Bitchin’ Space Pirates 16 – Cosplay Pirates

Totally laughed out loud at this reveal. I thought that might have been chii on the far left, at first, but I’m pretty sure she has a green dinosaur outfit! She could be branching out, though. Gotta have a nice outfit for every day of the week, after all.

But, yes, a fun, spirited performance by the temporary crew of the Bettenmaru that was interrupted only occasionally by pedophiles. Seriously, I did not expect those two dudes to so brazenly hit on someone who is clearly pretty fuckin’ young, haha. I can already hear them in court: “Well, I thought the pixie outfit only made her look young, and she was with pirates, so I thought she was of age!” The other dude was probably already on his way to prison. You can’t have a mustache like that not behind bars.

Yep, anime fans, this is what we look like to everyone around us, except fatter and not as nicely dressed.

I love how the woman on the right is totally like, “Should I call the cops right now . . . ?” I wonder what the security is like on these ships. They have the pirating situation all worked out, but are they otherwise unafraid of anyone else trying to hijack the ship or something? I suppose the system is good enough to discourage this — from what we’ve seen and heard about the world, pirates have friendly enough relations when they’re not trying to hack each other’s ships, and the government keeps strict enough tabs on who exactly is allowed to pirate that I guess anyone who went rogue would be identified and quashed with haste.

Still, it doesn’t seem like the ship has anyone to deal with nasty little incidents like the above. Good thing pirates are their to rescue their own from awkward, uncomfortable situations! It’s probably just a throwaway joke situation type of thing, but I couldn’t help but think about it a bit. It seem so out of left field for this show, although not in a bad way! I almost feel like coming up with a convoluted backstory for those two guys; you know this isn’t the first time they’ve tried to pick up a high schooler dressed up like a fairy on a cruise ship.

One other small detail I enjoy is the bags under Mami’s eyes while she’s showing Gruier the costumes she made. Only a peppy maid girl could have any semblance of energy after staying up three nights to make clothes. Jesus. I hope she had a nice, long sleep after making all that shit, because she looks like hell. I don’t think many anime fans really appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that goes into living the life of an energetic anime girl. We mainly see the good points of their lives, but here we get a rare peek into the hidden stresses. Mami is bearing it like a trooper; however, we don’t know how she keeps going through it all. For all we’re aware of, she could be poppin’ pills like a cleanup hitter in the 1970s.

It’s a rough life keeping up that facade, everyone. Respect.

One Response to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 16 – Cosplay Pirates”

  1. That woman’s expression was one of the funniest parts of this episode. Maybe she was thinking, “After the pirates are gone, I’ll still be stuck on board with those two.”

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