Have some of Gai’s abs again.

I am beyond sad that Guilty Crown is ending next week. Why couldn’t it go on forever? The creators have clearly shown that they are not ashamed to recycle their storylines — this is basically the ending of the show’s first half all over again. So why not go on into perpetuity? I would gladly sacrifice one spot on noitaminA to keep Guilty Crown alive for eternity. Come at me, bros.

1. Those leukocytes are bullshit! Yep, just the writers bad guys stalling for time. Nothing to see here!

2. Stay pure, San Diego. Character development!! She wants Shoe’s help to do things!! Also, Shoe is a filthy, filthy male. Don’t let him corrupt you, Ayase! Never get in a relationship with anyone ever, or else otaku won’t be able to fap to you as well!

3. A special cameo appearance from that guy who mattered for one episode, and that’s it! Good to see you, man! A round of applause for that guy who did fuck all after being busted out of prison! We’re all proud of you!

4. Bow Laser! I don’t know how they did it, but the Guilty Crown folks conjured up something dumber than the Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII. Good work, fellas! Drinks are on me!

5. Ride on, Segwayfax! I don’t even need to write anything. Shoe is riding a god damn Segway into battle.

6. Duck-powered hacking. At least we weren’t subjected to a moe version of that bastard dog from Duck Hunt.

7. Shoe is heartbreakingly human. Like a Gundam SEED character. He has a scarf and everything!

8. Mugibrows gets owned. Why the shit should we have cared about this chucklefuck, again?

9. “It’s time to fuck, big boy!” Mana has her cancer dress on and everything, d’awwwww.

So there you go: A Rogue’s Gallery of stupid from which to choose. Have fun, everyone!

So along with rape, it turns out that Guilty Crown fans are not so fond of incestual little girls. The shocks keep on coming! Mana rode that wave of hatred to an upset victory over the space virus and fetch questing. Pretty amazing! And speaking of amazing victories, our friends in the F-Troop have finally been toppled! Who beat them? Shu “Jesus Christ Buddha Mohammed Jehovah Goku” Ouma, of course! Can Mana finally execute a Guilty Crown Screwjob by winning the championship belt, or will Shoe cling to it until the end?!

13 Responses to “GUESS THE DUMB Week 8”

  1. Voted for Segway of Doom but the lack of Iron Man Daryl has left me in despair!

  2. Nazarielle Says:

    Shoe riding a segway into the BIG FINAL BOSS BATTLE was hilarious. That said, this episode was pretty dull overall. You’d think with them try to wrap everything up things would get more ridiculous, but aside from the segway of DOOM, the only other silly part was the fight between him and the guy who had random people standing there to be Void ammo.

  3. Has to be the segway. It’s like the writers know how bad this show is and decided to turn it into an absurd comedy.

  4. […] physically mad at a show for being awful. I didn’t cover everything, so check out Shinmaru’s Guess the Dumb post for everything else that I didn’t think it worth spewing vitriol about. Like this:LikeBe the […]

  5. DAT over powered laser cross bow! Freaking hell Gai, but I admit that was awesome! I wouldn’t mind a bow like that…yes…minus the need three voids to summon the damn thing.

    LOLOL Mugibrows nice ;D

  6. stupid commenter Says:

    that segway scene reminded me of the scape scene in planet terror, with the minibike and all.

  7. Dude, you didn;t geotag yourself. Geez.

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