Bitchin’ Space Pirates 20 – A Most Dangerous Beach Episode

I wonder if this typhoon death laser of doom will have any effect on the local climate? Who cares, though, as long as the high school girls get their sailing training and Marika doesn’t have to worry about the race and her job at the same time? Fuck you, Mother Nature!

After every episode of this series for a while now, it seems as if it would always be appropriate to start off posts with, “This is quite the silly episode.” This may be the silliest episode yet, but not for the reasons one might expect, even though it’s half a beach episode. There are cute girls in swimsuits everywhere; however, there’s not really a focus on them that’s greater than every other episode. Much more focus is paid to Kane’s ridiculously ripped body. Have to say, though, I actually couldn’t stop staring at his hair. It’s weird to see it relatively normal rather than the traditional Spiky Anime Hairdo. Not sure what this says about me.

The real silly part of this episode is the plot to make sure the high school girls don’t totally embarrass their school while simultaneously (intentionally or not) making sure Marika doesn’t have to participate in the race so that she can do her work on the Bettenmaru. The Spooky, Anti-Fun Adult Cabal in charge of the . . . what ARE they in charge of? Given the way they talk about the school, I imagine they run the actual race itself. Whatever the case, that group is the best part of the episode if only because they treat this goofiness with such gravitas. How can anyone take their race seriously if some dumb high school girls are going to bumble in and wreck everything? God!

Sure, if the space newspaper can be believed (which is iffy — probably biased as hell!), the girls crashed into a ton of ships and caused a ton of damage, but still! Totally serious race-planning committee dedicated to watching over one specific high school to make sure they’re Doing It Right. Parents just don’t understand, know what I’m sayin’?

Kids having fun?! Her eyebrow is twitching just thinking about it!

Also silly is the strenuous shounen training program Kane plops on the yacht club, but the silliness of training in 100 times gravity in multiple simulated typhoons and a simulation of the storm of Jupiter’s red eye is something I can totally get behind. More so because, once again, I am far beyond the point of taking Pirates seriously. Bury me in silliness, show! Do your best! Ganbatte! At least it gives other characters something to do. Pretty much all of Ai’s character is “piloting is fucking AWESOME” but the enthusiasm is fun. I also like how she is the one who is calm the whole time during the first typhoon simulation and pulling off precision movements while everyone is freaking out around her. Unflappable! She excited about the turn of weather after the application of death ray to the ocean, as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she grew up doing this shit. She could probably surf through a hurricane while balancing on the board on one finger. No wonder Marika loses at the end.


2 Responses to “Bitchin’ Space Pirates 20 – A Most Dangerous Beach Episode”

  1. I just want to go on record as not supporting shooting space cannons into the ocean just to prank schoolgirls.

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