Bitchin’ Space Pirates 8 – Don’t Trust Royalty

Even without the suspicious looks from Misa and the princess herself, I would have been suspicious of Princess Serenity.

Something about her just seems . . . off. She seems quite up front: Polite to the crew once she understands the situation, puts on a nice face for everyone at school, and she tells the crew of the Bettenmaru straight up that she would like their aid in seeking out a ghost ship (the same ghost ship that Marika and Chiaki saw earlier in the series?). Doubtless she has some personal connection to this ghost ship. However, I can’t help but think there’s something more to it than even that, though I cannot put my finger on what exactly that is.

I don’t believe this princess is an evil figure, nor do I believe she intends to betray the Bettenmaru crew at any point. She’s been as honest as she can be up to this point. There’s probably a great deal of danger beyond that point of honesty — even more than the phrase “ghost ship” would imply. (And that’s a good deal of danger. You remember the ghost ship from Super Mario World, right? Ghost ships are evil.) Whatever the case, the princess is clearly hiding something, and throughout the episode, the princess shows that she is quite good at hiding. She quickly throws on the polite princess personality when she gets her bearings in the ship, and she knows exactly how to conduct herself with minimal fuss at school. This is not necessarily a negative trait; it’s just clear that she’s using her abilities to hide information from the crew.

Every little story so far has come off like a direct or indirect test of Marika’s abilities. This princess business is a test of Marika’s mind, and she’s passing so far. Marika sees that the response from Serenity is too quick and calculated, and although she’s thrown off at first by the princess’ regal demeanor, she’s also able to see that the princess is not being forthright, even though she seems to be mostly truthful about what she wants. They get an explanation later about the quick response time, so it seems the princess is willing to share information if you call her out on it. The trick is, of course, to pay enough attention to call her out in the first place. She willingly volunteers information when she’s allowed to go on the mission, so that’s nice, at least.

So I dunno. Maybe it’s more “nudging” than “calling out”, haha. That’s why I’m (mostly) convinced that the princess is not hiding anything out of malice. She wants help with something (probably) dangerous, but she doesn’t want the Bettenmaru crew all killed or something for her sake. At the same time, though, there’s always the fear that they’ll be like, “Wow, fuck that!” if she tells them the exact nature of her mission (for lack of a better word).


8 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 8 – Don’t Trust Royalty”

  1. I’m not so sure that princess Serenity is hiding information. After all, the trip they are on at the end of the episode is to pick up information that she requested be brought to be shared with the pirates. My guess is that she is completely blind-sided about the various factions at court.

    I agree with you about the stories coming across as tests of Marika’s abilities, by the way. This one seems to especially pertain to decisiveness. She made the decision to help the princess and that got everyone working on it, and at the very end of this episode she is asked to make a judgement about a very fluid and unknown situation.

    It will be interesting to see how they develop this situation in the next episode.

    • It’s possible that I’m being overly suspicious. Wouldn’t be the first time I’m terribly wrong about something lol. I’m mostly working from gut feeling here.

      • I’m actually in the same boat as you on this one. I think there’s something missing about everything, especially when her family announced she was missing only minutes/hours after the sanctioned pirate battle. But at this point, who knows what, there’s just something off about all this and the battle at the end of the episode might offer some clues or foreshadowing of what’s going on (internal conflict in the royal family?)

  2. I’ll find it hard to believe if we come out of this part of the story without the princess having an ulterior motive. Which is worrisome if whatever she’s hiding is tied to middle-school tier emotions. Hopefully this ghost ship is powered by treasure, and she’s doing this entirely because she bet another princess from some other system that she could… over tea and cake.

  3. Another dose of Bitchin’ Space Pirates! This week more blonde loli’s invading our anime…

    Yeah I don’t think the princess will trick Marika and the crew, but she is hiding something I think about the golden ghost ship…the only experience I have with ghost ships comes from One piece and you are correct usually they are a bad sign.

    I wonder what is on that mysterious ghost ship? Treasure? Possibly a family secret the princess is trying to protect? Either one works for me.

    Last thing the princess had her eyes glued to Marika’s pirate uniform! I wonder if she ran away from home to go on pirate adventures? Maybe she wants to become an awesome captain like Marika one day? ahahah that would be interesting.

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