So, uh, Guilty Crown has switched gears from being a poor man’s Code Geass to being a poor man’s Infinite Ryvius. I somehow feel the need to give the show the benefit of the doubt with the latest batch of craziness at the end (though that won’t stop a couple of moments from appearing in this post!), but we all know the train has loosened from the tracks long ago and the engineer has lost control. I’m all for tossing out as many ridiculous plot twists as possible at this point. I look at it this way: I’m long past the point of taking Guilty Crown seriously at all. However, am I still entertained? Yes. In all the wrong ways, but yes.

Also, double polls finally! I know you all are excited — if there’s one thing that sends people into a tizzy, it’s polls.

1. This whole Secret Service thing. Now, the idea of of elite bodyguards protecting Shu isn’t a dumb idea in and of itself. I’d actually be surprised if he didn’t have the best of the best at his side given the whole Shugenics plan. It’s just the fact the show is going so far with the presidential motif is highly amusing. Admittedly, though, since I am Japanese-ignorant, I am not 100 percent sure that whatever term is used for the bodyguards can be taken to mean “Secret Service”; that’s probably just Commie taking a dig at the whole school president thing being taken so seriously. If whatever phrase is used actually does mean something similar, though, then please tell me!

2. Diving suits! Seriously, where in the hell are they getting all this stuff??

3. “Yeah, figure that shit out on your own.” Not only a meaningless display of jerkitude (it caused more people to be pissed at Shu than it inspired/scared people to work harder), but also a hilariously obvious way to show that Shu is such a poop head now! He’s making his former friend work his way out of trouble under duress rather than lending a hand himself! Shu is such a Libertarian jerk!

4. “Shu, you’re such a monster for doing what we encouraged you to do in the previous episode!” lolololololol

5. Shu gets his ass kicked thoroughly. Giant mechs? No problem. One dude with a knife? HALP.

6. “I DON’T WANT TO USE VOIDS IN BATTLE NOW, THAT’S HORRIFYING . . . wait, yes I do!” It took Guilty Crown like 10 seconds to render its own moral dilemma utterly pointless. That has to be some sort of record. It’s not even much of a moral dilemma since these people can die just as easily in the heat of normal battle without their Voids being used . . .

7. lol hai gai lol. While Inori killing Arisa is kinda dumb shock value, this is the biggest dumb shock value moment of the episode. Is there anything weaker than backing out on killing an important character for a cheap DUN DUN DUN moment later? I don’t even care what the explanation is — he could be a fuckin’ cancer zombie, and it would still be dumb.

And there you go. If you think there is a moment dumber than the ones I’ve outlined here, then be sure to vote for the Other option and explain your choice in the comments!

And now for poll the second! I’m kind of surprised which moment won last week — I would have thought Shugenics all the way, but the F Rank students storming the hospital pulled it out. You guys are finally winners! But can they defeat SERIOUS STUDENT COUNCIL POLITICS?? The winner shall defend the Guilty Crown Dumbchampionship belt against this week’s dumbest moment!


19 Responses to “GUESS THE DUMB Week 3”

  1. Gai coming back takes it. OK, so everyone predicted it the moment he died a few episodes ago, but come the fuck on! Dead should be dead. It’s not dumb by Guilty Crown standards, but it was the dumbest thing in this episode. Because, actually, this episode wasn’t that bad until those last 5 seconds.

    • I agree. Any time you bring someone back from the dead for cheap shock value, it’s a contender for dumbest moment in a series.

  2. Dead people should be dead.

    … or come back as zombies.

    Seriously, lame is lame.

  3. I vote for #5, because Shu’s face getting bashed like that was the most entertaining part of the episode.

  4. Surely has to be Inori being a psychopath. I can’t believe you didn’t make that an option. Gai being zombiefied is dumb, but it’s somewhat consistent with Guilty Crown’s tone to this point. Inori being an insane murderer is a 180 that’s only been hinted at by a small handful of other moments that were themselves dumb.

  5. Inori being crazy is Mana?

  6. Wish my high school had owned diving suits…I

    That being said, Zombie!Gai wins this for me.


    Yeah no one dies in this series EVER…are they going to bring Hare back? I would love to see a yandere version of her…oh yes! And her new void power = Lots of razor blades…

  8. Marcomax Says:

    “People notice stupid shit and it takes them out of the movie. Make ’em angry” Nostalgia Chick, Disaster Movies of Roland Emmerich: PART TWO

    At its core their is a compelling story here. A boy with no confidence gets superpowers goes from reluctant hero to assertive lead to power crazed king. But for every step forward, something stupid happens that takes you out of the moment.

    • Pretty much. I mean, I rag on Guilty Crown a LOT, but the elements for a decent thriller do exist. It’s just that they’re glued together by dumb. Lots of dumb.

  9. Nazarielle Says:

    I had to vote for Shu losing to said knife wielder, who didn’t even really actually use the knife (he just punched him instead). Though, since I was already very well spoiled on Gai, it kinda lost its shock value.

  10. I like how he appointed the biggest assholes who tried to rape his friends as his personal bodyguards.

  11. […] practices. Regardless of whether the viewer takes all events in the series at face value, or simply watches for entertainment as I did, we’re not supposed to support Shu in this case. Instead, it is meant to signify a […]

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