Hunter x Hunter 23 – I Used a Dumb Opening the Gate Title Last Week So I Have Nothing Now

Get out of Leorio’s way — he’s got a 50 kilogram dump building up!

This episode has me thinking about something I’ve (bizarrely) never considered before: training “episodes” in manga versus anime. They pad the story for sure, but they do make a bit of sense in manga. It might seem long at the time given the one chapter a week release schedule many manga run on, but in the grand scheme of things, a chapter or two of training isn’t much. (I assume this part of Hunter x Hunter isn’t drawn out that much.) In anime, though? The pacing necessarily works differently between mediums, so something that doesn’t seem too long overall (the training takes up about two-thirds of the episode) still seems way longer than it should be because it takes more time to absorb what’s happening here than to absorb training or whatever in manga.

With manga, it’s not that difficult to skip through shit you don’t care about. They’re just drawings on a page, so if you want to just be like, “Cool, they’re training, whatever” and skip on to stuff they care about. (Or maybe they do like all the training stuff, I dunno! I probably liked it a bit when I was the target age. Kind of tough to remember!) I guess it’s easier to skip stuff nowadays given all the technology we have (watching stuff streaming online or on DVR or whatever), but if you’re watching it live on the TV . . . you gotta sit through that. It’s not particularly exciting. Again, though, I’m not part of the target audience, so what the hell do I know? Is it generally accepted that kids love training? It’s an easy way to show characters getting stronger, so it’s not going away, that’s for sure.

I hope I’m the millionth person to make the “Killua’s mom is totally RoboCop lol” joke!

Getting away from that, I suppose I can’t complain too much considering how much content is crunched into this episode. Yeah, the training stuff is lame as usual, but compared to a lot of shonen stuff, there isn’t much of it. Then there’s the storyline with Kanaria, the servant Gon and pals meet on the way to Killua’s place. This is clearly done much better in the original anime and is fairly meaningless here. Actually, the way it’s crunched into this episode makes the whole thing quite bizarre. I can only imagine what those who are seeing this story for the first time must have thought. I can’t imagine it was anything good.

However, even though I can recognize that this story is solidly done in the original anime, I still found it kind of boring. Much of it is Gon getting whacked repeatedly, and then there’s the backstory between Killua and Kanaria that develops Killua a bit and shows that he’s not as crazy and sociopathic as the rest of his family, but eh. I don’t think losing that is such a massive loss. Finding a less strange and sloppy way to integrate that into the overall narrative might have been nice, though. Seriously, is anyone supposed to be affected by her crying? The audience barely knows who she is!

Ah well. For me, the quicker Hunter x Hunter runs through this arc and gets to the supremely awesome YorkShin arc, the happier I am!

2 Responses to “Hunter x Hunter 23 – I Used a Dumb Opening the Gate Title Last Week So I Have Nothing Now”

  1. I think they’re covering the Killua-Kanaria backstory next episode, but that said– holy crap after this we go to heaven’s arena! My, this show is moving fast!

    • I dunno, in the original they did all that before Kanaria got whacked in the head by Killua’s mom, if I remember correctly. But I guess I can’t say for sure.

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