Bitchin’ Space Pirates 7 – All Work and No Play

inb4 only piece of exciting action in the series is a dream sequence lol

This dream sequence, though, does make me believe that Marika is getting something different from her pirating ventures than she initially expected, as is the audience. Sure, it eventually develops into a nightmare where all Marika’s pirate buddies abandon her and she’s about to get shot down in space by vicious villains, but before that, she’s flying through space all awesome and shooting stuff and being a cool captain and whatnot. The dream, as is often the case, is different from reality, however.

In reality, Marika has to deal with missions popping up at inopportune times (pirates don’t keep to a schedule, man!), being ready to take the lead at a moment’s notice (and put on that swank captain’s gear), process a massive amount of information and make the best decision on the fly, and beyond that, she needs to have the steel in her belly to make decisions that aren’t sunny and flowery and awesome for everyone involved. Kind of weird to think about when the piracy we’ve been shown so far has been mainly an elaborate game!

But, yes, pirating: Not always fun! What’s also not fun is balancing pirate adventures and school. Even when they’re just committing really fun insurance fraud, pirating takes up a lot of time. But school also takes up a lot of time! A dilemma! I think the suggestion for Marika to drop out of school is half-serious and half a test of sorts. Like, the crew probably wouldn’t look totally down on here, but there may have been some respect lost if Marika ran away from the challenge of balancing school and pirating (such a ridiculous sentence lol) instead of going after it head on.

I could write more about that, but emperorj already did a good job of examining Marika’s conflict and her deeper reasons for juggling all this nonsense.

I often heap a lot of shit on Chiaki Omigawa over on the Twitterspace. I’m a jerk like that, but aside from that, her voice does not do it for me at all. It’s so squeaky and irritating and . . . bleh. But I did actually like her here as Mami taking Chiaki out on the town and having a chat with her about Marika. It’s part exposition dump, and part way to show that Mami isn’t just some faceless best friend character we don’t have to give a shit about because she’s not going on awesome pirating adventures with Marika. They have a history. They’ve been friends for a long time. Mami knows Marika better than just about anyone, and she shows herself to be observant, even though Marika isn’t exactly one to hide what she feels. But, yeah, Mami’s jaunt around town with Chiaki did more to endear her to me than every other scene with her combined so far.


One Response to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 7 – All Work and No Play”


    Mami is awesome I was happy to see her, but when does she join the pirate crew!? Just kidding I don’t think that will ever happen besides the Bentenmaru is full of enough crazy people like the hacker girl? Wow that girl can eat and eat and eat for hours! I guess I found my official “Luffy” character.

    Chiaki is a strange one she says Oh I don’t care about Marika at all! Yeaaahhh right she knows she is addicted to being around her. Either that or she is keeping a close eye on her progression as a captain?

    Marika…loose the Misa makeup! You don’t need it, but I laughed with those changing scenes and running to the bridge! What the hell is in those boxes? Loot? Yesssss that works.

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