Bitchin’ Space Pirates 17 – … Sorry, What, I Was Distracted

Hey, I’m not posting this out front because I’m a male chauvinist pig! I’m doing it because I celebrate all forms of love, especially when it’s two teenage anime girls kissing!

Self-mocking aside, I do like how this episode goes about establishing Jenny and Lynn as A Couple. The fawning from the peanut gallery is a bit much, but otherwise everything is refreshingly straightforward. There’s some embarrassment with Jenny and Lynn being so open with the ol’ PDA; Chiaki is so darn tsuntsun that she can’t stand to look at anyone being so up front with their feelings. But the big feeling around the room is, “Wait, you two are a couple? Pretty cool!” rather than, “TWO GIRLS KISSING GROSS/HOT” (I’m sure that feel was supplied in abundance by the audience, however). It’s kind of sad that approaching the relationship in this way is rare for anime in general regardless of whether the relationship is same-sex or not, haha.

It’s kind of fun how the imagery is played with, too. You’ve got Jenny looking like the picture of a bride on her wedding day, and Lynn looking like a fancy prince ready to sweep Jenny off her feet. We’ve got all the aesthetic hallmarks of a fairy tale wedding, but it’s the gals who are having all the fun here. It’s deliberately set up that way, too, since there’s no logical reason for Lynn to still be wearing that costume, particularly since everyone’s had a fair amount of time to change out of their costumes. If you’ll notice, both Jenny and Lynn are back to their normal outfits the next time they appear. If you’re going to have a big, romantic reunion I suppose you have to be dressed for the part!

As emperorj points out, Jenny’s escape scene is pretty ridiculous. You’ve got all sorts of action movie logic going on with Jenny planning ahead like crazy for her uncle sending a group of well-dressed thugs to assassinate her. She’s got a gun hidden under her wedding dress, a fancy ship ready to go, connections to our favorite pirate ship just waited to be used, and a super successful young business to be used as a bargaining chip with the insurance company. There’s also the ridiculousness of the uncle’s plan. Why go through the charade of marriage if you’re just going to kill Jenny off? You could say PR, but clearly he’s powerful enough to have her killed off and then pay everyone to look the other way. (But he’s not so powerful that he can crush a teenage girl’s burgeoning travel company!)

And there’s Space University. It’s where the elite of the elite go to be educated! If this were just about any other anime, I’d be wondering why we’re supposed to feel any sympathy for Jenny when she’s privileged far beyond anyone watching this series, even if they were reincarnated 50 times. (Trillions of dollars?! Holy moley, this economy!) Sure the assassination attempt is a rough patch, and being used as a political chip by her family sucks, but everything else in her life balances that out.

That said, I didn’t give a shit about any of that because my Bitchin’ Space Pirates has been so silly and so blase about its storytelling that I’m rolling with whatever right now. Who cares if Jenny’s escape falls apart when even a modicum of logic is applied to it? It looks cool! I especially love the shot where they’ve got the victim dutch angle going on, and then all of a sudden the cinematography is like, “Psych!” when Jenny pulls out her gun and blasts away. Everything works out for pirates, even if it doesn’t totally make sense why it works out, and even if piracy is now a rich girl’s game like bridge or croquet.

3 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 17 – … Sorry, What, I Was Distracted”

  1. […] — UFU — instead). Her escape has also brought some criticism from Emperor J and Shinmaru, with Shinmaru describing it as full of “action movie logic”. This time I think the […]

  2. I think it’s going beyond everything working out if you’re a pirate. If you even know a pirate in the most tenuous of ways, everything works out.

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