Bitchin’ Space Pirates 19 – This Episode Makes Me pIRATE

Well, sort of. Mostly I just thought of that awful joke before I watched the episode and was going to use it whether it was good or not.

Anyway, I’m in that tournament thing. Toss me a vote if you like. I think the match ends in a little more than 24 hours. If you’re a first-time visitor, then rummaging through the nonsense under Random Stuff off to the side should be all you need to get the gist of this rinky-dink operation of mine. Have fun!

I also appeared on this week’s FAPcast with kevo’ and Aeroblip. We chat about this very series, and then move on to much more important matters: terribad anime. Give it a listen!

So, yes, Pirates. In just about any other series, this would be a breather episode, but the idea of a breather in this show is laughable when every conflict is resolved with the main characters barely needing to lift a finger. It probably says some things about this series that everyone does more work in this episode cleaning up the ship than they did in handling Gruier’s situation, and almost as much as it took to handle Jenny’s stuff (they did have to figure out how to fly the ship well, even if they got a lot of outside help).

What really strikes me as amusing is that the show’s trick of introducing a conflict and then resolving it quickly and with little fanfare is also used in this episode in the form of Grunhilde’s supposed jealousy of Marika. There are several semi-disgusted looks aimed by Grunhilde at Gruier when she fawns over Marika, and it’s obvious who takes Marika’s ID ring when it falls from her hand during the cleanup effort. (Side note: I know Marika is supposed to be exhausted from all the work she has put in lately with her pirating and (presumably) schooling, but she has more of a drugged out demeanor in this episode. If only she had been searching for a piss-soaked rug rather than a ring.)

But when Marika discovers her ring is missing and she can’t unlock the Bettenmaru, she sort of searches around for a few seconds until her friends show up to alleviate any dramatic tension that might have built up around that. To be fair, I doubt anyone in his or her right mind is like, “Oh man, I wonder if Marika will realize Grunhilde has her ring!!!!!!” but the show doesn’t even pretend to milk it. Grunhilde just shows up with the ring, and the hints about her jealousy are essentially meaningless.

But, somehow, Pirates still isn’t annoying or boring me, even though by all rights it should (and I totally understand that reaction from other people). Mostly I just enjoy the sheer audacity of setting up these potential conflicts and then toppling them as if they are nothing. This isn’t an enjoyment of the sort that lends itself to long-term satisfaction; indeed, a year from now I imagine I’ll largely have forgotten about Mouretsu Pirates. But the continuing and possibly deliberate efforts of this series to shoot itself in the foot and present anti-climax after anti-climax entertain me to no end.


8 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 19 – This Episode Makes Me pIRATE”

  1. Every episode is a breather:D

    Anyway, I just wish I could have seen this pattern coming before this show started. That first arc was good, the rest has just been nothing.

    • lol, you have a point there!

      And, yeah, while I’m enjoying the show in its own way, it’s becoming less fun to write about by the week. Sad.

  2. blackdalek Says:

    mmh bond here, bond there… could be Marika,Grunhilde and Gruier Blood related? that kind of ring is not a simple thing as the club president says, so, why marika’s father gave iit to Gruier?

    • Hm, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were something more behind the ring, but if Marika were related to them it would be pretty ridiculous (and fly in the face of everything we’ve learned about the kingdom lol).

  3. You know, judging by Grunhilde’s complete lack of a meaningful role in this series, I can perfectly understand why she looks so moody & bitter all the time.

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