Hunter x Hunter 30 – Gon Is Jesus

OK, not really, but the conspicuous lighting on Gon combined with the RahXephon-ish music make Gon seem a bit Christlike, yeah? Just remember this post if Gon is ever killed and then resurrected.

So Gon’s battle with Gido doesn’t go so well from a “winning the fight” standpoint, but the episode makes it clear that winning the fight isn’t actually Gon’s goal. Obviously he doesn’t want to lose; however, the more important thing is getting his feet wet. And maybe getting a bit of a thrill from the experience. Gon isn’t a dumb kid despite his relatively wild upbringing. He also assesses his own abilities honestly and clearly. Gon wouldn’t fool himself beforehand into thinking he could beat Gido. He knows full well that someone who has mastered Nen to a certain degree has a clear advantage over him.

Still, there’s no better way to learn than through the ol’ trial by fire. Part of the lesson Gon receives from this battle is learning how other people manipulate Nen, and the limitations that come with using it. There’s no clear benchmark for Nen users yet, since we know so few thus far, but something Gon can tell from his battle is that Gido lacks total control over his Nen (which is why he has to direct his tops to hit whatever his near them), or he is not powerful enough to control all his tops (or both; they might be the same thing, haha). Simply having the ability to read an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses like that is pretty huge, even if that realization causes Gon to jump in without considering what else Gido might be keeping up his sleeve.


Why wouldn’t a man who uses tops as his weapon of choice also have a top attack himself? Come on, Gon! Don’t you watch any shounen anime?

But whatever. The clear highlight of the fight is Gon honing his natural abilities to dodge the tops, not knowing that he is employing Zetsu. As Wing explains, it makes sense that Gon would know how to do this naturally; after all, he grew up in a relatively wild environment where he hunted animals and shit. I can’t remember if Killua has mentioned that he can also do this, but given that he is an assassin, it wouldn’t be surprising if Killua had also learned to naturally suppress his life force. That’s where at least part of Gon and Killua’s potential comes from — the specific circumstances of their upbringings gave them experience that other fighters learning Nen may lack.

Besides all that fun stuff with Gon, we have the beginnings of Kurapika’s big storyline! For those of you largely unfamiliar with Hunter x Hunter, strap yourselves in: the awesome storyline alert is going full blast right now! Don’t want to give too much away, but this is pretty much the most intense storyline I’ve seen in Hunter x Hunter, even more so than the Hunter Exam. Part of that is Kurapika’s demeanor, which we’ve seen a bit here. He’s clearly more agitated than he was during the Hunter Exam when he hung out with his new buddies and had something to take his mind off getting sweet vengeance for his murdered tribe. Now he’s got nothing on his mind but his ultimate goal. It remains to be seen just how much that will affect him as he too learns the ways of Nen.


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