Hunter x Hunter 34 – Gon Is a Troll

SUCH a troll.

Our new Nen-powered acquaintances are dispatched rather easily after Gon and Killua power up via training montage. You wouldn’t think Gon and Killua would level grind so hard during this training, especially since one of the non-metal tracks plays during the montage. You can’t have a proper training montage without crazy music to pump up the audience! Did we learn nothing from the 1980s?

This episode is nice in how it further establishes the difference between Gon and Killua’s fighting styles. Killua is in complete control of his energy throughout his fight. The way he poses with his hands in his pockets makes him look like a total asshole and gets in his opponent’s head, but he’s also biding his time and avoiding unnecessary movements. Killua gets the jump on his opponent at the beginning of the fight when it’s least expected; however, that’s the most energy Killua expends during the battle.

His strategy after that is to see what his opponent does and then react to it. I imagine this is how Killua conducts himself on an assassination mission. If he has an opening, he takes it, but otherwise he is going to be patient and wait for the best opportunity to get the job done. While Riehlvelt acts as the aggressor and flails his snake whips around all willy-nilly, Killua simply waits and snatches the whips out of the air when they come near him. It backfires a bit when it turns out that the whips have a secondary function that has nothing to do with S&M . . . or it would have backfired if it were an opponent other than Killua. Alas, the Zoldyck family is filled to the brim with crazy bastards who regularly torture each other.

Whatever the case, Killua uses his advantages to bide his time for the perfect opportunity to win the match with the least possible fuss.

Is it just me or does Riehlvelt inching forward while whipping everywhere remind anyone else of Bart and Lisa fighting during the “Lisa on Ice” episode of The Simpsons?

Where Killua is all about keeping that energy in check until it’s time to strike, Gon straight-up brute forces his way through his two matches. I will say, though, that while brute force is Gon’s go-to weapon here, he does put some thought into how he applies it. In the first match against Gido, Gon brings along his fishing pole mostly to confuse Gido. There’s an obvious strategy at hand — that Gon will use the fishing string to trip Gido up — and Gido buys into it hook, line and sinker (pun intended).

Of course, as we see in the episode, Gon instead puts on an absurd display of strength by ripping the tile Gido balances on from underneath his top. Not totally sure how Gon’s fishing line is strong enough to endure that level of stress, but hey. He’d make a killing selling that string to the folks in Tsuritama. From there, it’s a Batman punch to the top and Gon pulls out the victory.

Against Riehlvelt, Gon is more straightforward — ripping out another tile right at the beginning of the match — but no less clever. He chucks that shit straight at Riehlvelt and then heads him off at the pass, reading Riehlvelt’s simplistic strategy perfectly and taking advantage of the downsides of his weapons. Then Gon decides to fuck around with Riehlvelt at the end because Gon is a troll like that.

Gon is much more active and aggressive in his battles than Killua, but what’s cool is that he doesn’t act without thinking despite his immense strength. He has a definite strategy in mind and solid reasoning for the moves he makes. Gon thinks and acts in a different manner than Killua, but his results are no less impressive.


3 Responses to “Hunter x Hunter 34 – Gon Is a Troll”

  1. When Killua was watching Gon fight I got the impression that Gon is just a more natural fighter. Killua is a brutal and generally effective fighter but he doesn’t enjoy it. Gon is fucking Goku. Which makes Killua Vegeta. I also think Gon has a better understanding of how environment and tools can help him win a fight. How many other fighters would have thought to just rip up the arena like that. It’s such a simple and effective strategy if I was one of those other fighters in the show I would feel dumb for having never thought of it.

    • Maybe. A better way to put it might be that Gon is more natural at straight up fighting, since, as an assassin, Killua would be more likely to work in the shadows, using deception. Although, as we eventually see, it’s not as if his family sucks in straight up fights.

  2. have link anime hunterxhunter in greed island??

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