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Hunter x Hunter 33 – Killua Is Batcrap Crazy

Posted in Hunter x Hunter with tags on 05/30/2012 by Shinmaru

Oh, Killua, you crazy motherfucker.

I’ll be honest: I totally forgot about this stuff and the stuff to come in the next episode, even though it involves Gon in a rematch with ol’ Pogo Stick Peg Leg. Those dorks are just that dumb and forgettable; mere stepping stones on the way to Gon and Killua getting their Nen on. But, hey, for all I know the fight in the next will be awesome. No use in me being a Negative Nancy.

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Bitchin’ Space Pirates 21 – Worst Pirates Ever

Posted in Mouretsu Pirates with tags on 05/28/2012 by Shinmaru

Ah, this show. I lost it when those pirates (or whoever they’re supposed to be . . . they’re too worthless to get their exact designation correct) flew in and tried to gun down high school girls left and right, and the main explanation for their behavior is that they’re jealous of Marika’s pirate license and thus wish to violently murder her. Ahahahaha. They of course fail because any adult who is jealous of a high school girl is destined to never succeed at anything. This works even though anime teenagers are the most competent at any activity imaginable.

It’s telling that the only significant damage they do is to the crazy ass chief organizer, who is a rather pathetic figure herself. She’s spent more than half a decade stewing in anger about some high school girls (and their middle schooler accomplice) hacking into her cream puff race course and dialing the difficulty up from Yoshi’s Story to “Rat Race” from Battletoads. It’s not like they swooped in, nuked the race and robbed all the corpses afterward. Not sure that dicking around with a race course merits years of uptight paranoia, but hey, maybe race organizers operate on a different level of reality.

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Hunter x Hunter 32 – A Thread of Deception

Posted in Hunter x Hunter with tags on 05/22/2012 by Shinmaru

With Hisoka as the main focus of this episode, it’s no surprise that deception is the dominant theme.

Episodes that spell out how one opponent defeats another can be tedious and come off as filler if used incorrectly; however, the way Hisoka’s strategy is laid out, and how that theme of deception ties into the ending, makes this episode more absorbing than most. Kastro loses to Hisoka not necessarily because he is physically weaker than Hisoka, but definitely because he is mentally weaker. Hisoka lays his traps soon after his arm is severed. The real turning point, though, is when Kastro realizes Hisoka is using Nen in this battle rather than magic but cannot figure out the trick behind Hisoka’s strategy.

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Bitchin’ Space Pirates 20 – A Most Dangerous Beach Episode

Posted in Mouretsu Pirates with tags on 05/20/2012 by Shinmaru

I wonder if this typhoon death laser of doom will have any effect on the local climate? Who cares, though, as long as the high school girls get their sailing training and Marika doesn’t have to worry about the race and her job at the same time? Fuck you, Mother Nature!

After every episode of this series for a while now, it seems as if it would always be appropriate to start off posts with, “This is quite the silly episode.” This may be the silliest episode yet, but not for the reasons one might expect, even though it’s half a beach episode. There are cute girls in swimsuits everywhere; however, there’s not really a focus on them that’s greater than every other episode. Much more focus is paid to Kane’s ridiculously ripped body. Have to say, though, I actually couldn’t stop staring at his hair. It’s weird to see it relatively normal rather than the traditional Spiky Anime Hairdo. Not sure what this says about me.

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Hunter x Hunter 31 – All that Glitters Is Not Blood

Posted in Hunter x Hunter with tags on 05/14/2012 by Shinmaru

Hisoka’s arm is a rocket powered by Twilight on its way to the moon. Such romance. Such heart. Such glitter.

Ah, so damn silly. It slipped my mind how the original dealt with this, so I went back and watched that part. (It’s in the beginning of ep41 if you’re curious, but don’t stray much further than that, because most of that episode deals with stuff that hasn’t happened yet.) The original takes the Psycho route of close-ups and quick cuts to make the scene seem much more violent than it actually is. It’s actually startling how quickly the scene concludes. The camera doesn’t linger on Hisoka’s arm at all; no, it’s simply lopped off, and then the match continues toward the conclusion you all will see in the next episode. There’s nary a drop of blood, too, which surprised me. What’s interesting about those types of scenes is that time seems to make them more violent and bloody in one’s mind.

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Bitchin’ Space Pirates 19 – This Episode Makes Me pIRATE

Posted in Mouretsu Pirates with tags on 05/12/2012 by Shinmaru

Well, sort of. Mostly I just thought of that awful joke before I watched the episode and was going to use it whether it was good or not.

Anyway, I’m in that tournament thing. Toss me a vote if you like. I think the match ends in a little more than 24 hours. If you’re a first-time visitor, then rummaging through the nonsense under Random Stuff off to the side should be all you need to get the gist of this rinky-dink operation of mine. Have fun!

I also appeared on this week’s FAPcast with kevo’ and Aeroblip. We chat about this very series, and then move on to much more important matters: terribad anime. Give it a listen!

So, yes, Pirates. In just about any other series, this would be a breather episode, but the idea of a breather in this show is laughable when every conflict is resolved with the main characters barely needing to lift a finger. It probably says some things about this series that everyone does more work in this episode cleaning up the ship than they did in handling Gruier’s situation, and almost as much as it took to handle Jenny’s stuff (they did have to figure out how to fly the ship well, even if they got a lot of outside help).

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Un-Go episode 0 – Questions and Answers

Posted in Un-Go with tags , on 05/10/2012 by Shinmaru

The line between fan and creator is thinner now than ever before. Idiots like myself can pick apart episodes of TV series and movies to no end, and if creators are so inclined they can essentially receive a running critique on their works in real time. One of the eternal struggles that seems to be stronger with the Internet amassing thousands (if not millions) of angry nerd voice is what questions to explicitly answer in the story, and what to leave to speculation.

It’s a tough task for any writer. The storyteller is undoubtedly biased; he or she knows the story inside and out and has a definite idea of what is important and what is not. Fans . . . see it differently, to say the least. There are some who aren’t happy unless everything is tied up in a neat bow and every question is answered, which leads to writers pandering to them with awful stuff like the “Stranger in a Strange Land” episode of Lost, where the whole point was to see where Jack got his dumb tattoos. However, there are also legitimate gripes; what’s apparent to writers is not always apparent to fans, and there’s a constant tug of war between making what the writer wants to say obvious enough and too obvious.

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Hunter x Hunter 30 – Gon Is Jesus

Posted in Hunter x Hunter with tags on 05/08/2012 by Shinmaru

OK, not really, but the conspicuous lighting on Gon combined with the RahXephon-ish music make Gon seem a bit Christlike, yeah? Just remember this post if Gon is ever killed and then resurrected.

So Gon’s battle with Gido doesn’t go so well from a “winning the fight” standpoint, but the episode makes it clear that winning the fight isn’t actually Gon’s goal. Obviously he doesn’t want to lose; however, the more important thing is getting his feet wet. And maybe getting a bit of a thrill from the experience. Gon isn’t a dumb kid despite his relatively wild upbringing. He also assesses his own abilities honestly and clearly. Gon wouldn’t fool himself beforehand into thinking he could beat Gido. He knows full well that someone who has mastered Nen to a certain degree has a clear advantage over him.

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Bitchin’ Space Pirates 18 – Everything Works Out When Villains Are Incompetent

Posted in Mouretsu Pirates with tags on 05/06/2012 by Shinmaru

Haha, it almost feels like a deliberate farce when the Yacht Club girls are like, “Wow, that was really close!” after their hilariously easy defeat of Jenny’s incompetent uncle. You’d think that in the future, someone who leads a major corporation and who actively engages in illegal activities would know better than to keep audio logs of his dirty dealings in places that are easy to hack. Obviously he has the data just in case someone tries to screw him over, but didn’t he ever conceive that someone would use the data to screw him over? Sure it’s the real pirates who yoink his logs, but why is that shit on a place the pirates can hack in the first place? I’m sure at this point in the future, hard drives are tiny and can hold more data than anyone would ever need in their lives.

Everyone in this show has grown up with all this crazy technology, right? You’d figure they would know how to actually use it. I suppose this is why Jenny’s uncle is not the leader of the main corporation despite being the older brother. That piece of information suggests that good ol’ Uncle Dumbass wasn’t held in the highest esteem by the family, although his abilities were appraised highly enough that he got the opportunity to lead a successful company. But with that in mind, combined with the fact that his crimes are laid out on live TV (though maybe only characters the protagonists know actually bothered to watch?), it’s baffling how he could just pull a few strings, reclaim his position and everyone is fine with this.

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Hunter x Hunter 29 – Dreidels of Doom

Posted in Hunter x Hunter with tags on 05/01/2012 by Shinmaru

This almost looks like some crazy rocket booster power. Unfortunately, Gon’s spine is being beaten down by a Nen-powered top.

I wrote about this before at some point during my coverage of Hunter x Hunter, but training is pretty much a no-win situation in shonen anime. You want your characters to get stronger, but at the same time, watching training is mostly boring. That’s precisely why in, say, the Namek arc of Dragon Ball Z you get brief flashes of Goku training in increasingly absurd levels of gravity while Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta do the heavy story lifting throughout that arc. That way is probably the best way — you get just enough of Goku training so that you know he’s getting stronger, but it doesn’t bog down the narrative with repetitive bullshit. (Insert your own “lol DBZ is all repetitive bullshit lol” joke here.)

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