Bitchin’ Space Pirates 11 – Ship Graveyard

Mouretsu Pirates is sinking your ships.

Should have known that the ghost ship would be waiting in a dangerous place like this. You can’t have a proper ghost ship without a graveyard! And a graveyard this is for sure, what with the ship being buried behind friggin’ space-time quakes and shit that will launch you back into subspace. No wonder a giant ship made out of gold is still there for the taking. You’d have to be crazy to go in there and snatch it.

Crazy like . . . Kane, perhaps? Those are some impressive flying maneuvers he pulls out to get inside the ghost ship, even if his parking leaves a bit to be desire. You can’t scuff up a fine ship like the Bettenmaru, man! That whole scratch is probably at least the size of a car. It’ll take forever to get that out! To be fair to Kane, though, he did outrace three ships that were flying after him full speed and then made his way into the ghost ship backward. If you want to taunt someone who can’t catch you, crossing the finish line backward is the way to go. He did do it much better than Charles Barkley, too.

More seriously, though, this episode deepens the political implications of the race for the ghost ship, which is the original Serenity ship. Even if it doesn’t have anything important on it (which I doubt), it’s still useful as a political symbol. You’re pretty much instantly awesome if you’re riding on the first ship in the kingdom’s history. I’m sure that’s part of the big hullabaloo behind the Gruier’s younger sister, Grunhilde, going after the ghost ship. And of course there are others who have stakes in the mess, too, as our fair Grunhilde’s facial expression makes quite clear after Gruier calls her out on being manipulated . . .

Can’t catch up when Kane is backing into a ship? Deal with it.

Aside from the fun action and the bits of moe political intrigue, what I enjoyed about this episode is how it shows that Marika has naturally settled into her role as the Bettenmaru‘s captain. Yammer away as much as you want about the slow pacing of the earlier episodes, but they do make Marika making key decisions and juggling things aboard the ship all the better, as well as much easier to swallow. It wouldn’t have been that difficult to accept Marika being a young captain and everyone immediately listening her, because, let’s face it, this is anime and that shit happens routinely, but the fact that Mouretsu Pirates actually went through the effort of having Marika learn the ropes and earn her role makes accepting her as captain all the easier. (Even if, of course, it’s still kinda ridiculous that a teenage girl is a pirate captain. Anime!)

Marika’s picking up on social cues, considering the safety of her ship and crew above all else, and is heading fearlessly into battle (even if Kane’s Initial D driving shakes her up a bit). You’re making people proud, Marika!

11 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 11 – Ship Graveyard”

  1. Kane’s maneuvering is boss. The whole crew is pretty fearless when it comes to flying around in the wake of the ghost ship’s chaos. The plot pacing still feels weird.

  2. Kane was the best highlight of the episode just watching how much fun he was having made me laugh, but you are right! He scratched the side of the Bentenmaru to hell…also great photoshop skills with those glasses on Kane xD

    Well at least they did not drag out another episode searching for the Golden Ghost Ship, but still dem cliffhanger endings! NOOO!!

  3. That is the worst photoshopping I have ever seen. Ever. I hope you did it in mspaint because you don’t deserve to own a copy of photoshop. Even emperorj does it better than you. You ought to, like, become the official artist for O-New just so that I can make more terrible images to embed into my posts because my current images aren’t nearly as terrible enough as yours are. 😥

    tl;dr: moe political intrigue 😀

  4. I completely agree about the show having laid the proper foundation for Marika being an effective captain. And with your admiration of Kane’s driving skills.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what is aboard the original Queen Serendipity. This show keeps surprising me with the unusual direction it takes the story.

  5. […] a critique. This is a pointing-out of how ~excellent~ Mouretsu Pirates deals with things. Like Kane, in this horrible, horrible post by Shinmaru. It’s horrible because the sunglasses are just, like, FLOATING on his face. I guess that […]

  6. […] least Shinmaru still knows what’s going on. Now if he continues to make horrible drawings, my respect for him will do naught but increase. […]

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