I debated internally about using this as the lead image, but fuck it, we all knew Shu was getting those primo powers back eventually, so I don’t think it’s a high-level spoiler. But I won’t discuss the particulars out in the open because they’re funny and stuff.

Anyway, what can I say at this point? This is definitely an episode of Guilty Crown, complete with all the hilarity and silliness that entails. It’s bad storytelling on every level, but it’s the kind of bad storytelling I can get behind (minus all the creepy rape). That said, let’s get to the voting!

1. Mama Shu escapes! I gave the episode the benefit of the doubt after this particular bit of stupidity occurred; I waited patiently for some brief flashback to explain just how the hell she got out of there, even if it ended up being a dumbass explanation. But it never happens! This fucking show. Shuuichirou shoots at Haruka at point blank range, but not even half a minute later, Guilty Crown shits on its own stupid mini-cliffhanger by showing that Haruka escapes, even though it’s utterly inexplicable. Unfuckingbelievable.

2. “He died a hero’s death.” By doing nothing while getting shot by his daughter even though he just sliced up a bunch of random guards. A hero, I say! A hero!

3. The greatest disguise in history. Why didn’t Solid Snake ever think of this? Just get a nice knit cap, sneak around behind someone, and bam! Instantly undetectable.

4. The third MacGuffin has arrived! We all knew this would happen, but that does not make it any less dumb, so it kinda has to go on here.

5. “Hey, you, you’re totally a jerk for betraying all those people I also betrayed! You totally sold out, man! You used to be cool!” Guilty Crown is really cornering the market on hypocrites.

6. “You sly dog, you caught me monologuing!” I mean, what did he think would happen?

7. “By the way, I am going to shoot and throw knives at this Void Genome I want for myself.” An excellent plan!

8. All your Voids are CRAAAAAAAWLING INNNNN MYYYYY SKIIIIIIIIIIN. From a story point of view, Shu’s Void makes sense, because it’s what we’ve seen him do the whole time. But hearing it explained aloud in that awed, “Shu is the second coming of Jesus Christ” tone is fucking hilarious. He absorbs everyone’s sins, and their diseases, as well! I sure hope Shu doesn’t know anyone with the clap, or else this could get awkward.

9. Shu is inside Segai. Snip snip! What a terrible way to go out.

So there you have it! Get to voting, folks!

There was an even spread of voting for last week’s collection of dumb moments, which is a testament to how epically stupid ep18 of Guilty Crown got. But the clear winner as chosen by you fine folks . . . Inori becoming one of the X-Men! That hair, man. That hair.

Who will she take on this week? Guilty Crown‘s fascination with rape was a strong, strong contender, but the F Squad continues its run with yet another victory! Will any moment be able to top those intrepid F-Troopers?


25 Responses to “GUESS THE DUMB Week 6”

  1. F-squad F-squad!

    I voted “He died a hero’s death.” Even if other moments were dumb, that made me cringe a lot.

    Also, I forgot what grayglasses did. Reminder?

  2. I’m surprised you were able to find as much dumb stuff as you did. I noticed the stuff you mentioned, but I didn’t think they were really bad enough to go on the list.

    Anyways, I fought Super Saiyan Shu. Yeah, it’s cool and all, but it just makes him a Deus Ex Machina character at this point, with none of his powers tying into his development (or at least not very well).

    • Sometimes I stretch a bit for stupid things, just because they strike me as amusing, but Guilty Crown does a good job each week of legitimately filling out the polls.


  4. Anonomyous Says:

    Definitely Segai’s reason for all his actions up until now

  5. Nazarielle Says:

    I was laughing my ass off the entire time they explained Shu’s Void. The whiny little brat kid who did nothing the whole show but complain and angst and suddenly he’s Jesus? I’LL TAKE ALL YOUR PAIN. Because clearly he hasn’t angsted enough to meet his quota.

    Other notables were the “hero’s death” granted to him by his daughter. Also, Arisa being suddenly yandere for Gai is… a really odd turn of events. Though I guess for this show it’s par for the course.

    Clownguy was particularly entertaining this episode too. First wearing that silly hat and then later clowngasming as he’s being killed.

    Man, I’m so glad they didn’t Void Genome kill Ayase though.

  6. I really thought that incredibly gay Argo comment (“He’s with me”) would make it too. Suddenly we had to care about that dead guy!

    Out of my allegiance to 80’s X-Men costumes, I must support Monster Inori!

    • Crap, knew I forgot something! Although I would have included that scene because Argo apparently had enough time to go back to that building and check on his dead buddy, and no enemy soldiers were left there to keep watch in case someone came back. Oh, Guilty Crown!

  7. Man, you mirrored my thoughts exactly re: the hat disguise and Shu suddenly becoming the second coming of Jesus. Great minds, eh! Also, maybe it’s all the Outlaw Star I’ve been watching, but all I could think during that gunshot section with Shu’s mum, was ‘dynamic scene transition!”

    Personally, my highlights were finding out that Oh Mama Shu wasn’t biologically related to her son, but was actually brother to wrath-moustache villain. What relevance does this have to the rest of story? Absolutely none but sod it, let’s stick it in regardless! Brilliant!

    • Knowing Guilty Crown, it probably has zero relevance to the end. They just wanted another dumb twist to insert into the story.

  8. thoughtcannon Says:

    The one that precisely got me was “You were the one who killed him weren’t you…BROTHER” DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!
    Hello completely left-field revelation that hasn’t been even vaguely hinted at. Also why the hell do I give a fuck that they are brother (apparently) and sister? Then again that may be par for the course for GC.

  9. TheVoid Says:

    Segai getting Shu shoved inside him is actually the only thing that wasn’t stupid in this episode.

    Segai has had a unhealthy sexual obsession with Shu and his voids since he saw him shove his hand inside Inori. So one of the best characters got to die happy in this show.

  10. I think I laughed solidly through this entire episode – so much stupid in such a short amount of time.

    Everything was dumb, but I had to go with Jesus Shoe – I think I started crying with laughter with that development!

    Loved Sergei’s hat – so awesome. Also the complicated biological relations of the Ouma family – WTF?

  11. Had to vote for Haruka’s escape, even though Segai’s hat was amazing, because it’s the first time I’ve ever thrown in the towel on one of my own posts when trying to explain something.

    But I’m pretty sure Guilty Crown will always be remembered as Fellatius Interruptus by me.

    • That’s the one I voted for. I could not believe it when I saw it. At least the show TRIED to explain everything else that needed to be explained, even if they weren’t the best explanations. This is just . . . lol.

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