I’m going to venture a guess and say this is the happiest Shu will be in the final three episodes.

So, um, that sure was a flashback, wasn’t it? I guess it’s nice to get a look back at the people who stumbled into this mess in the first place, but I don’t think it added much except some fodder for this post and that one guy basically being ageless and pulling the strings and whatnot. Whatever. Also, Shu’s dad is kind of a dork and TAKES ON EVERYTHING BY HIMSELF JUST LIKE SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE.

Anyway, fun time guessing time for fun begins now!

1. We’re on a boat! Sure. OK. Right.

2. Gai’s one missile defeated the entire United Nations. They seriously can’t be backing down after that one weaksauce attack, right? I can’t be too hard on this, because this is anime and this shit happens all the time, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not dumb.

3. “Here, double traitor, have this Big Book of Exposition. It’s on me!” It sure was nice of Gai to give everyone flashback material and something that undoubtedly holds the key to solving this big mess. He’s basically a Bond villain at this point.

4. “Yes, that’s right . . . DAD. *dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn*” Not that dumb, especially since it’s put into context later in the episode, but this is basically me apologizing for not putting in last week’s “revelation” that Shuuichirou and Haruka are siblings. A bad oversight on my part.

5. Space virus! I’m torn about this. On the one hand, I think it’s hilarious that the writers threw their hands in the air and said, “The Apocalypse Virus comes from space! Whatever!” It’s such a lame explanation that I love it. On the other hand, I do like it when writers don’t explain things that don’t need to be explained. Does it matter where this virus came from? Not really. Any possible explanation has probably been done to death. But, hey, gotta fill time somehow.

6. “I am going to rock that baby’s world.” No explanation necessary.

7. “Just leave us all alone in church; we’ll be fine!” No need to take your children with you to get their father! lol contrivances lol

8. Science! “So we use science to control the virus . . . something about the heart . . . fancy words that don’t make much sense . . . another dash of science . . . BAM!”

9. Guilty Crown has been a fetch quest all along! Not gonna lie: This filled me rage. Not only is it super dumb, but I also hate video game fetch quests. Anything that reminds me of Donkey Kong 64 automatically goes on my Shit List.

There we go. I think that’s enough to go around, yes? Have a poll, you lovely folks!

The winner of last week’s polls should be unsurprising. Although I voted for Haruka’s escape, the Shuper Saiyan is quite the silly moment and a deserving contender to the title. But is it strong enough to unshackle the grand champion? Yes, once again, the F Troop may be fucking awful at invading hospitals, but they are beating the hell out of all comers in this rinky dink contest. Will Shu “Jesus Christ Buddha Mohammed Jehovah Goku” Ouma be able to top them?!


15 Responses to “GUESS THE DUMB Week 7”

  1. processr Says:

    It’s got to be the boat for me. I watched it with a friend and every time I saw it I was shouting “where the hell did they get a boat from!?”

  2. Alien meteorite, because that’s not even trying anymore.

  3. Nazarielle Says:

    SPACE AIDS makes me facepalm so hard, but your hilarious description for Mana’s brocon before the bro was even born won me over. It’s kinda nice to see that she was completely unhinged from the start. I have to wonder how Haruka or whoever was raising her just completely missed the sociopathic behavior. Maybe she’s just a really damn good actress.

    I felt like the end of the flashback, with that one old guy murdering the other old guy who just happened to be Shu’s father was really hamfisted. They couldn’t really figure out WHY the dude wanted to kill Shu’s dad, so they just kinda went with jealousy and partial insanity and called it a day.

    Have to say, while there were a lot of dumb things going on this week, the boringness of a flashback just drained all comedy out of the show. Shame they followed up the most hilarious episode to date with one of the most dull.

    • Yeah, you’d think the parents would be weirded out by Mana hovering over Shu so much LOL

      And, yeah, I feel like some of the stupid moments here are a stretch, because this episode is kind of dull for the most part.

  4. This week’s episode of Guilty Crown is brought to you live from the Costa Concordia. Featuring Dan Eagleman as Captain Francesco Schettino!

  5. Yep, this episode was full of casual revelations about things that really made no impact whatsoever. ‘By the way, it’s from space and that changes everyyyyything!’

    My number one dumb moment was Mana wanting to make babies with that baby. Dear God, the way she looked at it….I can’t even tell if that qualifies as pedophilia.

  6. F-squad can’t lose, noooooooooo ;-;

  7. IT CAME FROM SPACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Seriously kids don’t screw with rocks from space.

    Mana was staring at that baby like it was lunch…seriously…what a creepy little girl, sure sure she was infected at the time but still TURN OFF DA CREEPY.

    Flashback was a waste of time so I made a chart on my review lulz

  8. I would say that the dumb in this episode mostly came from Haruka. Either she knew Shuichiro killed her husband, or she didn’t. If she knew, or at least suspected, why on earth did she play along with him and follow him in his evil plan for ten long years? If she didn’t know, who did she think killed Kurosu? Joe Chill? The one-armed man? Did she just not care or something?

    Damnit Guilty Crown, make more sense!

    • Joe Chill LOL Good reference. As for Haruka . . . yeah, her knowledge of the situation is left too ambiguous. Just as a good writer should know when not to explain things, he or she should also know when something needs to be explained. Haruka’s behavior makes no sense as presented here, as you point out.

      Then again, Guilty Crown probably wouldn’t be half as fun as it is if it actually made sense.

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