This episode strikes me as the opposite of last week’s — the dumb is piled on heavy and hard from the start, but the actual ending is strong, even if the path to get there could not be dumber. I’ll give credit where it’s due, though: The ending elicited a genuine “OH SHIT!” from me, even if I felt terrible about it afterward. But I think this is yet more proof that I am remarkably easy to please on occasion.

(Spoiler talk after the break!)

So, yeah, I’m not totally ready to eat my words yet regarding Gai’s stupid resurrection, but his reintroduction is at least cool. That’s some Metal Gear Solid shit he pulls on Shu right there. Gai is like the Cyborg Ninja and Liquid Ocelot all in one now. I’d label Shu Revolver Ocelot, but that would be a grave insult to old man Ocelot. Shu hasn’t even double-crossed anyone, much less a triple- or quadruple-cross! But, yeah, I am actually kind of sort of interested in where the story goes from here. We all know Shu is getting the King’s Power back, and I doubt Inori is actually dead . . . but maybe setting things back up again won’t be so dumb? *cue laugh track*

Anyway, on with the show!

1. “Whoa, Shu, buddy, don’t you think you’re taking this a bit too far?” Shu bitching out his subordinates isn’t that dumb, because it was established last week that Shu has gone full douchebag. Yahiro calling him out on that, though? SO DUMB. “I created a system that institutionalizes discrimination, and I encouraged you to be hardline against the students, but throwing two guys into the dungeon? That is too far, my friend!” Jesus, what an idiot. This has to be Production I.G’s grand plan to make Shu sympathetic: Make everyone around him into utter hypocrites.

2. Oops, didn’t kill her! This is only kind of dumb, but I think Guilty Crown has lost the goodwill for these fake-out moments. Is there a soul among us who thinks Inori is any danger? Nay, I say! Nay!

3. Sigh. Guilty Crown has an off putting fascination with rape and rape metaphors. I want to think the show is actually trying to say something, but my gut feeling is that the show is desperately trying to be shocking by overusing something that riles up powerful reactions from people (for good reason). I mostly rolled my eyes at this scene.

4. Voids die when they are killed?! This continues to be soooooooooooo stupid. Shu’s leading you into a battle where you could be killed in a hail of bullets, and you’re fine with that, but the second you learn you could be killed if your Void is destroyed, you freak out. A bullet does not need to hit your spoon to kill you.

5. Coup d’e–what?! “I’m gonna get back at that meanie Shu by leaking our escape plans to the very people who are trying to kill us! They’ll definitely treat us nice!” what

6. Wait, Argo is still alive? More confusing than dumb — I thought Shu was all, “YES, I CAN KILL HIM BY SQUISHING HIS PRETTY LITTLE VOID” but then he keeps him alive and free enough to wander around Tokyo and grab Inori. k lol

So there you go. A bounty of dumb! Vote away!

And the results of last week’s polls . . . a very close match in the dumbest moment of ep16 poll, but Zombie Gai takes it by one vote over Shu fretting over the Voids. A magnificent victory for Gai. And the reigning champion of dumb: The F’s invading the hospital! An upset in my mind, but nonetheless a deserving champion. Who will come out on top this week?!


23 Responses to “GUESS THE DUMB Week 4”

  1. Nazarielle Says:

    Where to begin? I think Yahiro takes the cake this episode. Last ep, he sent the Secret Service to jail everyone anywhere near the gym to prevent the Void death secret from getting out. This ep, oh man Shu you just jailed two guys for slacking and trash talking, way out of line man.

    Arisa not being dead wasn’t the least bit surprising, especially given Guilty Crown’s track record. Slutting herself out was… a really bizarre turn. I feel like they’re trying to turn the entire Guilty Crown cast into antagonists so that Shoe can somehow SAVE THE WORLD by stopping all these terrible people who have been so mean to him and hurt his poor feelings.

    Knowing this show’s track record with making sense, I was certain the reason they brought Gai back was so that he could force out other people’s Voids just so they could have their mecha kill the Voids instead of the people… when they could’ve just had their mecha kill the people without having to resurrect Gai.
    I also kept waiting for Gai to just turn around and stab Arisa in the back. She was so sure he came to save HER that I couldn’t help but feel that that was a huge death flag.
    I was also sorta amused that Ayase seemed to want to back Shoe up, but Tsugumi had to stop her. They really can’t decide what to do with Ayase, can they?

    • I was torn between Yahiro and the stupid coup . . . I eventually went for the latter, but it’s such a tough decision.

    • They really can’t decide what to do with Ayase, can they?

      Same thing with Daryl. They’ll have them moving whenever the writers need to usher the plot forward.

      • Nazarielle Says:

        Oh yeah the shit with Daryl too. They seem to be making a case for him having a thing for Tsugumi for some reason.

  2. Nonnie Says:

    Wait, how could you not include the UN’s decision to TERMINATE NIPPON!! That was seriously the dumbest thing for me since it’s already been established that all the characters are dumb shits. But then again, this is the show with oooooo evil government kills women and children will laughing.

    • I thought about it, but blowing up Guilty Crown Japan is probably for the best.

      • Nazarielle Says:

        Man, seriously. Blowing it up is probably the best thing that could happen. It even sounds smart at this stage.

    • But nuking Japan would kill every named GC character. That’s a win/win situation for both the viewers and the GCverse!

  3. I missed Guilty Crown yesterday and THIS is what happens? It never disappoints!

    • Okay, finished this episode and somehow this is probably what you get when you put a bunch of dumb highschool kids together. It’s like Tucker and Dale vs. Evil – The anime. You don’t have to do anything, the kids will eventually kill themselves– unintentionally.

  4. Coup d’edumb it is. That was wow.

    Though, there are other stuff too. Also, where the heck did Argo come from?

  5. The hand thing was easily the dumbest, though mostly because Shu didn’t bleed out, making the plot a million times better. For the plot itself though, the extended rape metaphors took the cake.

  6. How many instances of rape were there in Code Geass again? I forgot. Something tells me it didn’t need to resort to that. Yet, in the last 5 or 6 episodes of Guilty Crown, there’s almost been as much rape and near-rape as there’s been Void action. Why do I have to see that? So, so wrong. I can’t cringe hard enough.

    • I don’t remember anything like that in Code Geass, but it’s been a while since I watched either season, so if it happened, I may have blocked it out.

  7. I voted 10 rapes per second because rape is totally a legit plot device, lol.

    Seriously though, a broken Aya Endo sounds really scary.

  8. TheVoid Says:

    They are all equally the most dumbest moments in this episode.

    Picking one would be unfair of me.

  9. ALL THE RAPES…seriously I laughed at those scenes.

  10. stupid commenter Says:

    for the last time, it’s not discrimination, it’s distinction

    will you guys ever learn this?

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