Bitchin’ Space Pirates 14 – The Best Crew Is Underneath Your Nose

I doubt there was a single person watching this episode who wasn’t like, “Hey, Marika, you’ve got a perfectly serviceable, loyal crew in the Yacht Club! They’re even semi-proven sailors — they helped you through that initial skirmish and everything! Pick them! You know you want to!”

That’s probably the biggest reason this episode doesn’t really work for me despite being decent enough all around. It’s a foregone conclusion that the Yacht Club pals will become Marika’s temporary crew. Why introduce a host of new characters when you have a bunch of characters waiting to be used who also already have an in with Marika? And who also oh so perfectly fit the theme of the episode (trust)? To the episode’s credit, it at least avoids going through the motions of Marika and Gruier in a “we’re interviewing a bunch of pirates!” montage. Aside from hooking Marika back up with the gals again, this episode is a not-so-subtle excuse to introduce Chiaki’s pops. Not that I’m complaining!

Definitely different than I expected, but obviously that’s the point of his appearance. If Marika accepted everything at face value, then she wouldn’t be a good captain. I do think, though, that pretty much anyone would have taken Chiaki’s dad for the captain, or at least someone with a good deal of influence over his pals flanking him there. He is the biggest person there, after all. We all know that big = authority figure. Especially if you’re big and have dreadlocks. That is a bonus if you’re a pirate. Even Capt. Hook rocks the dreads on occasion!

(That said, was his picture on MAL for a while before this?  I get the feeling that it was. Was his face ever seen in the show before this episode? If it was, then clearly I forgot it, which would not be at all shocking.)

I also like that his personality is significantly different from Chiaki’s. Makes me wonder what her mom is like, or if maybe Chiaki’s personality developed partially to establish her as different from her well-known pirate father. Have to make your own mark and stand out in some way, yes? But being a young’un she went too far into srs biz territory and is just now learning to lighten up. I can sympathize with that, having being a serious, introverted lad in my youthier youth, myself; now, I am simply a not-so-serious introverted lad. A big improvement, in my opinion!

But, yeah, whatever the case, it’ll be fun to see Marika and friends back together once again to go on what will surely be a rollicking adventure that will end in an anti-climactic manner, because that’s just what this show does.

6 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 14 – The Best Crew Is Underneath Your Nose”

  1. Son Gohan Says:

    I for one didn’t think of the yacht club until Chiaki mentioned it. I was thinking about recruiting burly men and completely forgot that Marika had a well-trusted crew a her disposal.
    Captain Kurihara appeared for the first time in the show but he was always present in the OP and ED animation (he is in the group photo at the end of the OP and his ID card flashes along with the Bentenmaru crewmembers in the ED),

    • Ah, gotcha. I never paid too much attention to the animation (I’m usually checking something while the music plays), so yeah, didn’t notice that, haha.

      • Plus it goes by fast.

        As to picking a new crew, I was a little worried that she was going to pick a new crew, especially when Chiaki’s dad first appeared. I can just imagine a whole crew full of guys like that get access to the ship, and Marika is supposed to do what to keep them from doing with it as they please? I was actually relieved when Chiaki redirected her to the yacht club. Even if they break it a little bit, they will, at least, return it when they are done.

        • Yeah, the Yacht Club really is the best direction, both in terms of comfort for Marika and for the economy of the story, haha.

  2. I miss Jenny Dolittle 😦

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