Hunter x Hunter 33 – Killua Is Batcrap Crazy

Oh, Killua, you crazy motherfucker.

I’ll be honest: I totally forgot about this stuff and the stuff to come in the next episode, even though it involves Gon in a rematch with ol’ Pogo Stick Peg Leg. Those dorks are just that dumb and forgettable; mere stepping stones on the way to Gon and Killua getting their Nen on. But, hey, for all I know the fight in the next will be awesome. No use in me being a Negative Nancy.

This episode, though, is just OK after all the interesting exposition of the previous episode. We’ve got our kiddy friends learning to channel aura to heighten their sight, which leads to a rather freaky visual effect. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t particularly like seeing something that makes it appear as though someone’s eyes are on fire! What a horrifying sight (pun not intended, but appreciated). It’s nice to show a new power for Killua and Gon to employ in battle, but it’s not that exciting or interesting.

However, Killua trying to let these losers off easy and then going, “Oh fuck this!” and taking matters into his own hands. When you think about it, the scene doesn’t make much sense. Presumably if these silly fucks are good enough to hang around on the 200 level, then they have a certain mastery of Nen, especially with folks like Hisoka providing the initiations. It’s also been mentioned a couple of times that the people on this floor basically have their Nen sensory abilities on all the time, so it’s almost impossible to sneak up on someone unless you are really good at suppressing your aura.

The only explanations are that Killua has gotten really good at suppressing his aura constantly (not that farfetched considering the strides he has made in other areas), and that the Three Stooges are untalented chucklefucks compared to the best of the best on this level. Maybe this particular dude (he’s so unimportant that I can’t be bothered to remember his name, and no, I don’t care what it is, so don’t comment with it) is so arrogant that he lets his guard down, which allows Killua to sneak in for the kill threat. Up until that point it makes sense. It’s just difficult to accept that someone who is that big a loser managed to survive for this long at the highest level, even if he beats up on newbies the entire time.

He’s certainly smug for someone who is an utter loser.

If my terrible, faulty memory is to be believed, there are probably two episodes in this short arc before all the fun stuff that everyone loves begins. Hooray and hoorah!


3 Responses to “Hunter x Hunter 33 – Killua Is Batcrap Crazy”

  1. If you remember the episode where Killua sneaks in to see Hisoka’s opponet the guy remarked that when a presents as large as Killua’s _disappears_ people take notice. This means Killua’s aura completely vanished. Meaning Killua is that that good from just his assassin training. If he hid himself before he even got in the building no one but the best would know he was there.

    • That is true. So after that Killua just wises up and keeps it going all the time. There are probably other ways to sense people, but smug fuckface likely doesn’t know any of them.

  2. TheVoid Says:

    His name is obviously Maskface McCreepyguy. Totally legit name.

    But anyways these three are idiots to think that there isn’t something fishy about these kids considering how far they’ve gotten.

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