Sister Princess Saturday Report! No. 26 – The End

(Author’s note: I reflect on all this nonsense on the next page. Back to the story!)

When last we left our intrepid group of blasphemers, all of whom will clearly be alive by the conclusion of this tale, Akio had sacrificed by Wataru by swallowing his heart and absorbing the powers of the Sister Princess through means that are too complex for me to relay through writing. When the process was complete, Akio proclaimed his godhood, and lightning flashed in the background, as if the sky itself agreed with him. I apologize for reusing a line I used to end the previous chapter, but I could not think of any other way to describe what happened.

“Everything is going just as planned,” Akio sneered.

Indeed, everything was going just as planned, exactly as Akio stated. A dark red glow surrounded Akio’s body, and then suddenly a column of light burst from him, stretching toward the sky. A horrible feeling ran through the spine of each Sister, an ill chill that spread goosebumps every which way. Akio cackled as the light column subsided. Jolts of energy leaped from his body. The sheer power emanating from him was oppressive; each Sister felt as if she could not stand up while he floated in mid-air, peering down at them.

“I think it’s time I took care of a quick nuisance,” Akio said, lifting his arm and pointing it at a building off in the distance. He slowly extended a finger, and then suddenly a beam shot out from it. Mami had been watching the scene through the scope of her sniper rifle the entire time. She wasn’t sure what Akio was going to do at first, but by the time she realized, the beam had already cascaded through the sniper scope, ripped through her right eye and plunged out the back of her skull. Her brain remained cognizant long enough for Mami to realize how easily her brother had dispatched her. Then . . . blank.

“That felt wonderful,” Akio said, looking down at the Sisters again. “I never liked her anyway. She was an inept agent. Did she ever speak with any of you much?”

“Not really,” Chikage said.

“That figures,” Akio said, rubbing his right hand over his eyes. “Well, it’s not as if that matters any longer. I have the power of the Sister Princess, and Mami is dead. I believe everyone has come out of that a winner.”

“We cannot allow you to harness the power of our goddess,” Chikage said. She struggled with all her might to stand up, and though her knees were wobbly, she stood upright and proud, her eyes locked with Akio’s. “One way or another, we will defeat you.”

“What can you possibly do to me?” Akio asked. “I have within me the power of the most awesome being in the universe. You are nothing to me.”

“We’ll see about that,” Chikage said. She closed her eyes and focused her energy. A blue glow surrounded her body and shimmered lightly. Dear Reader, I may have once erroneously stated that Chikage was a fraud and had no powers to speak of. I blame my research staff. I assure you that this will never happen again, though whether that is because I will never put pen to paper again after finishing this story remains to be seen.

“Cute,” Akio said. “I’m not sure what you intend to do with such a pathetic level of energy, but perhaps it shall amuse me for a short time.”

Akio lazily aimed his hand at Chikage and fired a beam at her. Chikage instinctively whipped her arm out and deflected the beam away.

“Interesting,” Akio said. “Perhaps you do have some fight in you after all.”

“The Sister Princess blessed me with natural power from my birth,” Chikage said. “I am not a usurper like yourself.”

“A usurper?” Akio asked. He threw his head back and laughed. “I was destined to wield this power from the moment I was born.” Akio charged his power until it was at its height. “Do you dare to stand against me? I bid you try.”

“Is he really doing this?” Karen asked.

“He is really doing this,” Sakuya said.

Chikage was unafraid. She stood her ground while Akio compensated for what was surely a miniscule reproductive organ. When Akio was finished, he launched energy balls of every size and shape at Chikage. She deflected them all with ease. One may wonder how she was able to do this if Akio was so powerful.

“How can you do this?” Akio asked. “I wield the ultimate power! I should be able to crush you!”

“You lack imagination,” Chikage said. “Where did you learn to battle? You’re an amateur in every sense of the world. You could never use the power of the Sister Princess to its fullest potential. Give it up, Akio. You’ll never be a god.”

“I AM A GOD!!!!!” Akio roared, with perhaps an inappropriate amount of exclamation points. Then again, I do not and possibly never will have the power of a goddess flowing through me, so who am I to judge how many exclamation points such a person is allowed to use? After his mini-tirade, Akio flew straight at Chikage and attempted to batter her with an array of kicks and punches. However, none of these strikes landed on their intended target. Chikage did an excellent job of dodging every one. She ducked and twisted and evaded while not attempting a single strike of her own.

As Akio seemed to tire himself out, Chikage leaped backward and laughed at him.

“You’re such a fool, Akio,” she said. “You hold within you a power that is far stronger than I could ever imagine, but you cannot harness it at all. You’re just a limp pretender to the throne.”

The blue glow surrounding Chikage intensified as she walked closer to Akio.

“I’ll give you one good shot, Akio,” she said. “Strike me down if you can. Use your power to pierce my barrier if you have the will.”

“I’ll strike you down and more,” Akio said. “Then this world will burn!” He concentrated as much as he could and shifted all his might into his right hand. Chikage likewise concentrated all her strength into the blue barrier that surrounded her. After he charged his energy, Akio reared back and stabbed at Chikage with as much force as he could muster. When Akio’s punch landed on the barrier, it was like hitting a wall of steel. He almost pulled back and yelped in pain but kept pushing forward, pouring more power into his hand.

Chikage kept up her defense as much as she could, but eventually, her power began to wane. Bit by bit, Akio’s fist plunged deeper past Chikage’s barrier. Sweat poured down each of their faces. Sakuya and Karen wanted to help Chikage, but they could think of no way to aid her. Akio screamed as Chikage’s barrier finally gave way and exploded. Suddenly freed, Akio’s fist raged forward through Chikage’s stomach and out her back. The burst of anger had come so suddenly that Akio seemed almost surprised at what he had done. When he finally realized what happened, he cackled and lifted Chikage into the air.

“You’re all talk,” Akio said. Blood dripped down his arm. “For all your petty insults, you couldn’t stop the true force of my power. You’ve lost.”

“We’ll see,” Chikage said. Before Akio could react, she aimed a tiny blast of light at his eyes. Akio screamed and dropped Chikage, clawing at his face in anger. When he could see once more, his rage pushed his power to the limit.

“You still dare to stand against me?” Akio said. “You fool!” He made to blast her, but then Akio stopped. He clutched at his chest. Akio tried to move forward, but then he shuddered and dropped to one knee.

“What . . . is happening . . . ?” Akio said. “Arggggggggh!” He screamed in pain and wrapped his arms around himself. The red aura that surrounded him began to fade away.

“The Sister Princess . . . is rejecting you . . .” Chikage said, spitting blood from her mouth. “You were never meant to house her power . . . you’re a fake, Akio . . . a nobody.”

“No, this cannot be!” Akio said. He tried to hold in the power as much as possible, but it slipped away a bit more by the second.

“Karen . . . Sakuya . . . you must slay him . . . it’s the only way to free the Sister Princess from him . . .” Chikage said.

“No!” Akio said. “Stay away!” It was at that moment that Karen and Sakuya realized how pathetic a figure Akio truly was. They took out their knives and advanced slowly toward him. Akio shriveled backward and put his hands in front of him, attempting to push away Karen and Sakuya, but they did not desist.

“Stay away!!” Akio said. He unleashed a final burst of energy that caught the girls off guard. A red ball of energy expanded from Akio’s body and engulfed the dock. It burned intensely for a few seconds and then exploded, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake. When the smoke faded away, Akio’s body was but a lifeless husk, burned and scarred beyond all recognition. Sakuya slowly stood up. She was badly shaken up, but otherwise physically undamaged.

“We did it,” Sakuya said. “He’s dead! We’ve killed him!” She spotted Karen on the ground. “Karen!” She ran over to Karen. “Karen, get up!” Sakuya shook Karen’s shoulders. Karen turned over and looked up at Sakuya, her eyes glazed over.

“Good,” Karen whispered. “You’re still alive . . .”

“Are you OK?!” Sakuya asked.

“The Sister Princess is within me now,” Karen said. “But I absorbed too much of the blast . . . my body is too weak to hold her in . . . I’m not going to make it, Sakuya . . .”

“But how?!” Sakuya said.

“I couldn’t let the blast kill you,” Karen said. “We’ve had our differences in the past, but this is bigger than the both of us . . . I knew one of us had to live, so I tried to protect you as much as I could . . . and I could sense Chikage using the last of her strength to protect you, as well . . .”

“Karen . . .” Sakuya said.

“You have to survive, Sakuya,” Karen said. “You’re the only one of us remaining . . . kill me and let the Sister Princess live on through you . . .”

Karen nodded. She took her knife and stabbed Karen through the heart; she died with a peaceful look on her face. The red power of the Sister Princess rushed out of Karen’s body and into Sakuya’s. She screamed and looked toward the sky. The power of the goddess flowed through her.

And that, Dear Reader, is where my research concludes. It may be an unsatisfying conclusion, but the actual act of research was highly unsatisfying, so it is not an altogether inappropriate ending. Soon this story shall be disseminated, and people the world over will know the horrifying secret of the Sister Princess . . .

It was night when the narrator completed his writing. He sat hunched over his papers, intermittently satisfied with what he had written down, and hopeful that some quick money could be exchanged for this sordid story. He shoveled his papers to the side with a sigh. Several publishers had already rejected his idea, and scoffed at his assertion that this was a nonfictional story. Fools, all of them, of course. He had to fund the research on his own. It would all be worth it in the end, however.

Or so he thought. The narrator was an old-fashioned sort of fellow and liked to work by candlelight. This caused a problem when a gust of wind blew out the candle. His writing room was plunged into darkness.

“That’s strange,” the narrator said. “Is the window even open?” The window was not open. However, wind coursed ever harder through the room. Papers flew everywhere; the windows rattled and shook. Soon it felt as if the whole house was shaking down to the foundation. A bright red light filled the room. The narrator shielded his eyes and tumbled backward. When he moved his arm away from his head, he saw Sakuya standing in front of him.

“Hello, Old Man,” she said.

“It’s you!” the narrator said.

“I hear you’re planning to write about the Sister Princess,” Sakuya said. “After everything you’ve done, I can’t let that happen, Old Man. I’m afraid you need to be punished.”

“Nooooooooo, dooooooooooooon’t!!” the narrator shouted. But it was too late. Sakuya pointed at him, snapped her fingers and the narrator’s head exploded into nasty chunks of flesh and skull. She then gathered all the papers, threw them into a waste basket and lit them on fire. The fire eventually spread and consumed the narrator’s home. But that’s a tale for another time.

Or perhaps never.


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  1. I’m so sorry you had to go through watching all of this:(

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