Like a teenage dream, it’s a love supreme
        And I go: oh my shoe
        And do you think it’s love
        And I go:
        Oh my shoe

  9. Nazarielle Says:

    Even though I know you’re done with the voting, I definitely have to second the really stupid helicopter. Ignore rocket launcher girl in wheelchair, shoot randomly at near death girl, miss her completely, fly away. I can see the pilot and co-pilot high-fiving each other on their way back to base.

  10. Looking back on this episode, it was the car driven by Tsugumi, Ayase and the others being a ninja and dodging the rocket launchers that me lol the hardest. It was a pity that choice wasn’t there.

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