Bitchin’ Space Pirates 15 – We Come from the Planet K-On!

They’re looking at enough sweets to fill an entire cours!

Before I begin this post, I just want to say that this has been a friggin’ awesome week for anime. I vote in the Anime Power Rankings each week, and normally I try my best to watch everything I’m keeping up with before sending in my ballot. This week, though, there’s so much of quality that I didn’t even wait to watch this episode of Pirates before filling out my ballot. And this is a good, fun episode of the series that would have made it many other weeks! Hell, I didn’t even think about putting Fate/zero on my list, even though I’m sure it’s in no danger of falling off this week.

There’s a bunch of stuff of quality that I’m not watching, too, simply because I don’t have the time . . . seems to be more on my plate by the day, but you don’t come here to read me bitch about my life (not that I have much about which to bitch). I was skeptical going into this season, but once again anime shows itself to be solidly healthy. I’ve got realistic standards (give me three-to-five enjoyable shows in a season and I’ll be more than happy), and this season is definitely delivering on that for me. That’s not counting the good shows continuing on, as well . . .

(For the record, I voted 1) Lupin III, 2) Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (really need to write a post on that soon), 3) Future Diary, 4) Tsuritama and 5) Sakamichi no Apollon.)

Anyway, getting back to this episode, nothing much happens (so it’s a normal Pirates episode), but it’s definitely a lot of fun to see the Yacht Club working together once again. Even Chiaki is able to make it! I suppose this is a nice opportunity for her to get more experience on a mission where she doesn’t have anyone to fall back on. She doesn’t do much this episode other than make hilarious faces at sweets, but frankly, I believe that is a job of the utmost importance, and only Chiaki is capable of fulfilling that sacred duty.

Luckily the Bettenmaru isn’t traveling through the Super Mario Bros. 2 subspace. Those Phantos are real bastards!

The meat of the work is done by the Yacht Club gals, which makes sense considering the princesses did plenty in the previous storyline, and Chiaki is Chiaki. I do like the tension built from the usual Bettenmaru crew writing manuals for the various bits and bobs on the ship as quickly as possible, even though it’s largely comedic tension. It does make a lot of sense that the crew would be scared shitless that a group of teenage girls would fuck up their pirate ship. We take for granted in anime that teenagers can do anything, so it’s fun to see people react like, “OH FUCK THEY’LL RUIN EVERYTHING.”

Sure, they’re all cool with Marika being captain when they’re around to man their individual stations and make up for her relative lack of technical expertise, but when the gals are all alone, all hell will surely break loose. It’s a good thing that wireless technology has advanced to the point where the manuals could be sent to the Bettenmaru near instantly after completion! In space, no one can hear you scream, but you can still get awesome speeds on your torrents.

4 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 15 – We Come from the Planet K-On!”

  1. I agree. This was a fun episode in which not a lot happened beyond our explanation for how the girls were able to use the Bentenmaru’s systems. I feel comfortable in how Bitchin’ Space Pirates works, though, and the second episode of an arc never really has a lot happen. This is still the development of the setup for this arc’s adventure. Now that the girls have blasted off in the Bentenmaru, I would expect to see the stakes raise in the next episode.

  2. blackdalek Says:

    Chiaki’s face.. i just want to marry her…. wait, it will cost a fortune in parfaits.. damn!

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