A rare decision to be semi-classy from the owner of this blog.

I have a theory about Evil Inori: She is the Enemy of Moe. When Inori goes all evil and crazy and whatnot, she engages in acts of ultraviolence, and this episode shows evidence that Evil Inori will also — GASP! — engage in acts of a sexual nature! (It is unclear if she does it with everyone, though, or if It’s OK Because It’s With You, Onii-chan Shoe.) This is all stuff that girls do in those explody cartoons those old-timers love, while Regular Inori is all soft-spoken and demure, and she also sings and stuff like those newfangled moe lovin’ kids enjoy.

So, basically, Guilty Crown is about the struggle between old folks and those gosh darned kids who won’t get off their lawns.

Anyway! This episode is all over the place, but it made me laugh several times, so it’s OK with me. Let’s get to the dumb!

1. Void Laser! Ah, one of my favorite anime standbys: Whipping out new powers out of nowhere. Shoe may be able to plot Voids out of nowhere, but Gai immediately proves why he is superior by plot warping the Power of the King. Take that!

2. Gai is the Void MacGyver. Two new powers in the span of a few seconds! Gai truly is the King. I wonder if he can reshape Voids into whatever the hell he wants, and stealing Voids is just his way of getting material for them. Or maybe there are specific Voids that combine into rockets or what the hell ever. Either way, this is ridiculous and hilarious. Also, I love that the three students die after the rocket explodes. Such a mean-spirited touch.

3. “Gai, you made me hate my daddy!” Wait, didn’t Daryl get all pissy at his dad because he wanted to bone his hot assistant instead of acknowledging Daryl’s birthday? What did Gai have to do with that?? It’s not as if Daryl has no reason to hate Gai — Gai’s the leader of the organization that made Daryl look stupid, and thus everyone thinks he’s lame. There you go. Why the flashback to the father??

4. Secret organization! “Hey, y’all, we’re going to introduce this secret organization whose name is a religious reference we saw somewhere one time — we know how much you love those! — and which is older than the Freemasons and the Zionists! Wait, where are you going?!”

5. It’s all for Shoe! Sure he lost his arm and a ton of blood and probably should have died of shock or something, but he’s no longer burdened by the Power of the King! So that’s something.

6. Hi, Arisa, I’m dead now! So, hey, this guy was semi-important before the world got fucked. Let’s reintroduce him and then kill him off a couple of minutes later. Guilty Crooooooooooooooown! *shakes fist*

7. “Hold on, I think I see a speck of dust down there!” You can keep the Shoe out of the sister, but you can’t keep the sister out of the Shoe, amirite, fellas?

8. Inori is totes tappin’ that. You’re not a main character if you can’t whip powers out of nowhere!

9. Inori is one of the X-Men. I like Inori’s crazy ’80s hair. Someone should dub this scene over with bad synthpop, a smoke machine and bushy-banged rock men mumbling and waddling back and forth.

10. Bondage arrow! “I prepared this from a mixture of a Rope Void, a Sharpened Rock Void and a DVD Copy of Eyes Wide Shut Void. Do you like it?”

Whew! That was almost too much for me. You have a treasure trove of stupid to choose from this week, everyone. Have at it!

And now for past poll results! This just in: Guilty Crown viewers don’t like rape that much. A very controversial stance. This week Guilty Crown‘s creepy rape obsession takes on the two-week Champion of Dumb: Team F! Although Gai’s abs nearly made a valiant comeback, Team F storming the hospital is still the champ. Will the team continue its run this week?!


21 Responses to “GUESS THE DUMB Week 5”

  1. My choice was “Other”. Why? Because THE WHOLE EPISODE WAS DUMB. You need to add that alternative.

  2. Nazarielle Says:

    Gai and Inori making up new Void powers whenever they please was ridiculous, but Inori turning into Wolverine was fucking HILARIOUS. I busted out laughing when she did that.

    I also laughed at how a gunshot stops geezer’s sword dead in its tracks. What, he was so badly injured that he couldn’t complete the follow through?

    I can’t wait to see what new and ridiculous powers they pull out of their asses next week now that Gai can apparently play Mix & Match with Voids.

  3. I voted Inori’s ridiculous 80’s hair/costume change. Also switching over my support for Team F to Arisa Rape~

    Also I have no idea where the show is going now. It’s like double multitrack drifting.

  4. thoughtcannon Says:

    I told you it was gonna be a tough one this time.

    Choosing between Monster and Welp I’m dead is one of the hardest decisions I’ve made all yea,r but I think Welp I’m dead takes it. Especially cause he shows up and flings a sword at a dude and takes out a buncha people with his sword that his subordinates couldn’t take out with guns. Then he gets shot and I laugh.

    Other things of note:
    I want to know who the chick is in Secret Organization…was she someone we have been introduced to?
    Lastly was the dude giggling to himself at the computer desk the one they broke out of prison in like episode 4?

    • I’m not sure who that lady is, and I’m not even sure if she’s a part of the secret organization or just knows of them. I don’t think we’ve seen her before now, though … I’d think I would remember her face.

  5. Marcomax Says:

    I’m still going with “Let’s invade the hospital with our awful Voids!” as the dumbest moment because it is essentially the catalyst for all the other dumb moments for the show.

    As for this episode, so many good choices. I went with the Arisa scene just for the stupid direction their taking her character.

    • The weird thing about Arisa is that technically her actions make sense given how her character has been built, but everything she does has been pushed to stupid extremes.

  6. There’s way too much to choose from this week… but man, Inori trying to go down on Shu probably trumps everything else, and that’s saying something.

  7. The only way I can comprehend this episode is if director Tetsurou and the two writers started reading this series of blog posts and challenged themselves to come up with levels of DUMB so incredible and unprecedented that it’d lobotomize everyone who watched it. They didn’t succeed, but they came pretty damn close.

    So hard to pick. I’m going Void MacGaiver!, (ISWYDT) but comparatively speaking, in isolation it doesn’t seem so bad right now. But within the moment, all the other amazingly dumb things that happened around it in quick succession challenged my fortitude. I hate dropping series. I see it as a sign of surrender. But soon after that sequence of events, I needed to pause and collect myself for a few moments to prevent myself from dropping the show there and then.

  8. This show makes me laugh for all the wrong reasons. I’m just wondering what was going on in the heads of the writer as he writes up this big piece of guilty crap.

    If I may, I would choose No. 9. For one second, I was waiting for her to surrender to the baddies… so imagine the look on my face when she transformed into a wildcat. She’s not just schizophrenic; she metamorphosed into a Darkstalker’s Felicia’s rabid sister or something. My chin almost hit my keyboard when that happened…

    • If it’s the same thing that goes through my mind as I write my Sister Princess posts, it’s “Holy crap, I really need to get through this as quickly as possible! I’m just going to write whatever and hope it works!”

  9. Definitely Inori’s transformation. I just flat-out laughed when that scene occurred.

  10. TheVoid Says:

    3 can be justified thanks to Daryl being crazy germophobe who isn’t that sane.

    The dumbest thing was the Freemasons nonsense for me plus the Cult of Da’at or as I like to call it SYMBOLISM~

    Not even the fact that the other kid with a void genome(Don’t remember name) is called a Da’at Gravekeeper doesn’t make up for introducing it this late in the show.

    Also Katana beats gun except when he’s going “soft” on his Whore of Babylon daughter.

  11. Tough choice, but Inori going Wolverine takes it. That’s even more pull-random-ability-out-of-ass-ish than Gai, it was shown earlier that Shu could combine voids too against the leuco-lympho-cyto-satellite-thingy. But Shu being Shu we never see that done ever again until now.

  12. All of these moments were dumb, but the one that took the cake for me was the introduction of the secret organization.

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