Bitchin’ Space Pirates 18 – Everything Works Out When Villains Are Incompetent

Haha, it almost feels like a deliberate farce when the Yacht Club girls are like, “Wow, that was really close!” after their hilariously easy defeat of Jenny’s incompetent uncle. You’d think that in the future, someone who leads a major corporation and who actively engages in illegal activities would know better than to keep audio logs of his dirty dealings in places that are easy to hack. Obviously he has the data just in case someone tries to screw him over, but didn’t he ever conceive that someone would use the data to screw him over? Sure it’s the real pirates who yoink his logs, but why is that shit on a place the pirates can hack in the first place? I’m sure at this point in the future, hard drives are tiny and can hold more data than anyone would ever need in their lives.

Everyone in this show has grown up with all this crazy technology, right? You’d figure they would know how to actually use it. I suppose this is why Jenny’s uncle is not the leader of the main corporation despite being the older brother. That piece of information suggests that good ol’ Uncle Dumbass wasn’t held in the highest esteem by the family, although his abilities were appraised highly enough that he got the opportunity to lead a successful company. But with that in mind, combined with the fact that his crimes are laid out on live TV (though maybe only characters the protagonists know actually bothered to watch?), it’s baffling how he could just pull a few strings, reclaim his position and everyone is fine with this.

Then again, there have been plenty of examples of politicians and prominent businessmen throughout history who have done some crazy illegal things (or who have been terrible people in general) and have somehow thrived despite that, so I suppose it’s not too unbelievable. It does make me wonder, however, how all these pirate laws and whatnot can be enforced when there’s that level of corruption in the government. A certain level of corruption is to be expected, of course, but it’s pretty blatant here! Perhaps it is everyone else who is corrupt, and it is the pirates who are pure and good. Oh ho ho.

Chiaki definitely saves the episode with her crazed outburst when confronting Jenny’s would-be fiance who is also a would-be revolutionary leader. Except he sucks because he can’t notice a girl with a giant gun sneaking up behind him since he’s so full of himself and his speechifying. I will say one thing about him, however: he’s clearly better at keeping secrets than Jenny’s uncle. Basically nobody knows that this guy is planning a (crappy) revolution until the girls stumble upon it while going to see him. (The obvious counter: he’s clearly shit at keeping secrets since anyone who wanders in there could stumble upon him and his awful speeches.)

But, hey, he gets the end he deserves by having his operation lasered by Chiaki.


7 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 18 – Everything Works Out When Villains Are Incompetent”

  1. You are right that the safest thing to do with sensitive material is to store it offline. Everything that can be contacted over any kind of network is a potential target. Even Iranian nuclear plants were able to be hacked back in 2010, and you would expect nuclear plants to be kept as secure as possible.

    • Pretty much! I do wonder if there is some sort of technology that allows people to remotely hack into flash drives and whatnot. Seems like the sort of stuff that exists only in spy fiction, but you never know with how rapidly technology progresses. When that’s whipped out, we’re pretty much all fucked!

      • I just read an article about how people are worried now that pacemakers are vulnerable to hacking, because they incorporated blutooth into the devices. !!! That’s the LAST thing you need to worry about in a situation like that. Actually the same article says “a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) study showed that between January 2009 and spring 2011, there were 173 incidents of medical devices being infected with malware”.

        Protect your shit, people!

  2. Hogart Says:

    Yeah, this episode was so blatant and dumb about it that I kept thinking “surely the twist will be that they will all be arrested for hacking, and the data will be fraudulent”. But then, I guess Scooby-doo plots and villains ARE easier to write, where hacking solves everything and highschool girls can do anything.

    • I’m still enjoying the silly, flighty feel of Mouretsu Pirates, but I will admit that I don’t really care about the plots at this point.

  3. […] she is going to sit back and wait for all of them to assemble so she can be defeated. Of course, everything works out when villains are incompetent. Marika has become the Pirate King, erm […]

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