Hunter x Hunter 22 – Opening the Gate

I don’t remember if the two dudes who try to break into the Zoldyck Mansion have their skeletons tossed into a garbage can in the original anime, but this is a hilarious instance of black humor, haha. I also love that Mike is polite enough to drop the skeletons outside the gate. Methinks the Zoldycks do not tolerate littering!

Anyway, I wasn’t a huge fan of this short arc in the original anime, but I imagine this series will move through it quicker, so maybe I’ll enjoy it more here. I’m curious about what the ending will be like. I recall having problems with how it seems like all the crazy shit Killua goes through at the end of the Hunter Exam is tossed aside, and he’s totally cool and normal again, and it’s never addressed again. Maybe it will make more sense here, though, since it seems like Killua is more of a sociopath than in the original series. Not that he isn’t crazy to a certain extent in the original, but he feels just a bit crazier here. But, yeah, this is probably getting too close to out and out spoiler territory, so enough about that . . .

This security guard is kind of awesome despite all the gross veins piling up when he powers up.

Don’t really have too much else to say about this episode . . . it’s really a transitional thing to set up this short arc. I do have one thing to say, though: The ending of the episode confuses me a bit. I remember why Gon and company go back to the front gate in the original series, but here it’s like, “Well, there’s this giant, scary dog here, and we can’t continue on because it’s train to murder people who don’t go through the front gate, so we’re going back out front until something happens!” Maybe my memory is blurring things together, but when this problem comes up in the original, it feels like there’s a more distinct goal in mind to get past the problem. The viewer knows where the story is going from there. I don’t feel that here. The story is probably going down the same path, so it feels confusing and awkward to me that this episode ends where it does. I do admit, however, that I could be biased because I know where the story goes from here. It’s not as if this would be the first time an episode of a shonen anime concluded in this way.

The big question that would probably come up is, “Why doesn’t the security guard accompany Gon and crew to the mountain?” First off, the poor guy would probably get fired if he had a direct hand in guiding anyone to the mansion. Nobody wants to get a nice old man like that fired. And I think it’s clear that Gon, Kurapika and Leorio wouldn’t want any help breaking into this place. Even though it would make more sense to get some help in here, they’d want to do it on their own because Killua is their friend. So there’s the logic behind that.

My thoughts are spent on this episode. It probably makes sense to have an awkward, abrupt ending to this post, too!


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