Bitchin’ Space Pirates 13 – Slicin’ Life

This is a nice transitional episode after the sleight-of-hand plot tricks of the previous episode. I don’t have too much to say that others haven’t already pointed out, but I will say one thing: Mouretsu Pirates is notable for having a Chiaki Omigawa-voiced character who 1) isn’t purposefully annoying, or 2) makes me want to detach my head from my body and launch it full force at a brick wall. How could I hate on anyone who makes a sweet cape like that? Mami knows exactly what it means to be a stylish pirate. And she also handles Chiaki’s tsuntsun with such a deft hand. It takes someone with real skill to so easily sooth the savage tsuntsun.

I also like that she’s used exactly when she needs to be. No more, no less. Need someone to keep Chiaki company when Marika is out hunting for treasure? Mami has your back. Want some sweet upgrades to your pirate threads? Mami has that shit covered. She doesn’t show up often, but she’s always getting something done when she does. Mami is efficient at this slice of life business.

So, hey, congrats to Mami for being a Chiaki Omigawa I can get behind. (If you know what I mean.)

(Just kidding, that’s creepy, you fucking creeps.)


6 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 13 – Slicin’ Life”

  1. I wish I could get behind Omigawa’s voice, but I doubt I’ll ever “enjoy” it in any regard. It’s acceptable and Mami is a cool character to say the least.

  2. I *love* Chiaki Omigawa’s voice. In fact my copy of “And Yet the Town Moves” (SoreMachi) just came in the mail last week, and I started watching it over the weekend. I think her voice is perfect for comedy. I can’t listen to it without cracking up — especially in SoreMachi in which she plays a kind of idiot-savant.

    • I didn’t mind her so much in SoreMachi because her character there is clearly intended to be annoying in a funny way. I didn’t “like” the character, but it’s a good comedy character, and she didn’t detract from that in any way.

  3. Yeah I hated her so much as Maka in Soul Eater…but this character is actually fun! I think she was also in Last Exile season two as some random character who spoke in some strange language. Mami can be a lot of fun to watch whenever she is around Marika, but those were some odd color choices and that cape is pretty bitchin’

    I hope next week is somewhat better! I admit this was a really boring episode for me, but I still enjoyed the whole Gruier/Grunhilde/Marika thing they have going and now they will fight to the death to claim Marika xD

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