Hunter x Hunter 27 – OSU!

I gotta say . . . Gon, Killua and Zushi are kinda super adorable in this episode. How could anyone not love Gon and Killua immediately taking on Zushi’s silly martial arts mannerisms? They’re not even doing it ironically; well, Gon definitely isn’t, anyway. The jury’s out on Killua. At the very least, though, Gon thinks it’s awesome.

Anyway, Nen. I’ll write a bit more on that subject when it’s more appropriate, since the series has just introduced the concept and will lay out all the rules and intricacies as the show goes on. I will say, though, that while Nen has the surface appearance of every bullshit shonen anime power-up you see, it does differentiate itself in key ways such as the actual rules guiding its use, the number of people who can use it and the different types of powers available. In many ways, it is a traditional shonen power-up, but done in a way that makes sense and adds to the story rather than providing an easy way out for the writer.

But, hey, you all can see that for yourself as the series goes on rather than me explaining it way worse than it would be demonstrated naturally. One pertinent observation, though, is how Nen taps into fear. This is also something into which the show will delve more later, but it can be sensed here: It taps into something instinctive in the people exposed to that energy. When Zushi busts out his Ren, even though it’s a level below Nen, Killua reflexively jumps backward. He barely understands it as he’s doing it. As soon as he senses the power, Killua just knows that he has to get away immediately. This is the same type of cold fear Gon felt when he tracked Hisoka during the Hunter Exam and Hisoka briefly went wild with blood lust. It’s not simply that Nen users are powerful — it’s that Nen itself is so fearsome and dangerous it hits the deepest part of the mind and sets off all the “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW” alarms.

On a lighter note, one of my favorite common scenes is when characters walk into a locker room or someplace similar and everyone stares them down because They’re Not Welcome. This scene always kills me because none of these fuckin’ nobodies will ever have a chance of beating down the main characters, with the exception of That One Awesome Character who gets like 5-7 seconds of focus sitting on a bench or standing in a corner or something. There’s nobody like that in here, however, so all these fools are getting fuckin’ wrecked. Good luck next time, suckers!

That’s about here. This is the beginning of what I believe to be the best part of Hunter x Hunter (that I’ve seen, anyway). The introduction of Nen is just the tip of the iceberg. Considering how the spring season has gone so far, it only makes sense that Hunter x Hunter starts to BRING IT when everything else is being likewise awesome.


2 Responses to “Hunter x Hunter 27 – OSU!”

  1. Thomas Says:

    For me that was the point in anime, when HxH stopped being original and went the normal ‘shounen power-ups route’.

    • Around Greed Island is where it gets problematic for me. I like the Nen system when it’s first introduced because it’s at least relatively complex, there are definite rules for it established and it’s used cleverly and effectively. But Greed Island is where it’s like ALL TRAINING, ALL THE TIME, GOTTA RAISE THAT POWER LEVEL and it falls apart for me.

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