Hunter x Hunter 18 – Snakes in a Cave

Man, those are not bees — those are some straight up fuckin’ wasps right there! Yuck! Wasps are evil assholes. I’m glad this girl doesn’t pass the Hunter Exam. Anyone who would willingly travel with such foul creatures is clearly untrustworthy.

Anyway, our intrepid heroes escape the trap by allow Gon to bulldoze his way through that shit. Like many shonen heroes, Gon is batfuck insane. It takes a brave man to walk right up to someone who is surrounded by venomous vipers, but it takes an insane man to reach past all those damn snakes to grab at the antidote. Even if you trust your companions enough to administer the antidote to you, it’s still pretty fuckin’ crazy to stick your arm into Snake Town. I’m not even afraid of snakes, but the image of Gon with all those bastards wrapped around him is kind of creepy, even with the Hunter x Hunter FUCK YEAH music blaring away.

By the way, how very coincidental that the snake dude has two needles on him. :p No needle sharing in Hunter x Hunter, folks! Speaking of sharing, something else I enjoy about these later stages of the Hunter Exam is how they encourage teamwork while seeming to emphasize individuality. For instance, the brothers actually had the right idea in the latest stage of the exam: The two brothers stuck together, which made Hanzo hesitant to go after them and take the badge he needed. Teaming up also makes it easier to fool others and grab an ID tag (as Tonpa and monkey dude demonstrated), and Gon and his crew are able to get out of the snake trap in this episode because they teamed up.

It shows that while Hunters must be individually strong, there are also problems that cannot be solved all on one’s lonesome unless you’re a crazy powerful freak like Hisoka with a glowing penis. For mere mortals, though, teamwork is key. It’s why, say, sniper lady was doomed from the start: She made the mistake of working alone. If she had a spotter, this wouldn’t have happened. Well, the same thing probably would have happened, anyway, but it would have taken longer.

Then we get into some interest insight into the remaining Hunter examinees with this interview process. I remember the original series had some dumb padding with Leorio and a couple of others thinking the final exam would be an actual written exam. Silly Leorio. But the interviews themselves at least let you get some insight into the fighters, what makes them tick and what they look for in other people. It’s a blatant way of developing character, especially for folks who have scarcely seen up to this point (NEEDS MORE HANZO), but hey. I did get to lol at a couple of responses, at least. I’m sure those who know the story found one response in particular to be amusing for reasons to come later.

I do wish there were a bit more, though. We already know why our main characters want to be Hunters, but I would like to hear the reasoning from the other characters, as well. Hisoka straight up saying “Yeah, I want a Hunter License so that it will be easier for me to murder people” is pretty funny. More answers like that, please!


4 Responses to “Hunter x Hunter 18 – Snakes in a Cave”

  1. You get a ‘like’ every time you mention glowing penis.

  2. Gunslinger Says:

    Its explained later in the manga why hisoka can’t say something like that… it’ll be fun if the current anime will run till there 🙂

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